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Hello, Hello!

It’s seems some time has passed since I last posted.  Things have been busy, we’ve all been busy.  Wedding season is in full swing, Atlanta was bursting with color (and pollen), and I have been a happy little photographer shooting weddings, head shots, babies, weddings, people in love, old friends, and new places.  Whew.  It’s been a roller coaster and I LOVE it!

Meet Beki and Mike.  Isn’t she beautiful.  Good Job Mike!


I can say that, since I have been lucky enough to know Mike since, oh man, 7th grade or so.  We went to a tiny little school together, so we’re considered old skool, and I am thrilled to know his charming and beautiful future wife Beki.  She’s a real lady, and real pretty too.

I will be shooting their wedding next month, and I cannot wait!  It’s will be like a big work slash party slash high school reunion.  Mike and Beki are really fabulous people and so obviously in love.  I am honored to be a part of their special day.  The rest is just icing on the already awesome metaphorical cake.  Wedding cake that is.

Well, as for me, things have been in a state of flux, and change, and that may be the case for some time to come.  Me and my little family moved out to the big wide open and quite lovely state of Montana for the summer.  Yip, we’re hanging out in Big Sky country and it’s a HUGE change, but it’s quiet and peaceful, and I think it’s an awesome opportunity for the summer.  I have been in cities for so long, I forgot how many stars are in the sky.  No really, there’s SO MANY.

It’s mind blowing.  I look out each night, and am in awe of the natural beauty out here.

It was interesting to fly into Atlanta to shoot a wedding with Mark, then meet up with Mike and Beki for their engagement shoot, and then shoot another super awesome wedding.  In some ways I am living my dream of being a traveling wedding photographer.  Eep!  The wierd part was going from still kinda chilly not so green Montana to uber lush and green Atlanta.  When I left Atlanta prior the Wisteria was in full bloom and my heart wept at leaving, returning just a few weeks later to the early summer green made me feel…like a visitor in my home town.  I love Atlanta and am very excited to return for the upcoming weddings this season, and I am learning to love Montana for the things yet to be discovered.

See you next week! And hai, have an AWESOME weekend!