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We shot a great wedding on a farm at sunset this past Saturday – and as tiring and awesome as that was, I had scheduled a photo shoot early the next morning with Kara & Laura. It had been a while since I shot something other than an event so even though I knew we’d be tired from the wedding, I still wanted to get up early the next day to hangout with Kara and Laura.

We all sat down for a quick breakfast before the shoot – mostly because neither Leah nor I had actually met them person until that morning. Kara and I loosely met through Yelp and then on Facebook – and even though there are many people these days that I meet ‘online’ long before I ever meet them in real life – it still amuses me when one of their friends will ask, “now, how did you meet this Mark?” – and the answer is “well, I haven’t actually met him yet.” Yeah. It happens to many of us these days, but I still find it entertaining.

Kara and Laura. Awesome people.

I read somewhere on another photographer’s site – that when she says she wants to photograph someone, she’s really saying that she wants to get to know them. Yeah. That’s the best part.