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This past Saturday we had three photo shoots/ portrait sessions.

The first one was with our friend Addy C. – I also learned a few things during this shoot. If you’re doing a photo shoot in the woods, tell the subjects to bring shoes they can wear while walking through the forest. Basically, make sure they have something other than boots with a 3 inch heel – at least so they can walk around without breaking their ankle and then put their real shoes on for the photos. Yeah, you’d think I would know these things – but I forget a lot.

Luckily, Addy’s a good sport and when I decided that we had to shoot down by the creek – she hopped onto my back and I carried her across the many, many rocks that lined the side of the creek – which made it impossible for her to walk through with 3 inch heel boots.

Did I mention that the weather participated nicely? It was so nice that throughout the day I saw about 5 other photo shoots going on. Addy was the first of the three shoots that day. I wanted to give her some photos that weren’t like anything she’s had done before. This was probably the last weekend before ALL of the leaves fall off of the trees and everything just looks like winter – except dead tree winter, not snowy winter.


As you can see from the photo below – we broke out the umbrella and flash – that of course is Leah there on the right, working hard! Me? I’m standing in the middle of the creek trying to make sure that the rocks don’t move and I don’t slip and end up in the water – or worse, my camera in the water. Addy was a really good sport about trying out stuff and walking around the forest/letting me give her ride around the forest.


The second shoot was with my friend Whitney S. who I met while working on a small film (which we both eventually ended up having to drop out of due to conflicts with ‘paying’ gigs). The third shoot was with our friend Sarah B who we found out is also friends with someone Leah went to high school with – it’s a small world right? Right.

I posted these on Facebook last Sunday – but you may not have seen them unless you’re friends with either Leah or me – so here’s one shot from each shoot that day:

Click Here – and have a great Tuesday.

Whitney’s and Sarah’s post/photos will be coming up later this week.

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