{Text and Photos by +jo}

Wow – last week disappeared. At least that’s how I feel about it. So many thing are happening right now. I know I’m going to enjoy it all because that’s the least I can do. And take pictures to share with you all.

Thanks for stopping by – here’s the update for this week:

This is where things become a little interesting. I wasn’t happy with how I sketched the tree… but it was hard to try to keep adjusting and drawing onto the wall. I made the decision I would fix it with the paint. I did just that. I tried to follow the curves and flow from the sketch. In the art world there is a measuring technique used by holding up the pencil, pen or brush as a guide to find the angles, ratios, etc. needed in the image. So that’s what I did. With my entire body. And I jumped to put the end spots of branches on the ceiling. I’m glad I was alone… because I’m sure I looked crazy doing this. I probably confused the people working in the unit below Magnolia Pregnancy Resources. No one came knocking and I continued to work.



Another thing I should mention… I didn’t realize what all I would need to paint the tree and bushes’ trunks and limbs. I didn’t have a paint brush small enough for the limbs for the bushes so I used my fingers. I gotta say – I’m really happy with how well they turned out regardless of that fact. I almost thought about doing that  for the tree.
Then I realized the same texture that I loved so much when applying the blue paint to the ceiling I now loath for the tree. It took so much paint on the brush to smoosh it into all the crevices that the paint would drip afterwards. My trusty drop cloth wasn’t big enough to catch all of the paint droplets. And I think I would have passed out from incorrect blood flow if I kept it up for too long. The ceiling isn’t very tall but I still wish for a scaffold so I could at least lay on my back to paint the ceiling. Instead of all that, I will buy a sponge brush to conquer this little problem. Keep moving forward, there are so many things that need to get done. The limbs can wait a little while.



All in all – I could be moving faster on this. But, I don’t think it would turn out as well if I did.

I hope you are enjoying the journey nonetheless.




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