Whew, this week has been a doozy. It’s been SO AWESOME with confirming a local Atlanta wedding, AND booking 2 weddings in Boston in the space of one week. What are the chances? And HOW FREAKING COOL! I am so super excited to travel for weddings, and so happy that my future brides and grooms took a chance and invited me to their party. Awesome! Thank you! Ya’ll rock!

If you’re getting married this year, you should think about inviting me to your party, or invite LeahAndMark because they are awesome epitomized (Mark especially), and let’s not forget the other super awesome (OMGBBQ!) + Photographers +Raven and +Jo. We’re a pretty cool group around here. We liven up any party, and make kick butt pictures to remember the party, just in case it ends up being that kind of party;)

Let’s not forget that we have an awesome Army of Interns (go check out their blogs right now!)


There’s alot of forced change happening in my life, and in some ways it’s exciting and in some it’s a bit terrifying nail bitingawesome. I remember hitting my 25th birthday and heaving a massive sigh of relief, like, whew I survived. I went back to college finished my degree and thought blamo, it’s all solved, figured, sorted…and the rest would uhm, just fall into my lap. Pff, I never thought that, not even for a second, but I did have a restful phase…and now I have a 30th birthday around the corner.and goals and dreams, and insert whatever other real world situations like bills, etc. to support. Yip. That’s life…at least a part of it.

Right. I know it’s not going to fall in my lap, and nobody is going to give it to me. I just hope I can go get it for myself, and for my family. It’s a new game this year, and I plan to win it.

Let’s Do This!

Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog. Have an awesome weekend.


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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, but I *love* the window shot and the one of them by the railing! Gorgeous! And the last 4 pictures – haha! You rock!

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