My fiance  and I have a mild obsession with Zombies, and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has flamed that mild obsession into fully speculative and very heated debates. Last week we were driving back to Atlanta from Corpus Christi, Texas, and actually planned our hotel stay all around getting to watch the Encore episode of Walking Dead.  We’re hardcore.  It’s a common phrase to hear me say something to the effect of ” I wouldn’t want to be here during the Zombie Apocalypse..”, this was true many years before the show, and is still true and maybe more so now that Season 2 of the Walking Dead is in full swing.

I certainly appreciate the thoughtful writing of the show, the entire show is reminiscent of an achingly spooky Flannery O Connor short story.  The effect of Southern gothic influence is to leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for zombies to rush out at every corner, while in reality the zombies are well controlled, timed, and the writing flawlessly keeps you coming back week after week.  I could really go on and on about this, and if you ever want to talk about the filming, writing, or acting from the show please leave a comment.  I know that there are lots of people who love and appreciate the show.

During Season Six I arranged a Thrilleresque styled shoot with the Dancers on Pointe Team from Georgia State University. We met up with some of the Season 6 Interns, a fabulous make up artist – Corinna, and the dance team on a beautiful late fall morning.  We shot our hearts out, danced around, smeared fake blood, and then howled at the moon.  Ha! Got you, we did not howl at the moon, it was daylight and no Zombies were harmed in the process.  You can see former Season 6 Interns now + Photographer Jo’s photos from the shoot here.

In true artist form I had big plans to make a moving photo show, aka a movie from the stills, but life got in the way, and slowly the shoot got pushed further and further back.  I decided that even though I learned alot about various movie making software, I wasn’t thrilled about the final product, and thought I would rather share the stills in their original form.  I hope you like them.  Big big thanks to everybody who participated in the shoot!

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  1. wow… love the mushrooms… and that picture of the two girls (one behind the other) is very cool, the one in front looks like an older version of Samara from The Ring… :S.

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