I love laidback brides.

In fact, I refuse to shoot anyone else.  You have to be laidback, all-around awesome, and most of all, understand that if, at the end of the wedding day, you’re married, all went well.

Heather & Johnny are a lot of fun.  Their wedding was early March, and as the old adage goes: IN LIKE A LION.

The winds were ridiculous.  So strong that Heather eventually just took off her veil during the ceremony.  Completely chill about it, too.

And speaking of chill, IT WAS COLD.  During an outdoor ceremony.  Again, Heather was totally relaxed.

Johnny had a mishap with some cake the night before the wedding, and didn’t feel well AT.  ALL.  But did they let it bother them on their day?


Because they’re awesome.

And so.  Are.  You.  Thanks, Heather & Johnny.