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This was the final shoot from last Saturday. I met Sarah at one of the Yelp events that we shot a few months ago and then later I learned that she was friends with an old high school (but still current) friend of Leah’s. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s got a little bit of ink. Actually – Sarah’s quite proud of her rural Georgia roots – and all that that entails. That’s the Georgia state motto there on her chest with a peach in the middle.

The photo above was shot in an area of Inman Park that is heavily used for photo shoots for models/portraits and then also engagement sessions. In fact, just out of frame is another photo shoot going on at the same time.

We snapped a few shots and left.


We took some photos on a rooftop at sunset – always a recipe for good shots – but on the way back down, we passed by this window. The sun was already below the horizon and it was getting really dark. The room we were in had no lights so it was really dark in there. I thought I’d have to slow the shutter down a good bit – so I told Sarah to be really, really still and I did my best to not move the camera as I pressed the shutter. Turns out I shot this at 1/40th shutter speed + flash off camera at right and I got the sky outside and some detail in the building outside, without washing out or underexposing Sarah. I totally had enough light. It took 2 shots and we were done.


Driving around, we were heading down the road from the Krog Tunnel that leads to Cabbagetown. Between the Krog Tunnel and Cabbagetown – I’ve never paid any attention to the road that connects them. This time I couldn’t stop looking at the green wall and the bright orange leaves. Plus – through all of my flickr searching, I’ve never seen anyone do any photo shoots on this street. And hey – you always feel like a professional photographer when you’re in the middle of the street with a light kit, shooting a model while cars slow down to stare as they drive by.


I had three photo shoots that day with three very different models. I learned something from each session and the photos are for the most part – very different from each other – beyond the scenery. Among the many mistakes I’ve made so far as a photographer, the one that’s been hitting me the most lately are some shots I took a few weeks ago that were nearly exact duplicates of an earlier shoot. As much as I dislike seeing good photographers shooting the same photos over and over again – I was afraid that I might be falling into that same trap.

Even if I was, I kind of knew that I just had to keep shooting because there is no other way that I’d work through it.

Anyways. Here’s all three sessions in the same gallery.

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We’re going to be at the Indie Craft Experience this Saturday. We’ll be operating a free photo booth! So you should stop by and visit, get your photo taken, and then get some cool handmade gifts from the many, many crafty vendors that will also be there.

It’s Friday. Finally.

Keep Shooting.

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  1. damn shame they buffed those walls green. there was some good art on them.

    • Not knowing what it used to look like, I was planning to comment on how much I love the bits of color bleeding through the green (and it helps that that's my favorite green). So… silver lining, I guess.

      Now to the album!

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