I met Dawn & Andy a while back, when I was still first getting started.  And I kind of loved them from the very beginning.

Not only are they super laidback, which is ALWAYS nice, when I asked them what they didn’t like about themselves in pictures, they responded “Nothing.”  Which, coincidentally is the exact right answer.  And that makes me happy.

Everything about this wedding was a blast.  Normally, after shooting for 11 hours, my second shooters and I would be completely exhausted and ready to head home, but not at this wedding.  I was disappointed to see the night come to an end; we’d been having so much freakin’ fun.

Also, their cake was three different flavors.  THREE.  For the win.

It was really nice to be on “home turf,” as well.  I had no idea going into this, but the venue was actually LITERALLY right behind our studio!  There’s a whole community back there that  I didn’t know about until now.

Everyone was superbly gorgeous, knew how to have an awesome time, were super fun, and really, REALLY nice.  THANK YOU, DAWN & ANDY.

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