When I was younger it seemed like time moved so slowly. I remember thinking that Christmas or my birthday would never roll around. Now it seems like I blink and the holidays are here again and I’m creeping closer and closer to the big 3-0! Speaking of 30, I remember thinking that people in their 30s were so ancient, my teachers were 30, my parents were 30, but me I’ll never be that old. Ha!

Sometimes it takes just seeing a person from my past to realize how quickly the years are progressing. Oh how I despised when a person that I hadn’t seen in a while would say oh I remember you when you were just a little kid. I cringed when I caught myself saying those same dreaded words.

It seems like only yesterday I was talking with my best friends about our crushes and struggling with moving away from each other for college. Fast forward eight years and we are all married and are living around the globe.

Not to say that growing up is all bad, you discover who you are, learn from your mistakes and have a heck of a time along the way!