Be Ready

I would like to prepare our interns to be ready for anything. Not in a surprise-obstacle-course-challenge! kind of way – but in a we-need-a-professional-photographer-NOW-and-You-Are-It sort of way. I wasn’t told that I was going to be taking the ‘official’ photos for Leah’s graduation ceremony until about 2 minutes before this photo was taken. This was […]

10 Interns

Last week we posted on here that we wanted two (2) interns. We presented a long list of reasons why people should want to be our intern, and then we presented a long list of reasons why they shouldn’t be our intern. Because we didn’t want just anyone. We wanted hungry photographers. Of course not […]

Melissa Maples |

Check Out the Gallery Here. Our friend lives in Antalya, Turkey. We’ve known her for… approximately… for something over six years. I think. It’s just been a really long time and we’ve never even met her in person. However, she thinks differently and we like that – we really, really like that about her […]