11 months. That’s how long it took me to learn everything I know about photography. The key, though, is I will never stop learning.

The past 11 months took me for a whirlwind of a ride. This time last year I didn’t know much more than ‘if I spin this and press that, it changes the way the photo looks.’ Not the greatest start when you are desperately looking for a job opportunity. I was petrified the first time Mark stuck me in front of a modle, Ally from my season, and said “take her picture, direct her.” I couldn’t comprehend the words. I froze and forgot how to lift the camera to my face in order to press the trigger.





Now, I shoot weddings, set up and photograph styled shoots, network at every appropriate opportunity, help teach interns, and generally take on any challenge without a bat of an eye. I’ve grown in these 11 months. I’ve worked my butt off and I have an amazing portfolio to show for it. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for Leah and Mark taking me on as an intern and then asking me to become a ‘+.’





I will always be thankful for every opportunity Mark passed my way. It meant I never became distracted and began wondering away from photography. Inadvertently, I concentrated on mastering everything about photography. Have I mastered anything? No. And I never will. Because I will always be learning.



A couple years back, when I was taking a stage combat class in college, I became very frustrated with myself because I wasn’t completing the choreography to perfection. My anger flared up and Professor Noyes called bullshit on me. He asked me “Why are you acting like this?” “Because it needs to be perfect.” “Why are you seeking perfection? That is something only god can do, and is also what makes us human. We can’t reach it, but we can always learn from our imperfections.”





I prefer to always be the imperfect student rather than the stagnant master.

What is the next step for me?


My own photography company.
I’ve done freelance art and design for the past 7+ years but running my own photography business is a brand new adventure. Just like how photography became a brand new art form to me 11 months ago. I can’t stop exploring the possibilities. The best part? The possibilities are endless – as endless as my imagination.



I’ll always hold Leah, Mark and the LeahAndMark.com family near to my heart. When push comes to shove, these people are amazing and I don’t want to loose any of them in my life. We were walking down the same path for a little bit, now mine is pulled off in its own direction. Thank you, everyone, for making the journey so much fun.


My adventures continue over at YourMojoByJojo.com
Funny name. Amazing photos. Come on by and check out what’s going on.







And remember, anyone can be an artist, it’s just a matter of how much of your heart you are willing to show.