And by “The Beautiful People,” I mean you.  <3

At the very beginning of my decision to become a photographer – well, I say decision, but really, it just HAPPENED – I was timid about a lot of things.

Weddings, for example. They terrified me. After hearing countless horror stories, I had pretty much made up my mind that I would never be interested in shooting weddings. And then something changed my mind, and now I’m kind of obsessed with them.

A similar thing happened with me and boudoir. I had never been interested women’s portraits, and boudoir was scary for someone who was a bit of a prude {well, I was}. I didn’t understand it.

Now, I do. I understand how important it is to have images of yourself that you LOVE. I understand that some women don’t think of themselves as beautiful, even though they are. I understand that absolutely everyone can have a beautiful portrait taken, even if they think they’re “unphotogenic” {which is a word not found in my dictionary}.

I don’t really shoot “boudoir” in the traditional sense. I like to call what I do “Glamoir.” {Pronounced “glam-wawr,” with a bit of a purr. And yes, I’m patenting that.}

What I shoot are portraits, plain and simple. But they combine elements of boudoir and elements of modern glamour into simple images that make women feel AWESOME.

The awesome thing about the way I shoot, is that it covers pretty much any level of shyness. So if you want to stay in a regular and fully-dressed state throughout your whole session, let’s do it! And if you want to get down to your skivvies, or even less, we can do that! And if you want to run the complete gamut, we can do that, too.

My entire mission, if it could be boiled down into a sentence, is to make people FEEL GOOD. Feel good about themselves, feel good about their pictures, feel good about LIFE in general.

And glamoir, or glamour, or boudoir, or whatever, is an awesome way I’ve found to do just that.

Thank you, ladies. You. Are ALL. Awesome.

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  1. You saved my wedding! I love you for that and for everything you have done for our little family. I'm so proud to call you friend! You are awesome!

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