The High Museum of Art in Midtown Atlanta recently hosted the first ever Teen Night. It was nothing short of: Awesome. Amazing. Exciting. Jam Packed. Whoopee. Yee ha. it was all of those things and more. Really.

If you are in college reading this, they are hosting a college night tomorrow. You should come! We will be there! There will also be dance crews, bands, food, people, and of course, some amazing artwork.

I was super excited to when Leah and Mark asked me to shoot the event. To be making images, surrounded by art? Yes and YES was my response. Mark recruited Intern Meagan(Yay!) to help me shoot the event, and we had a blast. The museum filled up rapidly with a 1000+ teens, and the air was abuzz with laughter. The whole museum was alive and vivacious with energy.

It really was wonderful to see so many of the “next generation” looking at paintings, sculptures, mixed media and the like. It was just as cool to be there, officially taking photographs. It felt GREAT.

There was a neat work-shop decorating hats! The museum was filled with distinctly crafted fedora hats.

…and a poetry slam, I have to admit that there were alot of readings that gave me goosebumps. Kudos to all the poets and spoken word artists who attended.


I realize though that I am not a teenager anymore, not by any stretch, having a baby and being almost 30 makes me definately not fit in that category, or those clothes. But, there is no reason I can’t be young at heart. Huge shout out to my homies (Ha!) who taught me some of the current slang, smiled in the camera, and were just all around awesome.

It was so much fun! Thanks to the High Museum for having us! I am really looking forward to College night, I will be shooting with Intern Jo! Yay!

Keep in mind that if you are not in college, there are SO MANY OTHER EVENTS at the High Museum. One of the best kept secrets in Atlanta is their Jazz Night, not to mention the many different events they have for families, or even salsa lessons! Take a look at their site and go get some culture!

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