Chef Demo!

We require our Interns to blog about their photoshoots. The main reason is because it forces them to take another look at their work – and identify aspects of their progress, habits, and things they’d like to continue working on. This sort of open-self-evaluation is really helpful – especially since we’re not making art onlyRead more

Interns Wanted

Leah and I need help. We’re fortunate that our clients not only took an initial chance on us – but that they keep coming back and referring their friends to us. It’s a great problem to have – but we’re busy. Really. Busy. So busy in fact that we’ve decided that we need help. WeRead more

Intern Portfolios

When we originally decided to take on a few interns, we didn’t plan on it turning into the big bag of awesome that it eventually became. Wow. Even back when we thought we were only going to have two interns, we knew that it wasn’t going to be your regular ‘just carry our bags’ typeRead more