Oh wow… I’m a plus now?
I’m a plus.


I don’t think I can say or {or think} that enough right now.





Thank you Leah and Mark.
Thank you Raven and Debra.




I’m so happy to be a bigger part of this family you have created.
I will keep pushing myself to always learn and become a better and better photographer.
Thank you for letting me explore with my camera attached.
Thank you for pushing me.
guiding me.
using me.
keeping me busy.
taking the risk in asking me.






I learned so much in the internship. I’m beyond excited to be able to continue to grow, learn, share and write for everyone.
There were so many things I wasn’t able to get to durning the internship. So many things I didn’t get a chance to show.

SO! Here’s a sampling of things seen and things new.



















Whew! Keep your eyes out for more photos from the sneak peeks shown.
If you don’t know which were sneak peeks, check out my intern posts. 😉
Already new assignments are lining up.
This will be an amazing time.