I’ve always been a big fan of make-up. Which is maybe a little surprising, considering I hardly wear any on an everyday basis. But I’ve always thought the ability to change people was SO AMAZING.

For a while, I even thought I wanted to be a special effects make-up artist. I’m still fascinated, and most of the time at shoots, I watch the make-up artist do her thing, because it’s rather transporting.

Intern Krista invited the lot of us out to Bukrhart’s Pub, home of the Best Drag in Atlanta. {Officially!} And it was TRIUMPHANT. Having really only ever been to one or two clubs in my whole life, and never a drag club, I was STOKED. And by the way, go read her post about the show. It’s fantastic.

Watching our ladies put on their make-up was mesmerizing. I felt taken back in time. I was watching MAGIC. I was watching geisha put on their faces.

{And in the back of my head, I was taking notes on liquid eyeliner – something I’ve always made a mess of}.

Even though I’d seen pretty much the whole transformation, I was still awestruck, jaw hanging agape, when each performer came out onstage. The change was astounding. Completely gorgeous! And then they all BLEW US AWAY with their performances.

And when I say performance, I mean it. I felt completely swept up in the excitement, the music {but who isn’t by Adele & Pink?}, the fun of it all.

Ladies, performers and interns alike, thank you.  It was a freaking blast.  You.  Are all.  Awesome.