Yesterday was a super, awesome, epic shoot at the South Eastern Railway Museumwith the Alumni Intern Brittany, Current Intern Elaine and a couple models You may remember when we shot there During Season SiX..I almost shot that day, however I mixed up the times, arrived 2 hours before anyone else and had to go home to relieve the babysitter. It was a bit frustrating, and I was determined to make it back out there to shoot. I was not disappointed. It was remarkable. There were so many cars and trains, and buses that we didn’t see.

The entire museum is a plethora of things to discover, echoes of days gone by, vintage everything, plus a very friendly photographer policy. We were given free reign to shoot wherever our hearts desired. There was a multitude of preschool children as well, which really made me happy as I imagined when I would take my own little boy there and hear him ooh and ahh over the cubbies and crannies, and cool fixtures and furniture. Before cars and air travel was so accessible trains were the solution, and there were trains for everything. Some trains were for sorting and delivering post, others were for sleeping, some were large passenger trains, another train was an entire reading room, yet another was a portable military kitchen!

I have a feeling we could explore and take pictures in the space for days and days to come. I highly recommend a visit, it’s a very cool and informative place. An opportunity to see what life was like in days gone by. As I looked through the photos I couldn’t help but feel they deserved the echo of time, a reflection of the people who may have ridden those trains, lived their lives, shared their love, embraced their sorrows, and pushed social boundaries during the various eras the trains represent.

The initial part of the shoot we worked some basic composition exercises. The challenge was to keep the models in the same pose, same space, and then shoot 360 degrees around them. It’s a great warm up and a great way to force you to look for new compositions, to push out of your comfort zone a bit.

After working through the warm ups, ever notice how we treat photography as an olympic sport. We are in it, to win it. Shooting is an opportunity to improve a skill. Every.Single.Time. That’s also why we shoot everything! Needless to say, we ran around like kids in a candy shop and took lots and lots of pictures!

There was also alot of good natured hair tossing, and laughing, and smiling, and getting to know eachother. As a photographer being able to connect with people, to see them and appreciate them is my calling, and it never ever gets boring. Thank you to the wonderful models who spent the morning with us.

And thank you for reading my blog.

Have an awesome weekend!

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