Paralee Whitmire | The Interview

Paralee Whitmire is SpanishDict.com – and she’s our friend. She’s also an Alumni Intern, having been a member of Season One of our Internship. Honestly? Paralee was an Intern with us before we even started the internship. More importantly – she’s impossibly awesome, and ridiculously amazing. – Interview & Photos by M. Tioxon ****************** I felt […]


Emily + Ben | Wedding Preview

Emily & Ben’s wedding in Ojai, California this past weekend was the furthest away we’ve had so far. Even though we’ve already photographed weddings in Massachusetts, Alabama, Indiana, and Tennessee – we were pretty excited to finally shoot one out on the west coast. Last November I flew out to photograph their engagement session in Pomona […]


Audrey & Eric by +Raven

-Posted by +Raven If you were to ask me what my one goal is when I meet a client, I wouldn’t tell you that it’s to book the gig. This is, of course, one of my goals, but not the main one. My main goal is to get to know them. To become friends with […]


Weddings by us, LeahAndMark.comA

Hi. We’re LeahAndMark.com – wedding photographers based in Atlanta, Georgia. We travel. A Lot. Something like 95% of our weddings are out of state. We’ve photographed weddings in Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee, & Alabama and a few other states. On the Schedule for 2011 – we’ll be flying out to Maine, Michigan, California (twice), North Carolina […]


Season 4 | The (Internship) Reviews

Apply for Season [Gold Lion] of our Photography Internship Here. “Write as much as you would like to say, and whatever you’d like to say. I will not censor or edit your reviews – and if I do post your review, I will post it in it’s entirety, or not all. This internship isn’t perfect – […]

Interns Wanted | Season Five (5)

Leah and I need help. We’re fortunate that our clients not only took an initial chance on us – but that they keep coming back and referring their friends to us. It’s a great problem to have – but we’re busy. Really. Busy. So busy in fact that we’ve decided that we need help. We […]