Introducing Season 4

Last Friday night was our Graduation/Introduction night for Seasons 3 & 4. More and more we’re realizing how fortunate we are to have RenewSV for our studio space – especially since the graduation night keeps becoming a bigger and bigger event. We’re not at the point of having fireworks on stage yet – but the wholeRead more

Season 3 Into 4

I’m going to miss Season 3. Season 4 starts tonight, so check back here on Monday and meet the newest members of the Intern Army. In anticipation of the end of Season 3 – we decided to have one more major studio session. Six of Eight showed; we set up some gear and started shooting.Read more

Current Events

One of the benefits of digital photography is the instant gratification you receive from making the photos that you’re trying to make. You know immediately whether or not your shot worked – and then you can try again. One of the difficulties is that when you are so used to getting such instantaneous results –Read more

Intern Experience | S3 Reviews Part 2

“Write as much as you would like to say, and whatever you’d like to say. I will not censor or edit your reviews (except for spelling/grammar) – and if I do post your review, I will post it in it’s entirety, or not all. This internship isn’t perfect – and we know it – so write whatRead more