How lucky are we that Jenn & Justin hired us to photograph their sunset wedding at Blossom Hill Farms?

They also own and run Indigo Bath and Body – and we regularly see them at our local farmer’s market. As much as possible was locally sourced and I saw several of the other vendors from the farmer’s market providing their services/goods. In fact – I think they personally knew every single person that was at the wedding, including the musicians (oboe! violin!) bartender, and chefs – knew them as in more than they were just hired for the event. Even though it wasn’t a focus and barely mentioned – sustainability was kept in mind throughout – there were specific receptacles for recyclable materials AND composting!

Since they’ve become our friends over the past two months, Leah and I really wanted to live up to the moment and capture more than what we saw through the viewfinder.

It was a really great wedding and I cannot convey how much Leah and I felt honored to be there for Jenn & Justin.


Hola amigos! It’s Leah. It was such a wonderful honor to photograph this wedding. Jenn and Justin are a beautiful couple and the day was filled with so much love. Seriously, it was palpable. Jenn and Justin would lock eyes and you could see everything around them fade into the background. Jenn’s son let everyone know he was the very special guest of honor, and he definitely lived up to that role with more charm than most grade school boys possess. Their friends and family were there to support and celebrate the “official” start of a new family. The food was amazing and passionately prepared. Needless to say, my tear ducts didn’t fully dry until Mark and I were headed home. Congrats, you guys! Thanks for letting us capture some of your special moments.


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  1. Sweet… this is slick! Looks Like you'll have something to put in those frames after all…!

  2. The photos and video are beautiful. You are both artists in the truest sense of the word. Thank you for preserving not just the visual, but also the emotional. That is not an easy thing to do.

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