There was something in the mushroom’s spores. You had to be careful.

They infected people and it spread fast.

They move faster…












I just needed to get supplies. The group I traveled with was attacked and broke into pieces. We have a general rendezvous point if it happened.

As long as you could survive long enough to get back there.


It is your best option. Don’t get cornered.

Don’t let them ambush you.



You have to keep yourself safe.















Even if you know the person being attacked…
you can’t help.
Not anymore. Their hunger won’t allow you to get free. Even if you ‘survive’ an attack, you just become one of them.




Why did you let them see you?!

Why are they so quick?















you can at least out smart them.

… or not.

Keep moving …
gain distance.

Why don’t I have a gun? I know that’s what you’re thinking at this point.
It’s because the other people in the group said I wouldn’t need one.
Yeah. Thanks guys.

Too Close!

Did I mention you shouldn’t be the idiot to trip, fall and land in a mushroom patch?

Because you shouldn’t
















Eat your words.

{as they eat you}


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