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This week’s update on the mural over at Magnolia PregnancyResources.
Have you ever been satisfied with something and then, after some time has passed, you look a the thing and realized it was crap?
Yeah. Me too.

I’ve never been fantastic at figure drawing. I’m one of the many artist who hides behind “my style.” In this situation it was completely unacceptable.
So I brought in my best friend and greatest ally in any battle.

Together wetackledthe walls. I continued to press forward with detailing the hills. He took to the immense task of correcting the figure in the painting. I had alreadybriefedhim on the concept and gave him intel of sketches and the option to adapt.

And soon the evolution happened. Slowly, in sync with the hills, the figure began to transform. A new painting blossomed.

It’s was funny, looking back through the photos, seeing how both Eric and Irhythmicallystood away from the wall to see the totality of the work. It’s anessentialpart of the process. You can’t keep yourselfburiednose first into the sands of whatever project you are working on. You have to step away and gain a full perspective. And often. Otherwise the end result will be poo.

Eric’s background is quite different and similar to my own. We both went to SCAD and would not be the artist we are if we had not attended. He will continue to help out on this project for the next couple weeks. It will be 10,000x better for it.

But, then again, I’m a little biased. 😉

Till next week,




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