GJP: Back to School

During the first year of my social work program, I interned with an amazing agency called the Georgia Justice Project. GJP works with a population that many people might write off, or find undeserving – those who have been convicted of crimes. Georgia Justice Project is an unlikely mix of lawyers, social workers and a […]

Intern Selection

Most of these photos were shot in our first four months of shooting. They represent some of our favorites, and they’re still in our posted Portfolio. More than just showing you how far we’ve come since we began – they also represent the chances that people took on us from the very beginning. It’s hard […]

Secret Supper | Theatrical Outfit

We like photographing the Secret Suppers held by our friends BlackTie BBQ. They’re always fun AND we get really, really great food. Not satisfied to hold their secret suppers in normal event spaces – they held their Valentines Day Secret Supper in the unfinished eighth floor of one of the high rises in Atlantic Station. […]

Intern Experience: Reviews

“Having spent the last three months working with us – what would you like to say about your internship experience with LeahAndMark.com?” Intern Amé: Well from the opportunities this internship has provided for me, I have gotten lost in Atlanta for two hours and got into a five hundred dollar fender bender. And yet, I […]

Chef Demo!

We require our Interns to blog about their photoshoots. The main reason is because it forces them to take another look at their work – and identify aspects of their progress, habits, and things they’d like to continue working on. This sort of open-self-evaluation is really helpful – especially since we’re not making art only […]