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It’s hard to explain what I like to shoot.
I like to shoot it all. But that’s a problem I seem to have – I like everything.
Maybe I should figure out what I am best at and hone the skill set for it even farther.



Tough I wouldn’t be here if I had taken that advice years ago. Old habits die hard I suppose.

During my internship I mentioned SCAD at lot. More than I really wanted to… but you have to realize how much that school defined, sculpted, and changed me. I tried very hard to never say anything positive or negative about the place. People have an array of opinions about people who go to art school. I think they are all valid and merit contemplation. At this point, all I can say is: I did it. I survived. {barely}



When I went to SCAD Iconsciouslychose topursuea double major and double minor. Why? That’s not really the point… in the end I did it in the time frame I gave myself. What my rambling is trying to get at is: I didn’t want to limit myself. I loved so much I didn’t want todwell in one little corner of the art world. I wanted to be a sponge and expose myself to as much as I possibly could. And SCAD has so many options. I was a kid in a candy store. A multi-billion dollar, fifteen layered, eat-so-much-you-pop kind of candy store.

People didn’t get it. And I was fine with that. People told me I couldn’t do it. I would give them ‘dead face’ and keep moving forward. {If you don’t know what ‘dead face’ is… annoy me and you will probably experience it.} People told me I was too scattered. I would shrug my shoulders and keep myself open to new possibilities. SCAD was a strange experience but ittrulyhelped me as an artist. I’m not here to say art school is a good thing or a bad thing. It is simply a choice. I didn’t study photography at SCAD but everything I did study feeds straight into how I shoot. Everything I continue to study helps hone my eyes and keeps me moving forward.

So, to some people it may seem that I don’t have a specific concentration with what I shoot but in my mind I’mconcentratingon photography and exploring all the possibilities it can give me. That in itself is a big change for me.


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