I got married [almost] eight years ago. And all at once, it feels like a long time and about five minutes since that day. Time has this funny habit of slowing down and speeding up at the most inopportune moments. High school algebra class? Time moved at a glacial pace. But the best times, the happiest days, the moments I wish I could live over again and again? Gone in a flash. †Among others, from the days my daughters were born to the amazing trips Iíve taken on my quest to see the worldÖ my wedding day. Eight years or eighty, it went by much too fast and even after so many years, I wish I could go back and do it again- because it was really, really FUN. Time makes things more distant. Thereís a fuzzier edge now, around memories of swing dancing at my reception, seeing my husbandís face at the end of the aisle, and dancing with my dad. Things kind of become a home movie in your head after awhile- punctuated by Etta James and the Cure†and the album of wedding photos that now sits on the bookshelf in our bedroom. And itís actually kind of awesome.


I love being a wedding photographer. Weddings are, hands-down, my absolute favorite thing to shoot. I get to be there on the most important day of your life, from hair salons and the first sips of coffee (which quickly turn into champagne) to the hand-in-hand dash to your getaway car, amidst sparklers and cheers and a crowd full of love and exhilaration thatís literally contagious. (Seriously. You canít help but leave a wedding in a good mood, sore feet or not.) I really like being around people in love because it just really makes me happy. See? Weddings and I are pretty much soulmates

Some photographers shy away from weddings. And thatís totally fine. The beauty in having a job like this is that you get to shape it exactly how you want it to be for you. Prefer babies to weddings? Studio only? Nature, landscape, clowns? Whatever works for you– shoot what you love. I love weddings because itís everything about photography and emotion and life and living, all wrapped up in one day. Wedding stress doesnít scare me. In fact, I thrive under pressure. Youíre trusting me to capture the most important day of your life thus far, and guess what? Iím going to do just that. I get to help tell your story- about your love, your family, your wedding, and who you are as a couple.

Fun, offbeat, unique-to-you weddings are the best. Getting on stage at your own reception to rock out to Bon Jovi? Art gallery, nightclub, the library? Beachside? Mountainside? Barbershop quartet? A Super Mario cake? Cigar roller and a mariachi band? Believe it or not, the best part about planning your wedding isnít picking out aisle runners or cocktail napkins. Itís taking a wedding and making it your wedding. And while I believe all photographers have their own style to their work, myself included, I ALSO believe in making photographs that capture what your wedding is about. Thereís nothing unique about cookie-cutter images, and thatís not why Iím in this gig. Iím here to tell YOUR story- through every aspect of the day, every kiss, every look, every detail, every bar of ďDonít Stop BelieviníĒ. At my own wedding, we were high school sweethearts, ridiculously young and equally broke and just so ready to start our lives together. We danced to Glenn Miller, wrote our own vows, and barely had time to scarf down our really good wedding cake. (Also. Note: why doesn’t anyone warn brides that it will take†you ten years to†remove the ten pounds of bobby pins†from your hair that night? Really. Insane.)†

But at the end of the day, no matter how lovely the flowers or delicious the cake (and us wedding photographers do love wedding cake), youíre married to the one you love. All the little details and finishing touches are wonderful, but the real reason why you [and your guests + me] are there is to celebrate the bond between the two of you. And that love- the connection thatís so strong, it literally shows up on film- is what I love most about shooting weddings. Weddings are awesome. And so are you.

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