Food Photos

Last Sunday we finally got a chance to shoot the Garlic Clove Foods products in their cooked/prepared versions. In the photo up above are the grains out of the packages and placed into a light box. The photos below were taken in Dean and Amy’s backyard. We arrived at 10:30 and immediately started shooting. We […]


This is Dean and Amy of Garlic Clove Foods. Leah first met Dean at a farmer’s market down the road from us – she bought one of their pilaf mixes,brought it home, and it was so good that I actually asked about what I was eating. This stuff is REALLY good. So we bought more. […]

The AIDS Memorial Quilt

Click Here for more photos of The AIDS Memorial Quilt. Last Sunday, right after shooting the family portrait we hiked all our gear over to the other side of the park where the AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display during AIDS Walk Atlanta. The headquarters of The Quilt is here in town – and actually […]

Family Portrait

Click here for the very small mini gallery. We shot our first ‘family portrait’ yesterday morning – in Piedmont Park – and it was really, really cold. Fortunately, it was bright and sunny and clear. This of course poses another problem – the sun – especially for us since we’re not ‘natural light’ photographers. Add […]

Light Box

I’m working with a few business owners and aside from taking their portraits – I’ve also been hired to shoot photos of their products. Of course there are a few different ways to shoot products, but one way that I hadn’t tried yet was a lightbox set up. Basically put the product in a white […]


Jocelyn & Jon | By Intern Ellie

I have a problem. Itís called being a people pleaser. I know, itís not really a problem. Only it is. Because instead of doing what I think would be awesome, my mind first and foremost thinks about what I should do or what it thinks other people would want or want me to produce. Itís […]