this song by Marianas Trench is stuck in my head. and has been ever since Intern Mad(eline) and I photoboothed in the TOMS booth at the Journeys Backyard BBQ free outdoor concert. sorry, lots of prepositional phrases there. anyway, think of this as the hip, skater, new-millenium version of those old debbie gibson/tiffany mall concerts. (please don’t tell me you don’t know who those people are.)

photoboothing is awesome. seriously. we get to hang out with cool people like the TOMS crew. or brides and grooms and wedding guests. or corporate people not acting corporate. or teens hanging out waiting for a free concert at the Mall of Georgia. people lose their minds in a photobooth. posing, jumping, diving, kissing. usually with props. and you just can’t help but enjoy yourself when running one because everyone else is having a ball.

we were one of many other sponsor booths lining the grounds leading up to the stage. Vans, Puma, Skullcandy, Osiris, Keep A Breast, Hi-Chews. every booth had some kind of gimmick to get you to check them out, and swag abounded. my favorite booth (besides ours, of course) was the Converse tent. if you followed my internship at all, you know I have a foot/wear thing. taking pictures of them, I mean.

one great lesson that I noticed intern madeline has already learned: always ask. can we go on stage? yes. so we did. the energy was amazing. which isn’t a surprise with a bunch of screaming tweens and teens.

so, to summarize:

  • Marianas Trench “Haven’t Had Enough” is a total earworm.
  • I’m old enough to know who debbie gibson is.
  • I like shooting shoes.
  • photobooth = AWESOME.