Inman Park Soft Light

Like I was saying… since yesterday’s actor/model canceled on me due to illness (she was really sick) – Leah agreed to be photographed for the low, low price of breakfast at Highland Bakery! (Everyone’s a winner when you get breakfast there – it’s also where we ordered our Red Velvet wedding cake.) We were goingRead more

Birthday Party

I was at a roller rink taking photos of a birthday party yesterday. You know, I thought that getting good shots at the club event I went to the night before was difficult – this birthday party thing was even more tiring. All those kids running around, not posing and the really bad overhead flourescents!Read more


So. Since I’m basically shooting anything and everything at every opportunity – I signed up to be one of many photogs at a ‘fashion show’ that took place at a club… Not really sure what happened with the fashion show – but according to the loose outline of events, there was to be some photoRead more

Middle of the Week

I’m generally surprised by how… tolerant our friends are with my happy-clicking. It’s really gotten out of hand and while I’d like to stop, I just can’t seem to put the camera down. Unless, you know – I’m eating, but ESPECIALLY if I’m eating some bbq pork and duck from Ming’s BBQ. A group ofRead more