Who is Shakespeare to this group?

He’s a man that has brought about some form of inspiration. But even that is a little too ambiguous. He’s someone who influenced the English language more than most modern people know or acknowledge. He is someone who has been studied for entire lifetimes and someone who remains a new discovery everyday.

He is, simply, a storyteller. He wove tales about life in all it’s qualities.




What is Steampunk?

It is a subgenera of science-fiction where Victorian aesthetics, values, and technology became our future.

“If you think Victorian, with lots of finery and detail, and combine that with ray guns, that’s Steampunk,” said Michelle Glazer, Barrington’s assistant site director. “It’s like a Victorian idea of what the future might be. It’s very fantastical, with lots of whimsy.” The literary works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Mary Shelley are prime examples of the Steampunk mindset. Director Tim Burton’s films, like “Lemony Snicket,” are Steampunk. So was the TV show “Wild, Wild West.” “It’s where fiction, fact and fantasy intersect,”  ~ Roswell Neighbor Article


How in the world do these two ideas merge?

Because the creative force behind NFDC is a little crazy. But the right kind of crazy. The biggest mission of this group is to make Shakespeare more accessible to a modern audience. Steampunk is an entire subculture with far reaching themes. There wouldn’t be many animated features, television shows and designs if Steampunk had not influenced the world. So why not combine two great things together. It’s what NFDC does with every show.How in the world do these two ideas merge?






 How has the show affected the people who are putting it all this magic together?

It varies. The creative force is there everyday striving for a continual goal of another spectacular show topping the last. The cast comes to put all their energy into creating new people for you to fall in love with. Or to hate. Or pity.

But mostly think.  And understand.

Everyone has their part, whether they knew what it was a few weeks ago or not, all the independent aspects are being sewn together in the last two weeks of the production. The creative force, which was subtle at first, is now flowering as spring arrives and natures blooms along with the show. Each cast member has their own life outside the show, obviously. Designers, freelancers, performers, teachers, etc… They all make it a priority to calmer away from the rest of their life to create something together as a family. Though, a rather avant-garde family.

And just as any family, there are many personalities. Personalities, by nature will clash. Everyone brings their own life lessons to the t

able as part of the entire experience to inform the entirety of the show. What is so wonderful about this family, they know the value of communication and solve their own issues with out drama.

What’s left to be done?

Honestly, not much. Though the pictures might tell and different tale. The show opens in two days.
Two Days.
The adventure is almost complete. There have been two previews, one at STEAMfest and one at the Georgia Ramble where audience caught a glimpse of what is to come.
What’s left to make this experience amazing in every meaning of the word?





Come out and see what this group has been working tirelessly for two months to create. Hundreds of hours have been clocked in the making of the show. Weekends sacrificed, relationships put on hold, sunburns, wind, rain, and cold were conquered for this production. The only gratification this little community theater has is a full house. There’s an entire lawn to fill.

All they need is you.

Come see the show. 

“What fates impose, that men must needs abide;
It boots not to resist both wind and tide.”



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