NPU-V Final from on Vimeo.
Ha, I’m such a nerd that I’m posting my final project for my “Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health” class.  We were supposed to look at social determinants of health in Neighborhood Planning Unit V, a primarily low-income, African American section in south Atlanta.  This could have been way better if we had spent more than a few days on it, but it is what it is and I’m so glad Mark was able to help us with all the editing.

Anyways, the main reason I’m posting this is because there are many very dry presentations out there.  And no matter how smart you are or how important your message is, if people can’t pay attention for more than 5 minutes because they are falling asleep in their seats or would rather be tweeting or Facebooking or blogging or texting to relieve the boredom, then your message is lost.  End of story.  In this day and age, it is not easy to get – and keep – other people’s attention.  So make it interesting.  I’m not saying this is the most interesting presentation ever.  But my classmates watched it.  All of it.  And they liked it, and they got the message.  So I would call that a mission accomplished.

I’m also a fan of shortcuts whenever legal, properly referenced, and relevant…so I borrowed a bunch of YouTube clips done by folks more professional and with bigger budgets and timespans than I have at my disposal. And there you have it, a quick, painless presentation that is at least somewhat more interesting than a PowerPoint or paper.

Again, many thanks to my talented husband for his video editing skills.  =)  Hopefully one day my videotaping skills will be on par with his editing.  Haha.  Motion sickiness bag, anyone?