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A few weeks ago I was a guest on Gravity Free Radio – it’s a weekly online radio show based here in Atlanta with a focus on marketing and business ideas, strategy, etc. We talk a lot about marketing around here – and our marketing is one of the biggest reasons we’ve been able to build our Intern Army (or the opportunity to learn bout it). Our photography/business marketing workshop is one of our most heavily attended workshops – and even Alumni Interns attend. Below is from their website:

“How can a wedding photographer compete in a crowded marketplace? Mark Tioxon has an answer for us…

It’s so nice talking to a business owner who really “gets it.” Mark Tioxon of LeahandMark.com runs a photography business with his wife Leah and they understand what’s important: a quality product, customer service and building meaningful relationships with clients and their team of interns.

Mark talked with Jim Hodgson and I this week and gave us the secrets to his success in a highly competitive field that’s only become more crowded with the influx of hobbyist photographers armed with high-end consumer equipment.

They have also implemented one of the most inventive internship programs I’ve seen in a small business which is probably worth a show on its own. Listen to our interview with Mark below and we’ll be back next week!

The interview is about 20 minutes long – and I think it’s worth your time. Give it a listen. Just click on the Play Button.

The Interview

To say we’re going to be busy these next few weeks is an understatement. We have a lot of photoshoots, a few weddings (including one out in Ojai, California) – and next week we’re taking applications for Season Five of our Internship.

Also. We have a really big wedding promotion coming out next Tuesday (April 19th) – with a number of prizes that total approximately $3,000 – and if everything works out, it’ll involve a network of around fifteen (15!) blogs around the country, ranging from some that get a few thousand readers a day to the high tens of thousands. We didn’t originally set out to create such a large promotion but there were a few things that happened beyond our control – and last week we decided to see if we really mean everything we say. Taking risks. Being more creative than the next photographer. Really creative.

But not only that – working harder.

And not only that – working smarter. Because I feel like I haven’t been doing much of that lately. And last week I was tired. This week? And the next one after that? We’re going all out.

More Interviews. More Photoshoots. More Challenges for the Intern Army. More Weddings. More Promotional Stunts. More Everything.

Because You. Are. Awesome.

See you tomorrow.


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