Introducing | Season SiX

Can you believe it? We’re at Season SiX of our Photography Internship. We’ve come a long way since Season One when I was still working a full time job, Leah was in Grad school and we were holding our meetings at our apartment (or one of the Intern’s houses.) Heck – we’ve come a longRead more

A Letter to Season Six by +Debra | Photography Internship Atlanta Wedding Photographer

– Photos by Mark | Letter by +Debra ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* Dear New Intern, You are about to begin the 3 most awesome months of your life.  No really.  You are.  When these 3 months are done, you will have evolved as a photographer, as a human, and you will be ready to conquer the photographic world.Read more

Repost: What I’ve Learned

This was originally posted back in February. With 10 New Interns starting on Thursday, it seems like a good time repost this. – Mark *************************************************************************************************************************************************** If you want to succeed, you have to make many, many more friends. You know, I’ve never thought that this wouldn’t turn into something more. Back when I started shootingRead more

Forced Change

Atlanta Photography Internship |

– Posted by Mark Every three months we have a good bit of upheaval around here. One Season of Interns ‘graduates’ and a new batch begins. New people, new shoots, new questions, and new work. Every Season is different. Sure we have some staples such as our business/marketing workshop, a lighting 101 class, and critiquesRead more