I have a problem. Itís called being a people pleaser. I know, itís not really a problem. Only it is. Because instead of doing what I think would be awesome, my mind first and foremost thinks about what I should do or what it thinks other people would want or want me to produce. Itís incredibly generous of me, I know. Iíve been doing it for the longest time, but now Iím trying the really difficult task of rewiring my brain to think of me first. I am a person after all. So many other people think of themselves first and the only person I only ever let down is myself. So this is me trying really really hard to think of myself first. Ugh itís against all my inner autopilot-ness. If I want to change my mind, I will. If I want to take a different path, I will. Right. Hmm. Iíll let you know how this goes. Itís much easier to type that to practiceÖ

EllieMorag-Photographer (42) EllieMorag-Photographer (41) EllieMorag-Photographer (48) Jocelyn and Jon are a great example of two people who did exactly what they wanted when it came to their wedding. No trying to please anyone but themselves; their wedding was completely for them. The details, the ceremony; everything was personal to them and it was beautiful. This was was my first outdoor-wedding and also the first time, in my three wedding repertoire, that I felt yes I actually produced good photos here. Well done Ellie. I think I gave myself a pat on the back for this one. Iím not sure what it was exactly other than the continuing learning I was going through, and having done two previous weddings that was slowly building up my confidence in my ability to produce good photos. I was still balancing what I should be producing and what I wanted to be producing on the same set of scales. But Jon and Jocelynís wedding was the first time I could go yes, I am on my way. My photos still have a long way to go, but I felt I had gotten over the first hurdle.

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I left Sugarboo with a smile on my face, my first wedding portrait session under my belt and the confidence that I was getting better at this.

– Ellie