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Diana & Joey were going to get married next June. Then, they realized that a big planned-out spring wedding just wasn’t them. So they moved their wedding up by SIX MONTHS. Then, when they found out I was available on Dec 9th, they picked their wedding date based on me. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

That – among so many other reasons – is why I absolutely adore Diana & Joey.

This post is going to have way more than usual. I just couldn’t narrow down. I love these two and their love.

Their wedding was my last for the year, and what a note to end on. Nick and I drove to Bowie, MD to stay with family in preparation for the Annapolis wedding. Neither of these places was anywhere we’d ever been close to, so we were psyched. Annapolis is, in a nutshell, so cute. Downtown is just a huge wheel with off-shooting streets lined with shops and restaurants for the spokes and the capitol in the middle as the hub.

They got married at the Marriott on the waterfront, walked in their wedding finery to the historic courthouse, took us on a mini-tour of downtown Annapolis, began their reception at Harry Browne’s {home of THE BEST cheeseburger and fries we have EVER had}, and ended it in an afterparty at Pusser’s pub back at the Marriott.

Everyone was so warm, inviting, silly, sought to include us in every way possible, time and time again made sure we ate and drank, and just generally made us truly feel like one of the family. It was amazing.

I would totally hang out with them next time we’re in the area.

Photographer | +Raven of LeahAndMark.com
Venue | Harry Brownes
Floral Design | Gateway Florists
Make up | Amie Decker Beauty
Hair Styling | Alexander Day Spa


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  1. You 2 should model for wedding magazines! So adorable, I love these!

  2. You and Joe Joe smiled your entire wedding day, and the pictures captured the love in your hearts.

    • Oh my gosh. These just make me tear up. Beautiful job capturing this. I almost feel like I was there. But I definitely feel their love and the spirit of the day.

  3. I should sent you a picture of Tony when he was the ring bearer in my 1sr wedding @ The Annapolis Marriott! Remember he walked down the asile sideways and we called him the "little crab"….so cute and he's come full circle……

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