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The season has come upon us where everything breaths a sigh of relief. Everyone survived winter and new life blooms. Well, this winter wasn’t harsh but it’s stil a time to celebrate.

And celebrate people did at Kai-Lin Art’s gallery opening for the latest show Bloom.

Beverages poured from both Svdeka Vodka and Duvel. I must say Duvel was a big hit with everyone at the gallery because they could take home the beautiful glasses they drank from. Duvel’s owner is a huge art collector and has an annual art competition for designs to go on their promotional glasses.



What’s this? Intern Erik and his lovely lady were the bartenders for the evening mixing up wonderfulconcoctionswith Svdeka’soriginaland raspberry flavors. {I gotta say the raspberry is pretty darn good.}


There were many little ones running around durning this show and they really helped keep the atmosphere in thespringspirt. There was a constant flow of people in and out… but never too many at one time. Just enough to make the gallery inviting and not overcrowded to where you could no longer see the art.



The artists featured in this show are old and new. The imagery ranged from completeabstraction, photographic, mix-media and fashion. The artists, as always,intermingledwith the crowed and won the hearts of all.

If you have the chance, stop by the lovelygalleryin Buckhead and take a stroll amongst the artwork of Bloom. It will be well worth it and less sneezing than thebotanicalgardens. But hurry, just like spring, Bloom will be gone before you know it. The show lasts from March 30th – May 18th.



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