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This is thebeginningof a big project I’m doing. It’s funny how life will throw things out there for you to catch. Mark’s good at doing that as well. One day he simply sent out a tweet: “I need a muralist. Anyone?” The irony? I was driving over there to have my headshots updated by Mark. I simply responded “Me painter.”

Soon I was standing in Leah and Mark’s place meeting their dula, Rebecca. Her company is called Magnolia Pregnancy Resources and her studio is in Dunwoody. She has a room where her clients have their birth classes, but it is rather bland with four walls of Robin’s Egg blue. She wanted something to make the space come alive.

That phrasing can be very scary… something, anything, an open canvas, a blank slate, tabula rasa… I didn’t really know where to begin. All I really had was Rebecca’s business card and theknowledgethat Magnolia is her daughter’s middle name. So I sketched out something and talked to Rebecca over a few emails.

Without ever seeing the space this is what I had:

Jo Arellanes | Painter | Watercolor | Magnolia Pregnancy Resources

Then I had an opportunity to view the space and take in a wonderful critique from Rebecca. She sent me references and allowed me to see a beautiful tattoo.Jo Arellanes | Atlanta Photographer | Painter | Mural | Magnolia Pregnancy Resources

When I was able to see the space everything seemed to make more sense. The walls are a wonderful sky color and will be a good base to determine a cohesive color pallet.

I took a panoramic shot on my little iPhone and scurried home. With the help of my trusty Cintiq I was able to translate everything I had learned about Rebecca and her company and created this secondary sketch:


Jo Arellanes | Atlanta Photographer | Painter | Mural | Magnolia Pregnancy Resources


This is going to be Epic.



So, like I said at the start of this post: this is thebeginning. There will be weekly updates on this project on top of my normal “Jo’s ramblings” posts. But, if once a week isn’t enough – follow me to see what I’m doing each day I go in to work on the mural.
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