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I just got back from South Africa this week, and the best part about the jet lag is having a ton of applications to read for Season 7 Interns.  There are a lot of people vying for a spot in Season 7, and theres alot of talent.   I realize alot of people want to be an intern, but not everybody is the right fit, not everybody is not in the right place in their lives to commit, and various other reasons may come up making it difficult to be take full advantage of the internship.  The fact is, there are a limited number of spots each season, and we simply cannot have everybody on board.  It is important to remember that if you don’t get in the first time you apply, there is always the next season.  (Here’s a big hint, don’t resend the application that wasn’t accepted, start over and show where you improved.)

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It’s important to remember that even if you don’t get to participate in Season 7, you can still watch and learn, work and improve.  There are no secrets to our photography.  We’re very open and honest, we share our triumphs and apologize for our mistakes (you know the few and far mistakes we make…), so here’s a few thoughts for all the applicants, regardless of whether you become an official intern.

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Make Mistakes, Learn from them, Move On

Learn to make mistakes, take chances, review where things could have been different and then move on.  Don’t dwell on them.  Focus on what you learned from the mistake, whether it id a good or bad mistake.  Learn from it.  Move on.

Don’t make the same mistakes twice.  That means your not learning, or paying attention, or worst of all, it means you just don’t care.

If you don’t care, stop.  Leave the work and passion and fun to those of us who do care.  The Leah And Mark Family cares, alot.  That’s right We Care Alot, and we’ve all made plenty of mistakes.  I make mistakes, and they can turn into triumphs, of learning, of accomplishment, of imagery that moves and speaks.  Focus on what can be learned, make that positive, and move on to the next project, email, photograph, etc.

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Don’t Take Boring Pictures, Make Beautiful Images

Everybody has a camera, and everybody seems to be a photographer these days.  If you want to make it, you need to be heard above the noise, you need to be a flashing neon green sign on a sea of billboards and snapshots.  You want people to look at your work and like your work and hire you, then don’t take boring photographs.  Make beautiful images.  Work on composition.  Embrace all forms of art and let it flow through you and your photographic imagery.  Learn how to deliver, and also surpass expectations.  That is easier said than done, and always a work in progress.

You don’t like to look at boring pictures, so don’t make them.  Work on composition.  Take chances, try new things, take lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Dont take perfect pictures that are perfectly boring.  Make beautiful images.  Shoot as often as possible, shoot everything.

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Move! Jump! Play! Have Fun!

Photoshoots should be energetic, people should be having fun.  Ask people to do things like run, jump, skip, hop, do the chicken dance, whatever it takes to get the blood moving and the smiles relaxed.  If your not having some degree of fun, you’re doing it wrong.  :D

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Take Chances | AKA: Shoot As Often As Possible

Shooting often, especially for yourself gives you the opportunity to experiment, to take risks, to make mistakes.  Shooting more helps you learn more, and learn faster.  We learn something on every single photoshoot, and it prepares us for every photographic opportunity, it’s the key to us being able to WOW our clients.

We don’t shoot just paid gigs, we shoot everything.  Every opportunity we are able to go shoot, we are there.  We make friends, we make art, we make a living.  You don’t have to be an intern to have a photoshoot, you don’t have to have fancy equipment to have a photoshoot.  You just need ideas, and a camera.

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Be Curious Like a Child | Learn! Learn! Learn!

Learn from everything, everybody and especially from other peoples mistakes.  Read books about anything that excites you.  Read business books, read baby books, read biographies of people who have changed our world and touched our lives.  Read, learn, watch, learn, listen, learn.

Learn from other peoples mistakes.  And when you make your own mistakes, be honest and candid so that you can teach somebody else.

Being curious goes hand in hand with learning.  Be curious about the world, about people, ask questions and take it all in.  We live in a big world, and it’s an exciting place.  Be curious, learn and approach learning with the same humble joy of a child.

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Work Hard, Play Hard.

This one is pretty self explanatory, however nobody is really ever prepared for HOW much hard work is involved.  Photography is not for the faint of heart, there is alot of editing, arranging, calling, emailing, schmoozing, learning, playing, fun having, jumping, running, driving, scouting, exploring, testing, failing, learning, falling, blinking, crying, laughing, dreaming that goes on behind the scenes of each photograph.

Work hard, and then work harder.

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Good Luck to all the Season 7 Applicants!

Apply for Season Seven of our Photography Internship Here

– All Images from my internship in Season 2