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I know last week I kinda threw out a lot of stuff and one biggie was that I don’t have the greatest health.
I never really have. I’m not saying it’s something as big as cancer but there has always been -something- wrong. Sometimes I do it to myself. Sometimes the world falss on me. And sometimes my body just doesn’t know how work work properly.

I also mentioned I’musing “holistic/herbal approaches to healing my body.” I figure I should explain that a little more – in case anyone else out there is having health issues and feels like theres nothing that can be done. Because there are options.
There is always a way to heal your body.

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What’s the one thing you should take care of the most in your life? Your own body. Ya kinda can’t do a thing with out it. I didn’t realize how bad I had thrown my body out of sync until I lost full mobility of my right arm.

It wouldn’t work unless I did something that looked silly and even then my eyes would water from the pain.
No bueno.

I was the teacher’s assistant for a stage combat class and I was supposed to show the class lungingtechniqueswhile the professor left the room for a moment. I had done this exercise athousandtimes. Muscle memory was there and I knew how to explain it. My body wouldn’t move. I forced it and it hurt. The students stared and tried tomimicwhat I haddemonstrated… it was all kinds of wrong. The professor came back and saw the fruits of my instruction and shook his head. He fixed my mistakes and I excused myself to do research for a History of Rapier and Dagger paper. During the class break my professor came over and touched my shoulder. “Woah! That’s not right.”

“I know. It’s hurting really bad. I can’t lift it anymore.”
“How long has this been going on?”
“I’m not sure – it’s steadily been getting worse for a couple weeks.”
“You need to go see a doctor” He feels across my shoulders and onto my neck “No -scratchthat – you need to see achiropractor”
“I’m fine, I just need to stretch.”
“No, you’re not. Go talk to M.F. – she sees a great one. Leave. You can’t do anything here today.”
“Are you really arguing about being able to leave class early?”
“nooo…. I’m going.”

And I did. The chiropractic office I went to was amazing. They squeezed me in that afternoon when I told them I couldn’t move my arm. They took x-rays, scanned my spine, adjusted me and put me on a traction/message table. The pain haddiminishedby more than half. I could move my arm enough to write with out pain. I was put on the schedule to come back the next day for orientation, view my x-rays and have my second adjustment. I thought it was a little silly, I felt greatcomparedto a few hours earlier. I didn’t see the need to continue going. But trying to be courteous, I went back.

My x-rays made me cry.

By now you know I’m a crazy art person… and being like that means I’ve been studying the human anatomy for, well, ever. I know what the spine is supposed to look like. I know the curves and the ratios and the movement that the body naturally carries. My spine… was not it. My neck was completely straight and tilted forward. {Not the lovely gentle curve angled backwards.} My upper back was curved to the left. {I do not have scoliosis.}I had no idea. I didn’t know. I didn’t feel bad so how was I suppose to know? There’s a lot of technical numbers I could throw out there and I a lot of medical jargon telling you different medical problems are connected to different parts of the spine. That’s for you to decide. But with the second adjustment that night I had zero pain and move my arm completely. Full mobility. Two adjustments.

In the orientation for continual chiropractic care one thing stood out in my mind:
Your brain controls everything in your body. Everything. Your spine is the only thing that connects your brain to every other part of your body. If you have little pot holes here and there along the spine the messages aren’t getting to the end of the road asefficientlyas possible. So little minute things will be off, nothing that you can notice, yet they are there just the same. But what do you think happens to your body when there is an entire beaver dam blacking the path? Yeah… that’s what was going on with me. And I’ve always had a lot of problems.

I’ve gone to the chiropractor every week for two years straight. I could list off a billion and one things that regular chiropractic care has helped me heal and overcome. From life long medical problems, simply being sick, surgery and a car accident. My chiropractors are always there helping my body heal in the most natural way possible. Byactuallylettingit work at maximumcapacity.



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