We knew there was a chance that it was going to rain this past Saturday during Megan & Josh’s wedding. When we arrived it was just cloudy. About an hour before the ceremony, the skies let go and it was raining hard + thunder-storming. So we all waited. And then it rained… less. The photos might look like it was just a cloudy day, but I assure you – it went from a hard rain to sprinkling the entire day – and it almost never stopped coming down. Water was still coming down during all of these outdoor photos. Of course – that wasn’t going to stop Megan and Josh from having an excellent wedding day.

One of the things I enjoy about wedding photography is the pressure to deliver absolutely beautiful photos. I’m not talking about photos that are ‘good enough’ – or that just ‘cover’ the event. I want to make absolutely beautiful photos – because that’s what I want to give to the bride and groom – no matter what – even if I’m unprepared for rain and I don’t have a rain cover for myself or my camera – I’ll make one for my camera and I’ll just have to stand out in the rain (small price to pay for getting the shots I want).

I’m always telling our interns about how ‘restrictions’ force you to be more creative – well, the rain definitely forced that on us – not only in what photos we were going to shoot, but HOW we photographed them. Because you can’t spend forever taking formals if you’re asking people to actually stand in the drizzling sprinkle of rain in their fancy clothes. Heck, you can’t even go at a normal pace. You have to be really quick, know what you shots you’re going to take, take them and then make sure that they’re in focus, people’s eyes are open, direct the whole show AND you need to throw in some amount of creativity into the photos. Hopefully. Because ‘just getting the shot’ isn’t worth it if it’s not a shot worth looking at.

So I dragged everyone out walking into the rain to get to the small old barn at the edge of the property just for some photos, and I stood some people on a plow and had the flower girls pose on the bales of hay. Because I was there earlier and since portrait photography is 98% moving furniture – it might as well include moving farm equipment because that’s what I did beforehand, along with moving planks of wood, and the bales of hay.

It was a beautiful wedding and these are the preview photos. We can’t thank Megan & Josh enough for having us be a part of their wedding day.

Have an awesome week.

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  1. Mark and Leah…
    I woke up to these beautiful pictures and couldn't be happier AND more excited to see all the rest to come. You guys were amazing and went ABOVE and BEYOND anything I could have asked for. You got wet, you darted around us from place to place to get the best shots (rain or shine), and you made us feel comfortable in even the most uncomfortable situations (i.e. shredding my dress so it would fit…please tell me you have a picture of this!). After seeing the two of you work together, I would have thought it was your hundredth wedding. You are some of the most talented photographers I have ever seen and definitely the most artistic and creative. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this day complete for us. And thank you for getting a "little" wet and never complaining once about it:) I love you guys and hope to see much more of you!!

    • Megan, you were a stunning bride! I wish I could have been there, but look forward to reliving it through the detailed story you’re going to tell me one day soon! Congratulations Mrs. Carson!

  2. Beautiful pictures and Beautiful Bride and Groom! I was especially fond of the pictures of Ellie….but then I am a bit partial…I am her grandmother.

  3. These are fantastic! Beautiful!!! It was the sweetest wedding! I love you guys! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  4. The pictures are great and we look forward to seeing more. Meg and Josh are a wonderful couple and we loved having them and their guests at the Inn…a really special group! We also enjoyed having Leah and Mark and they were great to work with. I love to see everyone working together to make an awesome experience for wedding couples and their guests! I know your pictures will so express the heart of this wedding. It was beautiful!

  5. Fabulous photos…Megan and Josh are the kind of couple that bring their own love and joy to all of those around them!!
    Can't wait to see the rest!!
    Gertie Mae

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