Monday Photoshoot

(test shot for lighting)

This is our first full week with the fifteen new interns + our new studio space. Not only that, but in case you haven’t heard, last Wednesday was my final day working at my office day job. So I’m full time photography now. In sort of celebration of that – we’re going on a shooting spree.

Everyday this week, we’re going to be photographing in our studio, and around historic Roswell – and then posting our results that same day (or you know, early the next morning) (oh – except Friday because Leah and I are flying out to Indiana to photograph a wedding.)

Here’s todays shoot with Interns Debra, Kristen, and Robby on hand. The best thing about having time and space to work on this stuff – is simply being able to try out new shots that you couldn’t before, and working ideas out.

See you tomorrow.