One of the greatest compliments a photographer can ever receive is a recommendation. It’s huge, really. To go out on a limb and vouch for someone, with enough faith in someone’s talent or ability and about something so personal as art, is just awesome… and humbling. I’ve been lucky enough, in my journey as a photographer, to have met such incredible people that turn into clients- fun, funny, kind- and then those clients’ friends become my clients too. AWESOME. To anyone who has ever gone out on that limb for me, thank you. So much.

Alex and Brett are freaking adorable. And they’re having a baby! Alex has the most perfect basketball belly, the two of them are seriously cute as a button together, and when I suggested a sunrise session for their maternity photos (SUNRISE. As in leaving the house when it’s still dark out and readying yourself for photos at six o’clock in the morning.), they were ALL OVER IT. It was actually the first time I ever even suggested a sunrise session to any client, ever, and Alex and Brett set the precedent by being game for anything. And because it was sunrise, the lighting was some of the most gorgeous I’ve worked with in the history of Ever.


Maternity sessions are so interesting to me- especially for first babies. Every couple has a certain dynamic all their own, and when you add a baby, everything shifts. Your whole life- your entire existence, really- is about to change, and in so many bigger ways than just who has diaper duty. For a lot of couples, it’s your first big adventure together. And even if you’ve been adventuring together already- first homes and new careers and travels abroad- parenthood is undoubtedly the biggest, craziest adventure you two will ever tackle. (Really. Even getting out of the house somewhere in the neighborhood of being on time is an adventure. But worth it. Because babies are cute.) I love watching the giddiness of couples who are about to have a baby. It’s this nervous energy, tripping over baby clothes and baby shoes and big decisions. You’re savoring the last few weeks or months of it being just the two of you… and [im]patiently waiting for the biggest, most symbolic marker of your relationship: your baby. I remember those days. And watching the person you love become a mother or a father often brings back that flood of dizzying new love that you first felt way back Before Baby: in the very beginning. It’s kind of cool. You get to fall in love all over again, only multiplied by about a million. (And with extra pints of Häagen-Dazs. Very important.)

Alex and Brett, thank you for trusting me with something so important as capturing the last few weeks while your sweet girl is still cozied up on the inside. Don’t forget to pack a fan for your hospital stay, guys. 🙂 You. Are. Awesome.