Well, flights have been booked and plans are being finalized. I am looking to travel 22,000 miles in 22 days this holiday season. I love to travel, and am very excited, and also very nervous about the journey ahead of me.

Travels plans include large chunks of the United States, and culminate in a journey to my childhood home of South Africa. I haven’t been to South Africa since I moved to the States 18 years ago. I have always been a fan of the phrase “home is where the rump rests”, now that I am am a mom, it is where my family is, where my partner and my son are, that is home for me. However I will be traveling to see my far flung family, and also getting to experience my birth country, as an adult.

it’s exciting to think about.

It’s scary to think about.

I will be traveling to South Africa solo, arriving in Africa before New Years Eve. I am eaving behind my wonderful partner and our precious son, but meeting up with my sister and brother. My sister will be traveling from South Korea to meet up with us, and I am so ecstatic to see her, it has been a year. It will also be the first time I have been away from our son. I know it will be a wonderful trip and our son will be safe and happy. I will miss the goober alot though, and miss having my partner to ground me and appreciate my quirks. It will be the first time I have been a single entity, and not a “we” in over a year.

I know I will take lots and lots of photos.

Travelling is always an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the universal core of humankind and discover some more of this amazing world we live in. I believe firmly that traveling to far away places makes you a better person. I am looking forward to seeing many new and wonderful things, and spending time with my extended family. I will be spending the holidays with my American family members, both my mother and my soon to be in laws. In South Africa I will be reconciling with my father, and his new family. Just think, brothers and sisters I have never met. Laughs I have never heard, quirks I have never seen.

It is all exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time.

I cannot wait to come back and have a show and tell.

This week, as I pondered the trips ahead, and the many different people I will be spending time with, I wanted to take a moment and enjoy the simple things around me. Afternoons have been spent walking with my son, picking up leaves, enjoying the last of the warm weather, and realizing that there is an adventure to be had in our very own back yard.

These pictures are about realizing the simple pleasures around us. The beauty of changing leaves, and changing seasons. The last of the hibiscus blooms, the decorative gourds for the season. The luxury of simple sunny afternoons with giggles. It’s a gift to be able to appreciate the simplest things, without ever traveling more than a few feet from home. I hope it helps me on my journey, to see the depth and beauty in far away places with greater appreciation.

For right now, I am enjoying the now, the simple things that are familiar, so I can appreciate the new things to come. :)


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  1. “Travelling is always an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the universal core of humankind and discover some more of this amazing world we live in.” Well said! Have a BLAST and I can’t wait to see pictures!

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