Connor & Danny | By Intern Ellie

A week after my first wedding I was shooting my second. My coffee consumption had increased and I’d worked through most of the disappointment with my photos from Jenn and Chris’ Wedding. My disappointment had certainly lingered for a few days, it wasn’t because my photos were dreadful. They were okay. But they weren’t whatRead more

My Letter to Congress

Dear Congress, I am a 28-year-old graduate student living in Atlanta, GA. I grew up reading books – hundreds of books, because I loved to read. My family was middle-class, but not wealthy. They couldn’t afford to buy all the books I wanted to read, so I got my books at the public library. IRead more

Yelp @ Ambient + Studio

We (“we” being both LeahAndMark of shot the Yelp Event last night at Ambient + Studio. Yeah! Even Leah grabbed the camera and flashes and went around knocking out some shots. Click HERE to see the UPDATED Small Gallery. (more at the bottom of this post) This was the largest event space we’ve shotRead more