Wedding Season is in full swing, and the whole Leah and Mark team is busy and loving it!

Sorya and I worked together a long time ago, and I was thrilled when he and the lovely Melanie reached out to me to photograph their wedding.  It was a day to remember.  They did almost everything themselves! A real example of how to have a fabulous celebration, keep your sanity and wallet intact. It was fun to see how they worked together to bring all the friendors and details together.

It was a beautiful day, and a pleasure to be with 2 wholesome, down to earth people who are so obviously in love.

thank Melanie and Sorya for having me capture your special day.

You’re AWESOME. 😀

The wedding was a small and intimate celebration between friends and family.  There was no wedding party, and it was so sweet to see how Sorya helped Melanie finish getting ready, there was about 50 tiny tiny buttons on the back of her dress, and he nimbly put it all together. We shot in the back hallway of a nearby restaurant, and created our own impromptu photoshoot ready space.  Thankfully they had a couch and some chairs in storage.  

I even jumped in and picked Melanies bridal bouquet, her flowers wilted in the heat and we improvised with the flowers available in the area.

Instead of a cake and cake topper they had this adorable bowl of Pho and a mini bride and groom.  The desserts were miniature versions of their favourites, Tiramisu, Cheese Cake, and more.  I just love how the bride looks like she may jump right in.  

Sorya is a chef and engaged his friends to help cook the wedding feast.  The food was AWESOME, with fresh bulgogi, fried chicken, delicious grilled asparagus.  Yum!

The dance floor was packed the whole night and I had a really good time getting out there an dancing and getting great shots.  We all had a lot of fun! 

Best of luck and much love to you both on your journey as husband and wife! 

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