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Shakespeare’s Last comedy

At least that’s what North Fulton Drama Club is creating.
If you are not sure what Steampunk is… a small explanation from the depths of the internet:

“A subgenre of science fiction and fantasy set in Victorian time featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world.”

And the subculture can get a little crazy too. Yet, NFDC guarantees this will be done right because the genre is often overstuffed with poorly executed cos-play and LARPing. {google if you are curious but beware the dorkdom that will emerge.}

At this point you might be wondering: What on earth does all this has to do with Shakespeare?
Well… it doesn’t and that’s the point.



[vimeo 37585163 w=601 h=338]


NFDC has always done things differently. They do a bit of theater mash-up to bring new life Shakespeare’s classics. Placing the eternal plots into more relatable settings and scenarios so we, as a modern audience, will understand the stories a little easier.

 We believe that Shakespeare is portable, applicable, durable and relevant, and that everyone can understand and learn to like, if not love, this balding guy from 16th Century England and that our interpretations can help with that process.



So here is the beginning of North Fulton Drama Club’s journey into creating a new classic.
THE {steampunk} TEMPEST. 

Each week I will bring you a behind the scenes look into what all it takes to make this magic happen.

Do you want to help NFDC put on this beautiful production? Check out their Kickstarter page! You will get great gifts in return for your contribution. đŸ™‚ And what’s that? Level 6.5 has a photoshoot with this little lady? Well well! Snatch up some goodies before the kickstarter closes this Saturday and help theater thrive. There are many levels and every bit helps take this show to greater and greater heights. You can never stop reaching for the stars!

I find my zenith doth depend upon
A most auspicious star.



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  1. So freakin' excited about this production, it's not even funny. GODS, I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN INVOLVED. Also, double take thinking that the second vertical image was Jim from The Office. <3

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