I’ve burned all of my vacation time for the rest of the year. In fact – I’m negative five days. Cool huh? I’ve never worked at a job where they actually gave me the vacation time up front (and where they let me use it!) So technically – other than some sick days (which I don’t ever use… well, rarely) – I don’t have any vacation time. However, since July 4th is on a Saturday this year, July 3rd the Friday before is the day that my company is giving to everyone as their day off. Everyone except me. I have to work that day. Me and one other person.

But it’s alright because in lieu of working that day, I get a free floating holiday. A floating holiday that I can use at any time – outside of my vacation time accrual. So even though I’m negative five days of vacation, I still have 1 more day of vacation. Which makes for another opportunity for a long-er weekend. I know. Sounds like I’m grasping at straws – one more vacation day – but I’ve also worked at jobs where I never had the time or opportunity to take anything resembling a vacation day – at least not taking it and actually going away on a short trip.

Of course – what I did was just take off the 3rd Friday of every month. That was kind of cool.

Thriller Tribute from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.

Did you know that I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon? I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for something like 16 years and I never did make it up to see the Grand Canyon – and I never made it to Meteor Crater or Monument Valley – AND I never made it up to Utah (to see the desert landscape – not the Mormons.)

Now I’m here in Georgia – which isn’t a bad thing – it’s just that it doesn’t seem like the ‘natural wonders’ around here compare to what’s available in the Southwest. However, I did discover that there is apparently a list of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia’ – and I guess we’ll make the rounds sometime.

Although we’ve seen one of them already – Amicalola Falls – and really as far as waterfalls go… it’s kind of a sleeper. I mean, it’s nice…. but not really impressive. You’re not going to see the falls and be wowed.

What else is on the list? A ‘mini-Grand Canyon’, a gorge, some hot springs and then the Okefenokee Swamp. Kind of interested in seeing the swamp (I’m from Arizona, not Florida – so my swamp exposure has only been what I’ve ever seen on TV.) But we would have to Kayak through the swamp – not just some stop at a scenic view and see the swamp set up. I wanna paddle. That’d be, neat – well, for a few hours.

And then we’d have um, swamp video.

But we’ll still knock out this list of 7 sometime, because there are so many weekends between here and forever.