Endometrial Biopsy

I am appalled and angered that so many women go through this very painful procedure without being accurately informed of what to expect.

It hurts. A lot.

“I had an endometrial biopsy yesterday.  I am still quite ill today.  I had more pain with this procedure than I have ever had in my life…and I’ve had two children, two elective abortions, 14 eye surgeries, an extensive breast biopsy, esophageal biopsy, lung biopsy, bilateral skin biopsies from my legs, sinus surgery and biopsy, and 14 periocular injections of corticosteroids.” – from http://stirrup-queens.blogspot.com

Initially, I wasn’t going to share this information with the World Wide Web, but after reflecting more on my experience, I thought it might be a good idea to put it out there, even if it only helps one other woman.

I had a “surprise” endometrial biopsy the other day.  It was a surprise because I did not know in advance of going to the doctor’s office that this procedure was going to be performed.  I was under the impression that I was going in to get results from my cervical biopsy and get checked out to make sure I was healing properly.  (Oh, and please don’t be worried about me – I’m fine, results were negative, all is well.)  So the doctor says she needs to biopsy my uterus because (uterine) cells had shown up in my cervix.  Which in some cases can be a problem.  I don’t think it’s a problem in my case, because I have absolutely no other symptoms of any kind of uterus problem.  But the doctor wanted to make sure.

So, for all you ladies out there, in case you ever need an endometrial biopsy done, I would advise that you

a.) find out why this procedure is necessary,

b.) reschedule a time to have it done instead of getting it done right then and there

c.) take painkillers beforehand.

The biopsy was a relatively quick experience, but definitely the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.  And afterward I felt embarrassed that I was “making such a big deal out of it.”  I felt that I should have asked the doctor for some time to do relaxation exercises.  I felt that I was exaggerating, that the pain couldn’t really be that bad, and that I was just a big wuss.

And then I did some research.

Now, here is what most doctors will tell you about the procedure:

The instruments may feel cold. There may be some pain as the cervix is grasped. Some cramping may occur as the instruments enter the uterus and when the sample is collected.

And here is what a woman has to say:

The biopsy is an outpatient procedure that only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Before the biopsy you should take something for the pain, since the procedure isn’t performed under sedation. My doctor gave me the option to take 2 Percosets an hour beforehand. Two or three tablets of Motrin is an option if you don’t want to (or can’t) take something stronger.
The first stage of the biopsy is very similar to a normal PAP smear.

After you get comfortable in the stirrups, your doctor will insert a speculum. After that, your doctor will dilate your cervix and insert a Pipelle aspirator, which uses suction to collect the sample. You’ll feel cramping and then a pulling as the aspirator gathers its sample.

Now, not every woman has a terrible experience with this…But apparently the considerable pain I experienced is actually quite common.  According to several other women:

“For me, the pain was searing and basically excruciating. The only “good” thing about this procedure is that it is kind of brief (though those few minutes do seem to last forever!). I was squeezing the nurse’s hand, grimacing in pain, and afterwards I was super woozy. Definitely felt like passing out just after it was over. Just had this procedure done this morning, and I’m still feeling a bit light-headed and sick to my stomach.”

My doctor was very sympathetic, and admitted that she had never had an endometrial biopsy herself, so she did not know what it felt like.  But she also told me beforehand that it would feel like “bad menstrual cramps.”  I was certainly not expecting the severe onslaught of intense pain that followed.  Two days later, I am still cramping, but more than that I am upset that so many women go through this very painful procedure without being accurately informed of what to expect.

Not the most pleasant blog ever, but I do hope someone out there benefits from this.

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333 Replies to “For the WomenFolk – Endometrial Biopsy

  1. Related, but not exactly the same, I went in for a colposcopy, many years ago, and did know in advance that I was having it and what it was, and researched as much as I could in the days pre-Interweb, but when I got to the office, ALL the staff assured me it was a painless procedure, so much so that when I recoiled in pain, and doubled over on my way out, they all said how they couldn’t believe it hurt me, and well, here’s some Advil because you’re such a big baby!

    Oh my god, I went to work, because that was the plan, but I cried while driving there, the whole way, probably more because of the demeaning and inhumane experience, the total lack of compassion on the part of EVERY SINGLE PERSON at the doctor’s office, doctor included, and they were all women.

    My experiences with doctors my whole life have made me detest them as a type of human being, and frankly, this keeps me from going to see doctors on a regular basis, yes it does.

    (I’m glad you’re okay,and I’m sorry you had to endure that experience.)

  2. RE: doctors….hmm…..isn’t their first rule “DO NO HARM”?
    Seems something has gotten lost in translation for many of them.

  3. Hi. I just had a “surprise” endometrial biopsy performed two days ago and can echo the sentiments above. I had been told on the phone that my appointment would consist of a detailed history (this was the first time I had ever been to see a specialist) and interpretation of my ultrasound results, followed by an examination.

    After the office visit, the doctor said he would need to do an exam and would also do an endometrial bioposy. He briefly explained the procedure and that I “might experience some cramping”. I had never heard of the procedure before and had no reason at that point to be nervous.

    He had me undress from the waist down while he left the room. About five minute later, he returned with a cart full of instruments and a nurse. When I realized that the nurse would be staying in the room to hold my hand and help me to breathe, it started to dawn on me that this was going to be more of an ordeal than I was expecting.

    I am 42 and have never given birth, so grasping, steadying and dilating the cervix was painful, but at a level that I could manage (it was like very string cramping, which I am used to). The nurse talked me through everything and made sure I was taking deep breaths. When we got to the bit where they actually take the sample, she gripped my hand tightly and said, “Okay, now take a REALLY deep breath and….”. She didn’t get a chance to finish because I yelled bloody murder and just about sent the doctor sailing across the room.

    I was not prepared for the searing pain (NOT CRAMPING!) that seemed to come from up around my blly button. It felt like they were trying to PULL my umblicus through my cervix. I have never felt anything like it in my life. Thankfully, the most brutal pain is over in a few seconds, and you can start to relax a bit. In my case, I needed a few minutes to recover before he could continue the exam (he had yet to do a manual exam and a rectal exam. Geez.). I thought I was going to faint.

    I am not a “pain wimp” at all. I suffered severe burns as a child and thought I knew what pain was. I had no idea. Clearly, not all women have this experience, but enough do that I think you should be offered some kind of sedation. I have a large fibroid and I don’t know whether that’s why I had the experience that I did, but I can’t be the only one out there for whom this procedure is a nightmare.

    I have had relatively few medical procedures performed in my life and am now skeptical, even suspicious, of upcoming procedures that may be coming down the pipe. I think I’m probably headed for a D & C, a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy and am getting all worked up about them already.

    My gynecologist was, to his credit, very sympathetic and kind, as was the nurse. It took so long to get in to see a him after my first ultrasound that I believe he was just trying to be efficient and to get as many answers as he could in one appointment. Perhaps it was better, after all, not to have had an opportunity to research the biopsy procedure beforehand. If I’d known, it may have made it even worse!

    I wanted to post my experience for the benefit of other women out there who have experienced severe pain from an endometrial biopsy, and may also feel embarrassed or wonder if they’re making a big deal about nothing. IT’S NOT NOTHING!!

    Thanks for giving me a sounding board ……..


    • I have 3 fibroids.. and they want to do this biopsy… Enlarged Uterus… Bloating, frequently urination. cramping now. How did yours turn out.. I look like I am pregnaunt but I am not.

  4. Just wondering if anyone ever died from this procedure as it seems to cause quite a disruption in the abdomen. I am still in pain a week after procedure.

  5. I had one done monday. It was awful. I would never want to go through that again. They did have to straighten my cervix. Here it is, 3 days later, the cramping is gone but I have not had any kind of hunger, my stomach has been upset, and I feel as if I am going to be sick. They never told me about that.

    • Me two had one last tuestday and here it is early monday morning and been cramping still and pain around my belly button and not as hungry as usual. I didn't have much pain when the procedure was done don't know if it was because Im a diabetic and have some neuropathy or because I suffer from fibromyalgia and hurt everywhere almost all the time. My results came back ok but still might have to have and D and C. Not looking forward to any of what is to come unless it is a hysterectomy.

  6. I had this procedure two weeks ago and my experience was not a good one. I was told I’d have a little cramping and to take some advil ahead of time. My Dr. was a woman who seemed surprised that “she hurt me”. There was Intense pain radiating to my navel. I had no bleeding or temperature afterwards and although I called the Dr. twice, she told me the pain I’m still having was within the normal range. The pain comes in waves and is sometimes in the lower pubic area and at other times above the naval. I suppose you could call this “cramping” , but it’s 15 days now and it’s not abating. How long does it take to heal? Has anyone out there had “cramps” that lasted this long after the biopsy?

    • I just had one done 2 weeks ago and was told I would be back to normal and could have normal intercourse with my fiance 10 days after and haven't been able to because the pain will not go away. Its gotten better than the first couple days after because I was in so much pain I couldn't go to work. What upsets me the most is I'm trying to get in shape for my wedding in September and I can't even do a good cardio workout with the pain. I pushed myself through walking 2 miles lastnight but I couldn't jog at all. I called my doctors office and she said some people do hurt after the 10 days and that if it gets worse at all to come in. Sucks.

    • Well I just went today for an endometrial biopsy and I had taken 4 motrin and a valium beforehand. They only got throught the dialating etc I couldn't take anymore, it too felt like a sharp pain shooting towards my navel. So they had to stop and are rescheduling a d & c instead. Anyone have any information for me on this procedure, the after effects etc. I don't think I'm a wimp much either, but pain within that area that I felt was just unbearable for me, and I too have children and had a c section for one and labor pains for the other. Both were somewhat painful but bearable. This was beyond that and they hadn't even got to the worst of it yet. So glad she stopped when she did, I probably would have passed out.

  7. I had mine 6 months before. My doctor didnt tell me abt pain killer before/ or I cudnt understand what she told. I had a very bad pain during the procedure and for 2 days. Then I got some urinary infection too. I m scared , I have to do it again , she says.
    Why dont they give us a tranquilizer before this procedure.?

  8. My experience was very simular. I went to see this Dr. for the first time and she wanted to do this and an exam. Let me say i have had MANY painful procedures in my life. ( have had 7 operations and many more tests) i feel i have a very high tolerance to pain. I walked around with a perforated appendix for a month and also broke a bone in my foot and didn’t get it casted for 6 weeks – whole different story. anyways you get the idea!

    I was not told to take any pain medications or anything and the puling your belly button out your cervix is an apt way of describing it. I had this done thursday, it is now saturday and am still bleeding and in pain as well as all yesterday i had to take gravol for the sick/dizzy stomach.

    All she told me was you might feel some pressure and maby a small cramp that’s it!
    I’m sure she has never had this done before to her. After she said well you know that if we put in and iud it will hurt way more so maby you should think about getting the uterine cauterization instead of an iud!

    Thanks for the chance to rant!

  9. I had an endometrial biopsy several months ago due to some post-menopausal bleeding. First of all, it felt very hormonal to me, and I did not think all the intrusive testing was necessary, and feel like the doctor bullied and guilt-tripped me into having the biopsy in the first place, so I went into it angry and upset, since everything he told me about why it was necessary had more to do wiht his liability than my helath. I agree with the comments of other women – I feel like my doctor and his staff totally and completely lied to me about how painful and difficult this proceedure is. My doctor told me that the worst part would be the anxiety before. Very inaccurate information. He told me to take 4 advil before the proceedure. Very inadequate, again. I read on these blogs that other women got percosett and xanex and had no problems, and my blood boils that this was withheld from me. The worst part was the pain afterwards. I got no after care instructions other than to go out to dinner to celebrate that the test was over and to expect some spotting and maybe a lttle cramping. The biopsy was done late in the day. That night the burining and cramping kept me up all night, plus I was terrified that the pain that so exceeded what the doctor had told me meant that I did indeed have cancer or some horrible illness. The next day I did some heavy lifting (my dad’s wheelchair in and out of the car trunk) which produced a sensation like a team of tiny elves playing with bic lighters in my abdomen and throwing jagged concrete blocks around in there. I now read that doctors should tell their patients to take it easy the next day, but mine did not so I did not know any better. That pain did not subside for a couple weeks. On Dec 18 the receptionist called to say the results were in, but that these are results the doctor would need to go over in person, and due to the holidays he could not see me until Dec 27. I asked if she could just give me a hint if I did not have cancer, so I could know through Christmas that I was OK. She said, “Oh, no ma’am, these are results that the doctor needs to go over with you in person.” Right then and there I started freaking out, knowing i was facing a cancer diagnosis. Normally I love Christmas, but that year it was awful. Christmas Eve, after the midnight service, I totally melted down, still in pain from the biopsy, still buring and cramping, and sure my life would be changed forever in a couple days by the upcoming cancer diagnosis. When I got to the doctor’s office, he just said, “All your tests were nomal. I think you just have a little hormone imbalance.’ I was so furious I could barely sit there and finish a civil discussion with him, and he seemed to think I was totally insane for being upset. I think the biggest effect for me has been the emotional clean-up of how exploited and dehumanized I felt, and the break of trust not only with this doctor, but with the medical community in general. I feel much more vulnerable now, and have much more anxiety about my health and my interactions with health care providers. Although I had never had a panic attack before, I had one a few months later in the office of another physician when he mentioned the word ‘tests.’ I think that what doctores totally don’t get is that when they trick us into doing what the want us to do with lies and manipulative moves, we not only go through the physical pain of whatever proceedure, but it does not end there. There is an emotional aftermath that goes way beyond the physical pain. Ironically, this doctor was, among other things. supposed to be helping me with adrenal fatigue issues, and loved to talk about the need to reduce stress, but he ending up creating so much more stress in my life than I had before I met him. I feel that my association with him caused me more harm than good, due to the emotional impact of feeling that he exploited me and played me for a trusting fool. Of course he is no longer my doctor, in fact, I don’t have a gyn and probably never will again. If my primary care doc can’t handle it, I’ll put up with it, but I will never trust a gyn again!

    • Hi Elaine, I have to have this procedure done myself. I am pretty nervous as I've had an IUD inserted and found the pain to be excruciating when each doctor has told me that it would feel like a menstrual cramp. I can say that having the IUD in felt like the most intensely painful experience I've ever. It makes me want to slap anyone that says "oh it's just some mild cramps". I am concerned that this uterine biopsy will be the equivalent. Thank you for what you wrote. I believe I will request some numbing medication from my doctor prior to the procedure. I knowI don't want to go through that pain.
      On a side note, I enjoyed reading your vivid description of the pain feeling "sensations like a team of tiny elves playing with bic lighters in my abdomen and throwing jagged concrete blocks around in there". I used the description after my Iud was inserted of the "feeling of a tiny thunderstorm with lightening bolts along with an earthquake"…not nearly as funny as yours. Thanks for that. Not sure if you will get my response but I am wondering how long it took you to heal.

  10. Like Pam, I had a “surprise” biopsy two days ago, on April 15th. I referred myself to this doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA because the docs in Western Massachusetts had no idea how to help me, let alone how to handle the problem of a perforated bladder as a result of a tubal ligation done laparoscopically (Make sure the doctor knows where all of your organs are before he/she goes in and if anyone says, “I have done this a million times” run as fast as you can.). Nice, huh? Anyways, the pain that I felt during the endometrial biopsy was closely related to the pain that I felt when the urine and toxins were leaking out of my bladder and into my abdominal cavity, only for a shorter period of time. Excruciating pain, although I did not ask God to take me like I did during the after effects of the perforation. That’s another story all together.

    Anyways, this doctor reviewed all of my medical records, asked me and my significant other many questions, performed a pelvic exam checking for pain and then said that an endometrial biopsy was necessary. She told me that there would be some cramping (but did not mention that my face would contort). I had a baby a little less than 10 years ago with back labor and this hurt more than that. I tried the whole lamaze breathing and focusing throughout the entire procedure trying to relax. Oh and another thing, she said since I had a baby, my cervix should have opened up easier but of course, not with me. My partner could not feel his hands after I was through squeezing them. She took one sample, then told me that she really needed another one and that it would only take another 10 seconds. She did give me an ibuprofen 800 mg after the procedure.

    Since the procedure everytime I sit to go to the bathroom, I feel a wave of pain/cramping come over me that lasts anywhere from approximately 15-20 minutes to a few hours. Now how is someone supposed to go to work with that? I called her, left a message with her nurse who emailed her as she was in surgery today, and surprise within 20 minutes I received a telephone call from her. Impressive. She told me that because my pelvic area is hypersensitive and that the other organs near the uterus are “angry”, I am getting more referred pain than usual. She told me that I should be fine within the next day or two and if not that she is on call this weekend. She also told me to take an oxycodone (generic percocet) at night. I have some left over from the surgery/hospital. Hopefully, this will subside and will not be a problem.

    Besides the pain that I believe that all doctors should tell you up front how bad it is and not sugar coat it, I am impressed by the fact that this is one doctor that has sincerely tried to help me and did not throw up her arms and say that she does not know and does not know where to send me as did my PCP, my new OBGYN and new urologist.

    Thank you everyone for letting me vent. I will post again if the pain does not subside. I see her for a return visit in the beginning of May. I also have an appointment with a pelvic pain specialist at the Arnold Pain Management Center in Boston on that same day and if the pain hasn’t disappeared by then, maybe they can deal with that as well. Keep your fingers crossed!

  11. I had my fourth endometrial biopsy last evening. I still feel woozy. I told the gyn doing it that I hated the test and would probably cry during it. (I did.) I think that women should be required to have a driver for this test. I tried driving home myself after one and nearly passed out while crossing a busy highway. I still have anxiety related to driving because of this incident, and it was a few years ago. Physicians definitely soft-pedal the pain and wooziness factors (my internist actually did faint after one, in the doctor’s waiting room). I guess it’s up to us patients to put the word out there.

    • Oh YES! my friend. You are right on the money! I had a "suprise" biopsy too. Twice!! The first one was horrible. The doctor had to take 2 samples. I went back in because i was still bleeding big clots and sure enough….another "suprise" biopsy. I tried the breathing exercises that you do in childbirth, thought I was making too big of a deal of it too, but they minimize the pain, because if they were honest, you wouldn't have it done!!!! During the second biopsy, my cervix kept moving making a biopsy harder, I almost passed out, went white as a sheet! It's been over a week and I am still cramping and bleeding. By the way, they aren't really "cramps" they are "piercing". Glad you put this up. Maybe by educating women, more doctors will offer pain meds prior!!!! Thanks

    • I so agree that if I had a driver this morning, it would have been a lot easier! I had to drive myself back to work and felt like I had no information on what had just happened to me, or what would happen to me in the future!!!

  12. OMGosh — I thought I was the only person who felt this way after having this done. This was also a surprise for me, and like everyone else was told only mild cramping will occur, kinda like when you have them when your on your period. I had precancerous cells on my cervix many years ago so this whole examination thing doesn’t bother me, so I’m lying there and all of a sudden, I am overcomed by a cramp that does not stop and what feels like something pulling my insides out, She says count from 10-1, heck I get to 8 and I am only counting in my head becuase if I feel like I’m going to pass out if I try to do anything other than keep myself on the table. We finally get to 1 and even though it is over I still hurt, but because I feel like a big baby becuase the procedure shouldn’t hurt in her eyes. I try to act tough until I get out of her office and just want to cry. I them have to leave her office and go for a pelvic sonogram and blood work. I am thinking I am a human guinne pig at this point, I do not want to scare anyone who has the time prior to their appt to research this procedure, and this is a necessary procedure in many different situations but ladies if you are about to have this done, please take some pain killers before you go and if the dr. will give you something stronger ask for it, even if you have to look like a baby. We all lived through it and it only last a short amount of time but why hurt this much if you don’t have too.

  13. Thank you to all the ladies who have posted. I am supposed to go in for my biopsy this Tuesday, and my Dr is saying the same “mild cramp” BS that everyone else seems to have gotten. I am so greateful to all of you who have posted, so that I can be more educated and prepared. I am terrified, but at least I will take a vicodin first.

  14. I had this biopsy two days ago. It was so painful I had to tell the doctor to stop..I had two of these procedures before and they were not as bad as this time. I cannot even explain the pain. I felt like she was grabbing my insides with a pliers and pulling them out..giving birth was better than this..

    • OMG. I absolutely agree with you Liz. Horrible pain. I've had 3 of them. Each one the pain got worse and worse. Now I have to go in for my forth one in a couple weeks. I dread it. I told my Gyno the last one that she did , I would NEVER do one ever again. I walked out of her office saying NOPE! I compare the pain to labor pains. It does only last for the most 5 minutes the worst pain, but It is horrible. I can't forget that pain. I need another one because she found entrometrosis cells on my uterus, from my regular annual pap smear. She want's to make sure it's not cancer. She told me to take 3 advil's, 1/2hour before the precedure. She also is giving me 1 pill, that I have to take the night before, which she's say's it will open up my cervic more and probably won't be as painful. I dread this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH

  15. I had this procedure done today. In my opinion it was painful as well as disturbing. Why this procedure is so down-played is a mystery to me. It was very uncomfortable and found myself having to do breathing exercises to get through it. I broke out in a cold sweat during the procedure and felt like I was either going to pass out or throw up. I feel I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but this rated a “10+” for me. Plan on a day of rest after having this procedure done. I honestly feel drained physically and emotionally right now. If you must have this procedure done request pain medication (something stronger then Aleve or Tylenol) prior to the procedure.

  16. I had this procedure done a few days ago, June 09, I was terrified to start out. But really tried to keep calm since I was told it was not a big deal, and some cramping will be involved. Good Lord, I felt like i was in a state of shock afterwards. And with only getting as far as trying to dialte my cervix, the Dr., wasnt able to get it to open, to get to the uterus. I cannot imagine having the uterus messed with ontop of the already very very painful attempt of the cervix ordeal. I also, was squeezing the nurses top, trying to make it thru this without passing out. I took 4 Advil before hand, and that did not help at all! So, now I have to have a D & C done outpatient, at a surgical center. This does not bother me, since i will be sleeping. But I will never go thru this again, unless I am knocked out! I also, cried afterwards, and felt like a big baby, doubting myself, and how much pain i could stand. I mean, would a male dr., want his scotum pried into without anything but advil? Hopefully, the D&C will go ok. I ahve that at the end of the month.

    • I had one two days ago–a surprise–and was told it would feel a little more painful than a pap smear. I had the choice to come back, but I was "Hey, what the heck, I'm here, no big deal, and more bang for my buck." Wish I would have come back complete with ativan and vicodin. I didn't wait to cry until after. I actually yelled and cried during the procedure. It was horrible and I feel that they should offer verced, demoral, or whatever mind-altering drug is the current acceptable one to help us ladies through this horrible procedure.

  17. I had an endometrial biopsy on Tuesday…its Friday and I am still cramping, my back hurts and I have a yellowish discharge. I called the Dr’s office and told them…but no call back. The Dr. was very good when she did it….it was a surprise by the way. She told me that the pain would be similar to beginning labor pains. She was close…but the pain in my rectum and in my abdomen was terrible. She told me that my uterus was enlarged and I have to have a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound next week. I just wish that they had told me how long the pain would last and if this discharge was normal….ughhhh

  18. OMG I had this procedure today and it hurt like HELL!!!!! I am relieved that I am not the only one out there that felt sooooooooo hurt by this procedure! I think that it should be mandatory for all doctors to tell the truth about the pain involved with this. I see atrend here …this was a surprise biopsy to me as well, I am glad I didnt have tgime to research it, but wish I knew to get pain killers 1st. My doctor told me it would only be 10 sec worht of period like cramps MY FOOT! it was EXTREMLY painful like the others I dont want to scare any one bcus this could detect uterine cancer ect. it is just much more of an ordeal than doctors are willing to admit. Be informed and take pain med b4 if possible. Love to all that endure this procedure πŸ™‚ Bridget

  19. I've had 3 endometrial biopsies. The first one I didn't feel at all. I was surprised when the doc said she was finished. I had not taken any pain meds for it beforehand. The second and third biopsies hurt just a little. Some deep, scraping type of pain, but not bad and only about 30 seconds. No cramping while they were being done, but a little bit for 2-3 hours afterwards. I took 2 Advil and that made it hardly noticeable.I was very anxious before the first two, and after they were done, I felt I'd been over anxious for something that wasn't a big deal for me. That's how I usually am with medical and dental stuff, even getting my teeth cleaned – overanxious. I will say that all 3 times, the doctor and her staff (different doctor each time) were amazed that I hardly felt it, so I guess some other people have more pain. But just want you to know that not everyone has a painful, bad experience. You might do just fine. I agree that I would want to know I was going in for this test and not have it sprung on me, as it was twice. And I would like to take Advil beforehand just in case.

  20. I have just finished my first endometrial biopsy. I compare it to the nerve conductivity test (wherein they attach electrodes to you, and repeatedly zap your arm, many times, over the course of one hour). Believe it or not, the ECT caused /less/ pain than the endometrial biopsy. However, the endometrial biopsy was much shorter in duration.
    Nobody told me to take any pain meds beforehand.
    The worst part is that as I exited the room, the gyn apologized again for torturing me. The other staff who were gathered there, one of them said: oh, so you had to do the endometrial biopsy? which dr confirmed, and THEY ALL LAUGHED like it was some sick joke.

    Endometrial biopsy should be one of those tests that doctors cannot prescribe until after they have suffered through one themselves.

  21. Thank you! Thank you! This let's me know that I am not the wuss that I felt like after I had my endometrial biopsy. I thought I had a pretty high tolerance for pain but during this procedure I absolutely lost it. I absolutely agree that super strong pain medication is needed before the procedure is done.

  22. I also had this suprise procedure, just thought I was getting a saline ultra sound. The pain is like your worst cramps times a hundred million, no lie! Actually i ate an hour before , took two tylenol 20 mins prior to the appointment. My body I guess went into shock because right after I felt so hot, faint like..then I started to vomit…then my blood pressure started to drop…Vomited some more, all my undigested food came up!! The pain was unbearable, they had to hook me up to an IV, give me an injection to raise my blood pressure and give me oxygen!! I honestly thought i was going to die & I thought about my mom receiving a phone call saying her daughter died from a simple procedure!! Luckily the I.V. worked and my blood pressure was raised. But i was in so much pain, i was afraid to go to sleep fearing internal bleeding etc. The pain and soreness lasted 4 days….I pray I will never have to have that procedure again in life because I honestly dont think my body can handle that. And when the doc was getting the samples of the uterus lining(3 times) OMG the pain!! I should have been told before hand & not “suprised” when I got there..

  23. I had one of these done in June 2009. I was told to take 2 Advil beforehand and it would be no big deal. THEY WERE WRONG! I took 5 Advil beofrehand because I had read on the internet about the procedure. My doctor does not use a tenaculum, thank God. But she did use an atraumatic clamp. This does not poke holes in the cervix like a tenaculum does. But it still hurt like hell. I hurt for 2 weeks afterward. I was told that I could not have sex for 2 to 3 weeks afterward. I tried at 2 weeks and I could still feel the exact place where she had clamped my cervix and it felt like the ligaments on either side of my uterus were stretched or something.

  24. Continued:__Even at 3 weeks I had a little pain still. I know they clamp your cervix and actually pull it down until you can almost see it at the opening of the vagina and I cannot help but think that this injures it in some way. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way.The receptionist laughed at me on the way out because I had hollered during the procedure. I even asked the doctor why they don't give you any painkillers and she said that is what the Advil was for and I told her she must be joking. I will have to think long and hard before I let them do another one and I will ask for pain killers and definitely not let them use a tenaculum.

  25. I don't understand why they cannot put you out for this procedure… they say it is a quick procedure, but so is a D & C and they put you out for that! If I ever need to have one, they will definately put me out and do it as an out patient procedure… I will DEMAND it!

  26. Ok, I have a D&C and biopsy two days ago due to post mentral bleeding. I spotted three days very light and my GYN said I should get a biopsy. She tried in her office but my musles kept pushing instrument out so she she we will have to do it in the hospital. There wasn’t a problem and all went well. I have hardly any pain afterwards but I stopped bleeding yesterday but late last night I began bleeding again and still bleeding. I did lift something heavy last night(hardheaded). I will wait and see what happens. I just pray all is well with my test results. I probably will call later on because this is killing me waiting. Can’t think of nothing else. I had fibroids about fifteen years ago and ultra sound showed calsified fibriods. Pap smear came back ok. Going nuts a sec at a time!!!

  27. I had a endometrial biopsy two days ago. It was very painful. The pain lasted only a few minutes after the procedure and I went on my way. I did take 800 mg of ibuprofin right before. However, this morning I started having cramping that felt the same as the procedure. It has lasted all day and comes in sharp waves. The wierd thing is that I really didnt have any problem, other than during the very painful procedure, afterwards until now. Has anyone else had this experience. I do not have a temperature. Just doubled over in waves of pain.

    PS Thanks for starting this post.

    PSS My Gyn wants to do an ablation. Does anyone know anything about the side effects. I have read a few things online. I just have very heavy peroids but no pain. I do not want this procedure if I might have lasting pain afterwards.

  28. I had my endometrial biopsy and my doctor said that it would be a little painful. It was the worst pain that I ever experienced in my life. I am so grateful to read the above blog because I felt like such a wuss. I actually screamed and moaned. I said to the doctor afterwards." A little pain my ass Dr. so and so. Thank you for the above info. I will never allow that to be done again without sedation. Lisa

  29. Ok, so here you have it. A really positive experience for those such as myself. I had to have an endo biopsy and a hysterosono. Well being a nurse, caused me to know too much and seriously investigate what I did not know. VERY SORRY I DID THAT!! Anyway, I had 5 weeks between the inconclusive pap smear and the actual test. Not a good situation for a type A personality, Nonetheless I literally lost 5 weeks of my life on the emotional roller coaster I was riding. I could not function with this hanging over my head. I was convinced that I was not going to be able to tolerate the excruciating pain and the brutal after affects etc….. So I arranged to have a nice mild benzo (Ativan or Valium) to go with the Ibuprofen and god as my witness I was shocked when she said that both of the procedures were done. I am having some nuisance cramping tonite and some spotting but, I am actually giddy with relief how truly easy it was. Yes, it hurt for a short time but, nothing even close to the previous descriptions. I am sorry a lot of you had nightmares but I take it from me, it absolutely does not have to be that way.

  30. I had an endometrial biopsy today about 10 hours ago. I must say it was *very* uncomfortable with some severe pain at the time. My wonderful doctor prepared me for the worst. She warned me well. I thought it was going to be worse than it actually was. I had my iPod with the Phantom of the Opera distracting me and did my Lamaze breathing (even though my youngest is 25). It helped me to tolerate the procedure. The worst pain was a shooting into my flank.

    I am now having cramping and have taken Advil. I went to work right afterward and had a full day. The cramping began about 4 hours following the procedure.

    Not a party but better to know if the cells are abnormal and take care of it.

  31. I am so glad that I found this website. I just had this procedure done earlier today. I have never felt so violated before in my life. The doctor never warned me of the pain I could have. I had the worst pain I have ever had in my life. I have delivered two children and this biopsy pain was worse. I had a hard time not crying checking out of the office (making the follow up appointment). I was holding back the tears. On my drive home I cried and tried so hard not to cry because of people in cars looking at me. This procedure felt barbaric, like something they do in third world countries to women.

    I cannot believe my doctor did not warn me more about it and suggested taking one advil beforehand. I needed something stronger than this!! I will not do this again unless they give me a local anesthetic. I really do not feel like going back to this dr again. I may have them send my records to my primary dr. The best description is that I feel violated.

  32. I wish I had read this a few days ago before I went in for the "procedure". The doctor was not able to get all the way in to the uterus and when she saw me grimacing in such pain decided to stop with the remark, "I'm not into torture". The pain was excruciating and I was not told beforehand to take any pain meds so I was not prepared. Because it was not successful, I now have to go in for a D&C. At least I get to sleep for that.

  33. I am 36 years old and went to my ob/gyn for my annual exam yesterday. I casually mentioned that my periods seem to be getting closer together by a few days–like 21-24 days instead of 28. No other problems at all and never have had any problems. After the exam, he says I need a pelvic ultrasound and endometrial biopsy. I thought that was a little overboard but I went ahead and scheduled. He completely downplayed the procedure. There was no mention of taking any pain pills nor did he mention a local anesthetic, although I am sure he would use one. I've since read several stories on the internet. I am angry that he downplayed the whole thing. I have discomfort during a PAP smear–nothing big–but I know myself and I just think I will be one of those that experiences a lot of pain with this. I have already been told before that my uterus is tilted. Doesn't it seem logical to do a pelvic US and then proceed only if there are problems?

  34. I had this procedure done Tuesday, two days ago. I wish I had just said no. Mine was also for post-menopausal spotting. I believe it was not necessary. My ultrasound shows a small polyp in my uterus. The doctor said she had to do this biopsy before the D&C to remove the polyp. It was the worst experience of my life. The pain was like torture. I am not a wimp. I had twins, vaginally, with NO anesthesia or epidural and that was nothing like this. I screamed; she had to go in twice. Afterward I was nauseous, sweaty, shaking and crying. I feel absolutely traumatized. I cannot get this event out of my mind and am having trouble sleeping. Just remembering it makes me hurt and feel nauseous. I will NEVER submit to this procedure again unless they knock me out. Be warned!

  35. I had this procedure done under general anaesthetic last Wednesday at the same time as I had a laparoscopy. During the laparascopy I had a small endometrioma removed from my left ovary, which has barely bothered me with only mild twinges. I was given a long acting anti-inflammatory during the surgery. When I woke up I was in the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life and I was given morphine, which still wasn't enough to completely take away the pain. I was crying and I couldn't stop breathing quickly and I could hear my pulse racing on the monitor. I took codiene and paracetamol for days and a week later I still need to take naproxen sodium for the pain. I have been bleeding non stop since the procedure a week ago.

  36. Oh My Gosh!! I had my third endometrial biopsy yesterday, each one with a different doctor, and it was by far the most painful thing I have ever gone through in my life. The whole office had to hear me yelping. I don't understand why they don't sedate us when they do this procedure. The first one was done during my surgery for endometriosis and the second one was done by a very experienced physician who was able to do it very quickly. This last doctor was not experienced and it took her forever to finish the procedure. Moral of the story: Either demand sedation (and lots of it) or only do it with a very experienced doctor who can get it over with in less than one minute. πŸ™‚

  37. I had my endometrial biopsy today and wanted to relay my experience. I found out over a week ago that I had endometrial cells outside my uterus so I needed to have this biopsy. I have a really low tolerance for pain and after reading everything on the web, I nearly had a meltdown. I called the Dr’s office and told them to please prescribe something for me. They prescribed 2 valium. One for the night before and one for the day of and also told me to take 800 MG of Motrin. I did not sleep at all last night and still walked into the Dr’s office crying today. My Dr. was so wonderful. She sprayed a numbing spray on my cervix and told me that if it was still too painful that she would reschedule my biopsy and put me out. The procedure ended up being slightly more uncomfortable than a pap and was over very quickly. My husband was also there holding my hand but after the procedure was done I wanted to cry for what I had put him through this last week getting myself so worked up. I’m sure the procedure would have been more painful w/out the valium, motrin and numbing spray, so I would suggest being prepared.

    • Hi Wendy. I've had 3 edometrial biopsies. Last one was 5 years ago, before I was going thru menopause to find out why I was bleeding. I now have to go again. I DREAD IT! My doc told me to take 3 advils 1/2 hour before, and gave me a pill to take the night before so it opens up my cervis, to give me a good biopsy. I'm so scared cause she said that I have endometrial cells that she found thru my yearly pap smear. She contacted me 3 weeks after my pap smear and it don't have the biospy for another month, but i do have to take a vaginal ultrasound on Friday, 2 days. I'm wondering how everything worked out for you. My last period was 5 years ago and I feel fine.

  38. If anyone out there has had a biopsy without much pain please post your comments as well.This procedure could save your life so please try not to put theses ladies off. Yes I have had it done also an iud put in place .I had a three week old baby and a 22 month old to look after and I coped.

    • Hi Diane, I'm wondering if you found the uterine biopsy to be more or less painful that iud insertion? I've had 4 iud's over the last 15 years and each time was extremely painful but I go through it because I have to. I am hoping a bit that the biopsy is less painful than the iud. Any respons would be greatly appreciated!!

    • I can appreciate your concern that women will avoid this procedure. What I am hearing from the ladies here is to be prepared and to ask your doctor for appropriate pain relief. I had this done today and I was utterly appalled at the lack of preparation anyone gave me verbally or in regard to pain relief. It was no less than barbaric what was done to me and there is frankly no excuse for it. I won't avoid it in the future, but I will be far more demanding as a patient.

  39. I had an entrometrial biopsy yesterday. I was told the pain would be like a strong menstrual cramp. WRONG!!!! It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. Once the pain started I tried to do breathing exercises but couldn't even manage that much. I felt woozy for some time afterward. Until I was reading up on this today I thought I was wimp. No one told me to take any pain meds or anything. I think they should have at least told me to take Advil, if not percocet and Valium. They should also tell you to have someone drive you home. I just found out from reading on the internet today that you shouldn't do anything strenuous the day after–no one told me. I went out digging in the garden–now the cramping is starting again.

  40. I had my endometrial biopsy done today. Last night I read through all these horror stories and had myself so worked up over it I considered cancelling it but decided my health was more important so I went through with it. I am guessing that ALOT of it has to do with the way your body handles pain and your doctor. I have a wonderful doctor! He took the time to explain everything to me on my regular visit on Monday and advised me to take a couple Ibuprofin about an hour before the procedure.Today My Doctor was very gentle explained everything he was doing what it was going to feel like and he was right on the money everytime. He used a numbing spray which he said might burn a little but I didn't really feel anything then felt a small pinch when he went through the cervix but still not a whole lot of pain. I had some cramping whenever he put the tubing n the uterus to get the samples but they went away when he pulled the tubing out. Had some faint cramping and a little bit of lightheadedness (Blame that on not eating before the procedure) for about an hour afterward and that was it.

  41. I just wanted to add that I just had one and thankfully I did not have the painful experience most people are describing. I did feel severe cramping briefly during the procedure as warned, and afterwards went to work and took 2 tylenol which handled the little cramping that remained but by that afternoon I was completely fine.

  42. I had one yesterday. It hurt a lot. I was very frazzled afterwards and wanted to cry, that feeling lasted all evening. I also hollared and moaned and felt like a big wuss. Should have known something was up when they led me way back to the room where nobody can hear you yell. I was fortunate that my Dr. was experienced and the procedure didn't last long. I refuse to have one again without sedation.

  43. Well, I had my first and only endometrial biopsy done 3 hours ago. It was recommended due to post menopausal bleeding. I do not like going to the doctor for any reasons, but I go because I know I have to and I want to live a good, long, healthy life! I am 51 and have not had a period in 10 years and was very concerned when I had light bleeding 2 days ago. I called the gyne and they said I should come in asap for my over-due annual exam and that the doctor would probably do an endo-biopsy also to find out why the bleeding is happening. So…I drag myself in there today and we do the regular annual exam. Then doc says to nurse get the pipette and cervical dilator & I said what are you doing…the endo biopsy? He said yes, just relax and breathe, it will not take long and you may feel some cramping. I’m like okay…I can handle that. He said I am dilating the cervix now…it felt like a good internal PINCH-not too bad. Then he said now I am going to go in again and do the biopsy of the uterine lining. I felt another good PINCH and then the cramping started. It was moderate cramping, like a menstrual period cramping, lasting about 5 minutes. I was told to stay lying down, even though I thought “that wasnt so bad”. Then I sat up and we chatted more about future test results and my inquiries into a future blood test for ovarian cancer, just to be completely safe. The nurse stayed in the room with me chatting for about another 10 minutes, I now think she was making sure I was ok after the procedure. I walked to the check out & then to my car. It was then that I started praying to the good Lord above to ease my pain from the labor pains that were beginning. My half hour drive home was filled with true pain identical to the drive to the hospital when I was in full labor with my second child! The cramps circled my abdomen and back. Breathing was a true effort, driving was horrific. I thanked God when I reached my home. I immediately took 2 tylenol, got a cup of hot tea and sat down for 2 hours. The cramping has gone away completely! I hope it does not come back! I am having light bleeding again. Now I will pray that there is no cancer! Thanks to all that posted here, it helps to know other women have gone through the same thing. I highly recommend taking pain killers before the procedure. It is not pleasant. And maybe have someone drive you home!

  44. okay now that i am scared out of my mind. I have one tomorrow. Not a surprise on thank goodness. But didn't know about the pain or to take painkillers before hand until i read this… Thanks girls. Now for the kicker, I have no car but live about 2 miles from the hospital where they are doing the biopsy. I get to walk there and back. I wil let you know how that goes. LOL

  45. Well, after all the worrying about pain, getting a vicoden to take before the procedure, and walking two miles to the doctor’s office, I saw a different doctor who deemed the test unnecessary. She told me the test would not stop my irregular periods and that without any family history or self history of cancer or any other related problems the possibility of cancer was next to null. She opted to put me on progestrogen for a few months and then I will go back for another ultrasound to see if it worked. So, take care everyone, glad I dodged the bullet.

  46. I just had a "surprise" today and it was excruciating. I went to the GYN due to weekly bleeding after sex, after douchingese, and anticipated a PAP smear, as these can be signs of Cervical CA. I fortunately took 2 Excedrin for a headache while driving in, but it didn't touch the pain from the procedure. "You'll feel a pinch,"… okay this wasn't too bad; "now you'll feel me insert a straw,"… which felt more like a garden hose! I levitated off the exam table. "Are you doing okay?" "Who me, NO, I'm in agony." Except I really didn't know what agony was until "now you'll feel about 20 seconds of cramping." Again, levitating off the table in agony. I have had 14 neuro/orthopedic surgeries(including a Cervical Fusion for a broken neck from an accident; had a perforated appendix and walked around for 2 weeks (after being sent home from the ER, misdiagnosed as Angina???) Laproscopic Appendectomy 6 months later. I thought I knew all about pain and know I have a very strong pain threshold. Add to all this, I am a nurse. I assure you, I assess my patients for pain all the time, and never let the pain get ahead of their analgesic. Oh, and finally, I had no one in the exam room with me to crush their fingers, I mean hold my hand! I felt very faint, was ashen, and had a woman ask me in the elevator if I was alright, and did I need help? Thank you to this woman for your compassion. I, too drove home (25 tortuous miles) alone, with severe cramps, feeling like alternating between vomiting and passing out. I pulled over into a shopping plaza, called a friend crying, called my husband, (who was at a dialysis session,) hysterically crying. He is ironically a GYN from a third world nation, and said "WHAT? That should be done under sedation." Apparently there is more compassion where there is the least amount of medical care available.
    I never thought I'd be having this surprise procedure, a uterine biopsy, and am sure it was a man who dreamed it up! However for all you ladies who have a female GYN, they should sign up to have one done, before performing one on a patient. Since the Male GYN's obviously have no uterus to biopsy, I suggest a 3 fingered prostate exam, performed by Edward Scissorhands, without lubricant.
    Oh and by the way I love my GYN, and will continue to recommend him to friends. I will also be sure to let him know the amount of pain I am experiencing. He is compassionate, just apparently clueless as to the amount of pain during and after the biopsy. I came home with no pain meds, and Motrin's not touching the pain. Now I get to enjoy Thanksgiving in pain, worrying about the results, or as my grandmother would say "borrowing trouble which may not be."
    Thank God for the internet and finding this site. I seriously thought I was becoming a wimp.

  47. Thanks ladies for all your information. I am scheduled to have an Endometrial Biopsy tomorrow. So I will have a driver, pain killers and Valium. All thanks to your advice.

  48. Hello….I am too a victim…..Im 40 and have been having very heavy irregular bleeding and went for a surgical consult on Monday with my Dr.'s partner. I went under the assunmption that we were going to talk about my surgery of Hysteroscpy, D&C, Endometrial ablation AND BIOPSY. My orig dr told me that the biopsy could be done in the office if i take motrin (HA) before hand but he actually asked me how I was with pain and honestly i am a wuss….he then said since ive had no children, i probably wouldn't tolerate it well and they can just do it during surgery. Well when I went to the consult on Monday to a his female partner she convinced me to have it done then and there because if I had it done as the 1st procedure in surgery, i would be under 45min – 1hr longer to get the results before they could do the ablation since an ablation should not be done if cancer is shown in the biopsy………i agreed and sat in the room undressed from the waist down waiting for her to come back for what seemed like forever….to be continued

  49. ….i was shaking so bad before i even had my feet in the stirrups……..THE HORRIBLE PAIN WAS INDESCRIBABLE!!!! She actually stopped at one point because of my body's reaction…..she asked if she should stop but I just yelled out to 'FINISH IT'……..now it is wed and my pains are finally subsiding……but MOnday & Tuesday were bad….and I too had to drive 45 min home…on the phone crying like a baby to my mother…….I got the results today as I scheduled my surgery for next friday……..it showed I have uterine polyps….I also had a transvaginal ultrasound last month that showed 2 fibroids……I am VERY nervous about my surgery and the pain ill feel afterward……the nurse said the pain will be like bad menstral cramps……all i know is i better get some pain meds..percocets or vicodins or something after surgery…….why does anyone HAVE to experiance pain when there are things out there to help???????????? I don't get it….Say a prayer for me – Alaura xo

  50. Just a note…..Guess I was not crazy after my biopsy…..thought I was……No warnings….no meds…..Pain Yes….did know enough to just take it easy….it is now two days later….still do not feel right….read alot on internet….can relate with many other women….thanks ….I really need to know that I am not alone…

  51. i had my biopsy on tuesday and was so shocked as i was not told i was having it, i was on my period at the time so i was very sure they were not going 2 examine me how wrong i was.Two days later i had 2 go 4 a scan and when i got there she told me i was also having an internal scan but because i had the biopsy she had 2 check first if it was ok 2 do it as she said they never do a biopsy before a scan, they said it was ok 2 do but the pain i felt was so bad as i had not had a chance 2 heal from the biopsy.I have not been told anything about what 2 do now can u still have sex or not can u use tampax, i think we r treated like bits of meat!!!!

  52. Hi, just an update from my previous post: my biopsy was a few weeks back, and thankfully the pain is completely gone, and the results were negative! I continue to have daily bleeding, just enough to be a nuisance! I am calling my GYN today, to ask about a hysterectomy….just the uterus, not the ovaries. I will be 50 at the end of Jan. and just want the bleeding over. I have anemia, so take "the pill" to control it, have "post menopausal" estrogen levels and low testosterone, and he won't adjust the pill, (as my primary care thought he would,) etc…so I think it's time to just have a hyst.; hopefully my anemia will be enough to merit one, even though there's no pathology to show the uterus must be removed.
    Prayers to all of you awaiting results, and for those who are in for the shock of your lives having a uterine biopsy!

  53. I had an endometrial biopsy done at noon yesterday. They used some kind of gel anesthetic, and a second anesthetic. The pain was pretty bad, but not overwhelming. I'd say it was similar to having an IUD inserted or taken out. The first time I had one inserted, the female doctor didn't tell me what to expect. It hurt quite a bit, enough that I later thought I probably should not have driven my car for a while afterwards. When I told the doctor about the pain, she said, "Did you think it wouldn't hurt?" I never went back to her!
    Anyway, I worked for the rest of the day yesterday with no problem. There was enough blood that I put a tissue in my underwear, and the first time I went to the bathroom there was some blood in the toilet. I still have a tissue in a day later – there is still a little blood, but I have had no pain. So I would say not to freak out if you need this procedure done, but definitely tell your doctor beforehand that you are concerned that the procedure may be a bit painful, and what can be done to help this!

  54. i had my biopsy on tuesday and didnt know i was going to have it..i had one way back in march this year and it wasnt to bad….and thre results were clear..altho they wanted to check for polops but i refused the operation due to personal circumstances…this one however was painful it felt like i was being scratched twice inside…when the doctor had finished he said there would be slight cramping and bleeding….the cramp is as if im giving birth its spread all around my lower back and the bleeding is like having a bad period with clots…and i feel awful …i have to go into hospital for a hysteroscopy on 31st dec and im having an epidural for that….im 62 post menopausel and have thickening of the lining in my womb…

  55. These are some of your best photos so far. The least number of boring photos in a post + some good stuff.

  56. I had the procedure done on January 8th, and 3 days later I am still having cramps and bleeding.

  57. Ok, I am scheduled in a week for an EB and I am really scared. I am 57 and have always had probelms with just a pap being painful. I called three OB GYN's in town and asked if they give any localized pain and was told they do not use it. I have been told it only takes about 15 seconds. I have had the pain of 2 kidney stones and thought if I could endour that I could handle this, but now I am wondering.

    • I had my biopsy done on wed, it is now friday and i am in so much pain. I also am having bleeding, with more clotting than usual. I have fibroids so i am wondering if that might be why i am having so much pain. I believe that most definitely the doctor’s out there should be honest with the amount of pain that is involved. My procedure was not completed because i could not stand the pain. I pray that i never have to go through that much pain ever again.

  58. I am so glad I came to this site. I have an endometrial biopsy scheduled for February 3rd, and now I am extremely terrified. I am honestly thinking of canceling. But, I need to find out why I am having a seemingly never ending period, so I guess I have to get it and deal with it. Wish me luck.

    • So, christina, how was it? im having an endometrial biopsy tomorrow morning.

  59. I had an endomtetrial biopsy in 2007. I was completely unprepared. My doctor said it will feel like a uncomfortable cramp and will pinch and to just take motrin one hour before. The pain was excrusiating and honestly you need more than motrin to deal with it. I will never do it again without serious pain killers. I recently had an unusual cyle that lasted 3 weeks and my OB is recommending another biopsy to rule out abnormal pre cancerous cells highly unlikely, but wants to rule it out. I’m scared to death to have it done. She gave me a script for Valium to calm my nerves. I’m seriously considering adding Percoset to the mix. Ladies, just make sure you get serious pain killers for this procedure. It’s so unfair to not tell someone what they are really going to experience. If I can keep someone else from experiencing the level of pain I did, then I will at least feel better that the word is out there. Yes, we need procedure, but we also need our doctors to tell us the truth. It’s really going to hurt and here are drugs to counteract the pain. Why do we have to suffer. Knowledge is power ladies. I’m dreading my biopsy next week since it took me months to get over the pain of the last one. Ask your doctor to give you meds. They have to listen if you ask. Don’t just take their word for it that it won’t hurt that bad. That’s not true. Goodluck!

    • That’s freakin’ insane that knowing the severe pain involved the sadistic doctors won’t offer you sedation. Would you let a dentist yank out your tooth without pain control or a surgeon slice into you without pain control? Stop submitting to these painful tests ladies and maybe those barbaric doctors will get the message. No-one and I mean no-one should be put through such torture. It’s insane, even a dog wouldn’t be treated in such a matter. Men would not be put through agony like that involving their sexual organs. Just say no anesthetic/anesthesia, then no test. It is extremely cruel for doctors to put women through this. It’s primitive and barbaric.

  60. I guess our docs never read statements like these. I've had two bio's and both were very painful. (I thought I should have at least left with a kitten or puppy since the pain reminded me of childbirth!) Docs need to experience some of the procedures they perform. Don't tell me what you know, tell me what YOU'VE gone thru-

  61. Hi, I just got biopsy 2 days ago, and it still hurts. It hurts so much that I do not like cooking, cleaning or do much that involved a lot of walking. It reminds me of days after giving child birth. Has anyone had a such bad case of biopsy? My doctor did not warn me about any of this. She said ''some cramping'' but this is not just some cramping. It hurts and I feel like something is pulling. Not only the procedure is awful, the side effects last forever. I really wish that doctor had told me it would be very painful so that I could schedule my appointment accordingly. How long is this going to last? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    • I just had a biopsy 3 hrs ago with NO explanation about side effects before or after. I want to call my doctor and ask for painkillers but I’m worried they will judge me. I’m home alone with my 2 kids(my husband is travelling). Don’t know what to do. Can I ask for pain meds?

  62. I had the biopsy this morning and wished I found this site before I went to know what to expect. When I googled ” side effects of endometrial biopsy I found this site. Doctor said, oh after 5. Mins the pain will go away. It has been 12 hrs now and I’m still in pain and my stomach is swollen tight as a drum and still bleeding. I asked if there was some numbing spray and she said, it would hurt more than the procedure. I don’t think anything has hurt so much and I’m mad because she never offered any information about home care or what to expect after the procedure. I hope to never experience this ever again. No motrin or vicodin will prevent that pain. It hurts !! Its more than uncomfortable. How I wish I read this first to know what to expect.

  63. I had this procedure done this morning. I purposely did not do research about the pain ahead of time, thinking it might only make it worse. I took two extra strength Tylenol an hour before. I have a very high threshold for pain and thought that should more than take care of it. My nurse went as far as to tell me that she had never heard anyone complain of it being a painful procedure before. Needless to say, I didn't put much stock in that BS. After the doc came in, I soon found myself sobbing and writhing in pain. I was actually a bit embarrassed at my reaction to the pain. Mentioned to the doc what her nurse said and she rolled her eyes saying she herself had had it done and it is very painful. So give me a flippin clue about it ahead of time and do a local anesthetic or something! I will be following up with someone at the clinic on this one. Never again will I allow this procedure to be done without some attention given to the pain involved.

    • I don’t understand why a women even has to go through so much pain. Other doctors will sedate or anesthetize you for painful procedures. Why do doctors make you suffer for an endometrial biopsy? I swear sometimes I think modern medicine is still in the dark ages. Men would never stand for this. If some doc put me through that amount of pain I would have jumped up and knocked them into the middle of next week.

  64. Was wondering if anyone experienced weight gain due to water retention 2- 3 weeks afterwards. I still don't feel quite right.
    I also, thought it was very painful procedure. Results were normal, though.
    Thanks for your input. Always nice to know you're not alone.

    • Deb, Like you I am still feeling a bit off a month and 2 weeks after mine and was wondering if anyone else has had no period after this? I am about 2 weeks late if not a bit more and i followed my discharge instructions.

  65. I am so relieved to find out it wasn't me being a wimp. I just came from the doctor's office. I had some minor spotting last night and since I am on tamoxifen post-breast cancer, I called to see if I could move up my annual exam. They had an opening for today (not with my regular ob/gyn) so I went in and he decided to do the biopsy along with the pap. I asked him if it was more painful than the pap and he used those idiotic words "mild discomfort". It was so awful. I had to have him stop before he got the biopsy and he said he was sorry to have tortured me. I think he was being slightly sarcastic. I am still shaking. He told me to see my regular doctor. Obviously he didn't want to deal with me.

  66. I had an endometrial biopsy done yesterday and I barely felt anything. I am glad I didn't have the same experience as the people above. I am very nervous and it is all I can think about as well.

  67. I had endometrial biopsy done three days ago and thankfully it wasn't so bad for me. I had read quite a bit online about the procedure and was frankly terrified! I took a Valium 2 mg tablet (that I had left over from a dental procedure awhile back) about an hour before appointment time and then took 600 mg of ibuprofen OTC about 30 minutes later. I don't know if this helped or not, but I just felt a few cramps during the procedure. I kept breathing deep and tried to make my body relax. The doctor did tell me that I did better than most of the women she had done the procedure on, which pretty much convinced me that the meds had to have helped me out some. I am 45 and have had two children.. with the last one being nearly 23 years ago. I have been experiencing really heavy bleeding the last few months and my hormone test showed normal levels..so this was the next step. They did discover with the sonogram that I have a very tiny fibroid in the uterine lining. Now I am just awaiting the results from the biopsy. I would suggest to all women who have this procedure to try and take either Valium or perhaps Xanax for relaxation….and also take the ibuprofen before having this done.

  68. To the ladies who have opted NOT to continue with this procedure b/c of what they have read :

    Let me preface this by saying NO ONE is safe from cancer, family history or not…please take testing like this seriously if you are experiencing issues, address them. I am 30 years old, no family history of cancer and luckily, through a pap was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 18. The Dr.s were convinced that I had HPV which would have caused the abnormal cells, wrong! The test was negative. I look at precautionary tests like this in a totally different way now. If I wouldn't have followed through with things, there is a possibility I wouldn't be here today with my wonderful husband and beautiful son.
    Fast forward…I've been experiencing peri menopausal symptoms which is why the Dr wanted the EB done.
    I had my EB this morning. I made the mistake of reading numerous things on the web including this site. My experience wasn't pleasant (what gyn procedure is?) but it was not horrible like many of the ladies have stated. I am a firm believer that each persons body reacts differently to everything and this just reaffirmed that to me. I had mild cramping during the procedure, but 4 hours later I feel almost normal. There is a small amount of residual cramping and I feel a little tired, but other than that nothing. I'm sorry to all of you that had a bad experience. However, I wanted to let the nervous ladies know that it's different for everyone.

    • We agree Kim that people should definitely have the procedure done if a good doctor thinks it should be done – what many of the women have issue with is the lack of truthful information that the doctors convey as far as how painful the procedure is for many women out there. Obviously we don't have statistics on how many women feel 'extreme' pain from this procedure and how many feel the 'mild cramping' that doctors seem think – but ENOUGH women feel the extreme pain that doctors should definitely make them aware AND provide them with the option of taking stronger pain medication before and after the procedure. If our blog can be more informative on such a painful procedure than many doctors are being – then Doctors really need to re-examine how they're preparing patients for this procedure and what information they're giving them.

    • What I don’t understand is why they don’t sedate you? There would be more compliance if they did. Also someone who has panic disorder or severe anxiety would be more willing to have it done. Why do they make you suffer?You can be sedated for anything, why not this? It is just plain cruel to subject a woman to this. Some just can’t handle it and may avoid medical care, a great disservice. You are not tortured for other medical procedures. There is no damn good reason to inflict so much pain when so many pain preventing drugs are available. It is inhumane and doctors should be ashamed of themselves for possibly traumatizing the patients they took an oath to help. This is a violation of the first line in the Hippocratic Oath, first do NO HARM!

  69. I just read what you wrote about your experience. I was told last night, that I was going to need to have this procedure done, and I have been searching all day today to find any information on this. I am thankful that someone gave me a heads up before I go in to have this done to myself. Thank you for informing those of us who haven't had it done before, and are going to go through it. I have been pregnant 9 times, and have only had 4 live births. The rest were miscarriages. Never has any doctor done a D&C on me, so I haven't even got that to go by. I have been having my period non-stop for the last 6 months, and this procedure they tell me, could help explain what is causing it since my blood tests all came back clean. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing.

  70. I had an EB this morning, and it was a surprise to me! I have had three children, and I am no wuss, and it is the most painful and uncomfortable procedure I have ever had! Now with that being said, I know that I needed to have it done, and that is fine! I am more upset by the lack of information that is given to patients before and after the procedure! I had no fair warning, no time to take some OTC meds, nor did I receive any post EB instructions on what to expect as normal side effects.I feel so weak and I can’t describe the sensations that I am experiencing. I also drove myself to the appointment, and had to go back to work and stand all day. Some instructions ahead of time might have been helpful, so that preparations could have been made to ensure my comfort and rest for the day of the procedure! You should without a doubt have the procedure if your doctor recommends it, I just feel that doctors and nurses don’t properly inform patients beforehand.

  71. I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt that this was excrutiatingly painful. I had this procedure today, and couldn't continue with it. The pain was unbearable. I might try it again, if I'm brave enough, and will dose up on ibuprofen next time.

  72. Hi, I had mine done today. After reading all of these I started crying again. This biopsy hurt me so badly. I screamed in pain and cried so. It felt like alcohol poured on an open wound. It felt like she was puncturing into my stomach. It hurt like two hells with blazing fire. I started out with my butt at the end of the table and my feet in the stirrups. At the end, my head was pushing into the wall behind me, my body was scrunched up and my feet were out of the stirrups and on the bed. The nurse told me I could hold her hand for the last one. Later she told me I almost broke her fingers. I felt bad for that part since I did not mean to hurt her but what got me was the doctor's response when she was finishing up. She was pulling out that pipelle and I felt the last pain and cried out. She said, "I'm only pulling it out. That's all" as if that part should not hurt. She was very insensitive at that point and or plain defensive because of the amount of pain she caused me. She did apologize while she was doing it but that made no difference in the amount of pain. When is was done, I thought if that is what it feels like to give birth, I will NOT get pregnant. I was afraid to share that thought with them since it was such a "negative" thought but that was how much that pain hurt me. I cried again when they left the room. I stayed in the room for about 15 to 20 minutes after the procedure to calm down. The nurse talked with me about other things and that helped. When I went to the window to check out, the receptionist gave me a gift bag. They said they wanted me to leave there with a smile on my face. I said thank you. That was nice of them. I think they felt my pain or at least emphasized with me because I know the whole building heard me crying and screaming. I have no regrets about the crying and screaming . It hurt me bad! Now, though I feel like seeing a lawyer to sue the woman. I asked her if I would get something to numb me and she said it does not work that way. I later read that lidocaine can be given to numb the uterus to deaden the pain. I did not get that so I feel angry since my pain could have been avoided. I WILL speak with a lawyer and see what my options are. She hurt me.

    • That’s just freakin’ nuts you were put through such an awful experience! I’ve had 3 colonoscopies and was sedated each time. I don’t understand why women having this procedure aren’t sedated. It looks and sounds like it could hurt more than a colonoscopy. These doctors are brutal and I bet if there were a comparable test for men they would be offered sedation/anesthesia. More women should come forward and complain and complain loudly. You shouldn’t have to endure such torture.

  73. I had this done yesterday afternoon. Yes, very painful. No one told me about taking any meds before hand. My question to anyone is… I have had one of the worst stomach aches of my life sice last night. Has anyone else felt like this and if so for how long?

  74. I was so interested to find this website!

    I had this procedure done at a fertility clinic trying to determine why I haven't been able to maintain a pregnancy. The clinic prepared me well for the hysteroscopy I had a few weeks prior, advising me to take pain medications beforehand and that I might experience some discomfort, but with the endometrial biopsy, they likened it to a pap smear. This couldn't be further from the truth!

    This is without a doubt the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. I had no idea that this level of pain existed in the world. It was an out-of-body experience for me. Absolutely incredible! I've not had children, and it's fascinating to hear women liken this pain to childbirth or even more intense. Any thoughts I had about natural childbirth are out the window as of this moment!

  75. I'm scheduled for this procedure tomorrow and seriously thinking of postponing it until asking more questions about painkillers. I'm curious though – I saw a web site that said that the suction method of obtaining the tissues is more painful than the scraping/brushing method. When you post about whether or not it was painful, can you mention which method was used in your case please.

  76. Had a "ultrasound guided" biopsy yesterday. "Some cramping" describes the feeling of the pipette entering the cervix. I feel bad for the woman doing the ultrasound! I squeezed her hand so hard! I broke my back years ago and that hurt less. Like everyone else, I was told to take ibuprofen prior to the visit. By the time I got home (about 30-40 minutes later) I was sick to my stomach, broken out in a cold sweat, and doubled over in pain. It was by far the worst pain I have ever experienced. My husband was worried and called the doc 2 times. He was told to give me 800 mg ibuprofen. I spent 9 hours in fetal position, rocking back and forth and wondering if something had gone terribly wrong with the procedure and maybe I was going to die.

    I know of others who have had the same procedure with only cramping, but that sure wans't me!!! I'm scheduled for an ablasion in a month but I'm terrified that I will be in the pain again and I really don't think I can do it.

    My advice; get someone to drive you home and request a light sedative to take before you go and don't leave without a serious pain reliever (percocet, vicoden).

  77. I had this done today after putting it off for months because of all of the talk about pain and complications. Was easy, a little pain (I have had worse menstrual cramps) and a little bleeding afterwards. I must say it is far better than the alternative.

  78. I had this procedure done on Monday. It was the 2nd time I've had one. It wasn't so bad. Cramping for a few seconds. The doctor did use a needle to put a numbing agent into the uterous this time. She said that it has helped a lot of women with the cramping. Only problem with the needles was she must have hit a capillary or something because after she left the room for it to take effect, I found myself in a pool of blood. She had to corterize a few spots before continuing. It was really about the same as last year, I didn't notice much difference. The procedure is pretty quick. They said it would be like a labor pain. Afterwards, I told the doctor that if my labor was that mild, I would have had 10 kids. The only problem is the bleeding. It's thursday and it's getting heavier. I may have to put a call in to my doctor.

    • I had this procedure done yesterday, Friday April 23rd 2010. Went in for a hydrosonogram due to a bleeding problem…. which showed nothing that would indicate the source of the problem. While in uteri, the doc decided (rightfully so) that a sample should be taken to send off to the lab. Same descriptions given… "you'll feel a pinch and some cramping". Well, I screamed bloody murder when the instrument made it's move to chop/suck out my emotional insides. The pain was excruciating beyond belief but the additional surprise was that it seemed to be directly connected to my heart and every emotional nerve ending was exposed all at once. Perhaps my hormones are a bit out of balance, too πŸ™‚ Body shock then embarrasement overcame me. I had taken two 500mg Vicoden an hour before, sure that they would protect me from any slight discomfort. Upon completion, the doctor asked the nurse to fetch two very large liquid Advil caps but what I really needed was a shot of tequila and a shrink.

      All in all, the procedure will yield more information so that my doctor and I can make a plan of action. However, I conclude from my experience…. ask for lydocane or some sort of numbing agent prior to the extraction of any internal tissue. A good plastic surgeon would never let you endure those multiple botox shots with out proper sedation…. why would you go through unnecessary pain and grief having tissue taken from your uterus?

      And take the pain pills on top of all…. you'll be so glad you did. Then call your Mom.


  79. Wow – I wish I had seen this site BEFORE I went for my biopsy. I just got home and thought that there was something very wrong with me. I too got the usual speech about a little cramping. I took 3 advil before but I have NEVER had this much pain in my life. The doctor had to stop the procedure – I had instant tears and was screaming my head off – it was not minor by any means,. The doctor and the nurse both said that they had never seen anyone in so much pain which made me so embarassed. Thanks to this blog I realize that my experience was absolutely normal.. Wish more people knew about this ahead of time!

    • Same here, had to stop the procedure, and I had 4 motrin and a valium. So nothing wrong with you, I think these doctors need to rethink how they go about this procedure, because it is not something you should be wide awake for. They are scheduling a d & c for me instead now. Good luck to you, and hope everything goes okay

  80. I just had one yesterday and found this site because I was thinking to myself, what if you did have cancer cells in there, wouldn't this biopsy spread them all around and make it worse? Don't know, but it was uncomfortable and I have had mild cramping. I think it is mostly for me the part of being awake and thinking about the procedure makes it seem worse than it actually was . I took 2 advil minutes before and my experience was not bad at all. but I would guess it depends on the size of your polyps etc..? I was definitely thinking of people who have not had many medically invasive procedures done and how this might be more intense for that person. I have had a d and c, and of course it was a breeze because I was put out. I did some breathing and closed my eyes when she took a second sweep. I believe if you are tense, and who would not be ?, this could be very painful…it is hard to know whether or not western medicine is good or bad sometimes…

  81. I have read through all of the posts here. All four pages. I am having this procedure done tomorrow in my dr office. I had the ultrasound done already.

    I am not looking forward to this procedure. As many of the doctors said, I was told to take ibuprophen. After reading all of these posts, I called my dr office just now, and asked them for a stronger pain medicine. They called it in with no problem. I also have some xanax that I will take before I go up there so I can be relaxed before the procedure. I have had 3 kids all vaginally. each one harder than the last. The first one was a dry birth, the second one, I tore, the third one they cut me so I wouldnt tear, but she was 9 pounds!! I know pain!! I hope it doesnt hurt as much as many of you have had to endure!!

    Thank you all so much for the heads up to this procedure.

  82. I attempted to have a endometrial biopsy on 5-10-2010 and once the doctor stuck the instrument into my cervix, I began to cramp badly, sweat profusely, feel light-headed and though I would puke. I told the doctor to stop. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the biopsy. All I can say is that I took (6) 200mg Ibuprofen and felt every bit of the pain. I’m scheduled to go back and attempt to have it done again. This time, the doctor prescribed Vicodine 500mg. I am still traumatized by this pain on today. I don’t know if I’m going to go back.

  83. I had a surprise one today – post menopausal (four natural childbirths). Pain was bearable (using Lamaze breathing). Dr. had one herself, told me frankly that it would be painful. She explained what she was doing as she went along & asked if I was doing OK. So far so good. I started to feel poorly on the way home & started to get severe cramping on my right side. I don't know if it's due to the biopsy or not, since it's not around my belly button. Took some ibuprofen; no help as of yet. I guess I'll call tomorrow if it doesn't stop hurting.

  84. I had a endometrial biopsy yesterday. I didn’t know what I had in store she said it would be a small cramp.I went in for my yearly exam and I mentioned about my heavy bleeding and anemia. She asked me if I wanted to make another appointment for the biopsy or she could do it now, since I was her last patient.The procedure wasn’t bad, It was the suction method. But by the time I got home I had nausea and contractions. Not cramps, The type that you know your in labor. I have an ultrasound scheduled on the 17 and then an appointment with the doctor on the 14th of June to go over the results. Pretty much I am going to end up having an endometrial ablation. I wish we could just bypass all this and get it over with. I have 4 children the youngest is 5. I had a tubal after he was born. She said I could take birth controll pills to help the bleeding. I had the tubal to not have to deal with the pill.

  85. I had this same biopsy done today. I was told about the cramping, and was told to take some ibuprophen, however, after reading all of the posts here, I called and asked for something stronger. THey gave me some hydrocodone to take before my appointment today. I took two of my hydrocodone one hour before my appointment. It was not bad at all. Yes there were cramps. Yes, they were strong. But, no searing pain. I was lucky however, the doctor did not have to grab my cervix with any type of instruments. He was able to see what he needed to see.

    I made one mistake however, and that was not eating anything before taking the hydrocodone. Big mistake. It made me really nauseous and tired!! I came home and slept. I almost fell asleep during the procedure. The best thing I can tell any of you ladies is to be prepared, and to talk to your doctors about all of the possibilities. Depending on the outcome of this test, I may be looking at more procedures in the near future. My cycles are extremely heavy!!! and lots of clots!!!

  86. My biopsy was performed Wednesday, this was my second in a three year period. Although I agree that this is a medically necessary procedure, there has to be a more humane way to to things (I would imagine it’s the equivalent of a circumcision). She then followed it up with a cervical biopsy.

    I too was told that I would experience mild cramping but everyone I have spoken to who has had this procedure complained of extreme pain. I am not posting this to scare anyone; again, this is a medically necessary procedure. Prepare yourself for the worst and if you’re one of the lucky ones who do not experience extreme pain, then count your blessings.

  87. I have had two biopsy procedure thus far…I had pain the first time but was somewhat bearable….this last one was a killer…..i felt pain i didnt feel before and cried…What gets me is the drs act like its nothing….I asked for a strong pain pill before i was to have the procedure…..she gave me one valium and told me to take the motrin i take for my arithritis….Well, i took 800 milligrams of motrin,( prescription one )and the valium….it did nothing for me…..i am facing having these terrible procedures every 3-6 months…I have simple hyperplasia at this time….hopefully, the results from the biopsy i just had will show no change for the worse….I truly dont know how I can keep having these tests….The pain is just getting worse as they do it…..yeah, it dont take long, but omg while your there is horrific……I asked to be put under and the answer I get is its dangerous for me….I happen to to a women who is 57 and overweight…

  88. Well, I was able to experience this wonderful little procedure today called an endometrial biopsy. I am mentally scarred for life. i'm literally still in a state of shock. i cried out in pain and blacked out during this procedure. yes, i blacked out. i will never put myself through that again without the proper painkillers or better yet, sedated.

  89. I'm having mine this Thursday and at this point don't know what to think; although my "male" dr. has told me that I will most likely be uncomfortable and have cramping, so he gave me Vicodan to take an hour before my appt.

  90. I had an edomitrial biopsy 2 weeks ago. Here too going in for ultrasound and SURPRISE the biopsy!! Here too was told like period cramps and they also had trouble getting my cervix in the correct position. I have had several surgical procedures and have NEVER had pain that. I WILL NOT do it again unless they put me out. I was having the test coz I bled a little and I have not had a period in 5 years . So Dr. was checking for cancerous cells. I am still bleeding a little Did anyone else experience bleeding after???

  91. After reading all of these posts I am sooo feeling better in that my Dr. who I have had for years completely apologized . He is a really nice guy but gee whiz I should have been forewarned . Some kind of pre and post info .Had no idea bleeding was normal thought there was another problem. I was not even told this was going to happen had no idea the cramps that would follow . I drove home thinking I didn;t need to b driving but thought I was being a big baby about it . Shaking as I walked down the steps people thought I was nuts . Now reading all of this no I was not nuts this is a common thread. I will b have to be put out next time NO DOUBT. Will not go thru torture again .They had to go in 4 times to get enough cells . I pulled a back muscle during the procedure just arched my back in a way I never thought I could move. No more being passive will not put up with it again

  92. For all you ladies out there, in case you ever need an endometrial biopsy done, I would advise that you:

    Do it under sedation, with a private doctor, this is what I did after I read about it here. I just didn't feel anything… I went to sleep and got up after 5 minutes. It was a quick procdedure with no pain (because I was asleep….). it did not cost alot, i had to pay anly for the sedation. it cost 300$ and it was worth it.


  93. My doctor suggested having a smear and then an endometrial biopsy to check out irregular and heavy periods. It was presented to me as a kind of 'smear+' and I opted for having the PAP test and biopsy done together, rather than separately. Having read these postings, I shall cancel the endometrial biopsy and only consider it if the PAP test shows some kind of abnormality, and you can bet I'll give my GP a grilling on the subject first. My doctor gave me no information at all about the test except that it 'took a small sample of the lining of the uterus'. When I asked if it was painful she said 'no, just a bit uncomfortable and undignified'. That was it. There was no suggestion that I might take a painkiller beforehand and no further information was given about what the test actually involved, the likely after effectsand the risks/benefits. I have read 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' and I am sceptical about orthodox medicine at the best of times so I found the time to research the procedure. Thank you all so much for taking the time to make your comments and saving me from a painful and possibly unnecessary ordeal. I am only sorry you have suffered so much. Best wishes Viv

    • hi viv,

      I had heavy bleeding for two weeks and had to do endometrial biopsy three weeks ago. I did it under sedation because I read about this painful procedure. I felt nothing.

      There is a differnce between cervical cancer (pap test) and endomertirial carcinoma (endometrial biopsy) it's not the same. It looks for different kinds of cancer in differnt places. you can not do one instead of the other. Cervical cancer may not have symtoms but can be found with regular pap. They do endometrial biopsy in cases of disorders of menstruation, increased perimenopausal bleeding,

      I wish you all the best and hope you feel no pain in the procedure.

  94. Wow. I did some googling about the procedure before I had my endometrial biopsy in early June, and I'm glad I missed this blogpost! I was told that I would be feeling some strong cramping but that it's over quickly, and I should indeed take some Advil about 30-40 mins. before the procedure. I'm glad I trusted the nurse on this one, but just to be on the safe side, I would have asked for something stronger after reading all of the other experiences. I must be one of the luckier ones, b.c. the doc. didn't need to use the tenaculum or dilate me. I'm 46, never been pregnant, so I can't compare with that experience.
    It truly only felt like a strong cramp when he was collecting the sample, and I had some spotting over the next couple of days, and that's it.

    I pray that any other women needing to go through this in the future have as relatively pain-free experience as I did.

    Oh, and "surprising" a woman with this procedure is absolutely unacceptable. My doctor's office called me a couple of weeks after my PAP test and said there were some "unusual, abnormal" results, but they weren't conclusive. That's why they recommended the E.B. to get additional data. I was supposed to hear something by now (it's been over 3 wks) so I decided to call them this afternoon, but I didn't realize they close early on Fridays. Gotta wait over the long holiday weekend. I just hope "no news is good news" like it is when I get my PAP. This is the first time in 25 yrs. I have rec'vd a call about "suspicious" cells following that annual test.

    • I should clarify that the PAP test was "inconclusive". It wasn't suspicious cells, it was "undetermined". I will update again when I check with the doc. next week.

    • Results were "negative", thank God! It seems to me that another lab should analyze the original PAP or I should have a 2nd PAP test.

  95. I had an endometrial biopsy in April(I was also surprised with the procedure)l and it hurt somewhat when he took the sample but not like most everyone else is testifying to here. I don't remember him dilating my cervix. He did give me a local. The reason why I had it was because I had my period for 7 weeks after going off the pill. In early May I had a Novasure Endometrial Ablation and have been period free since. If I had taken the horror stories that I read on message boards seriously I would never had the procedure done. I had no bleeding or cramping after the procedure as was testified to by others' who had EA.

    I guess I just have a higher tolerance for pain. I can burn myself on the oven and it bothers me very little. When I had teeth pulled I never took the pain meds they prescribed. When I had my abortion I didn't take any pain meds after either. I had no pain at all when I woke up from the Novasure surgery and didn't take any of the Norco he prescribed. I've been using the Norco for my foot pain from Hallax Limitus and in 3 weeks I will be having surgery on one foot. (You know the pain has to be pretty bad since I have a high tolerance for pain)

    Everyone is different. Don't let the negative experiences of others scare you from having medical procedures that can save your life,. I can't have another biopsy because my endometrium is now gone but if I could I would have another if the Dr. said I needed it. A few minutes of pain is worth it if it saves you from dying from endometrial or uterine cancer.

    BTW-I've never given birth.

    • One’s tolerance for pain isn’t necessarily the issue. The procedure seems to affect different people differently, for a host of reasons that have at least as much to do with how it was performed and one’s individual anatomy as any question of pain threshhold or tolerance. As someone who has spent years in pain, I have a high tolerance for pain (low threshold, high tolerance). I had a difficult labor with my son, induced with pitocin (which increases the intensity of contractions), lots of back labor because he was posterior, and 3 1/2 of *pushing* at the point of full dilation, only to still have to have a C-section. I’ve had endometriosis since my childhood – had two laparoscopies when I was 13. In case you’re counting, that’s three abdominal surgeries and a lifetime of pelvic pain issues right there. I assure, I have a very high pain tolerance.

      Still, I had an endometrial biopsy sprung on me during an exam, with no preparation and no clue what to expect during or after. I have lived with all manner of pelvic and abdominal pain for most of my life, so this wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. It did hurt like hell, though, and has continued to hurt for several days now. I don’t think “mild cramping” is an accurate description of what all women feel, and I KNOW that this has nothing to do with pain tolerance. I appreciate finding this web site because my doc’s description did not prepare me for the true pain of this procedure. Had I not read all these other accounts, I would be worried that the oh-so-much-more-than-“mild cramping” I’ve been experiencing was a sign of something really wrong.

  96. I called my pharmacy and asked the pharmicist if I could take codene and tylenol with the Ibuprofen and he said yes just space it out about an hour,so I called and left a message with my oncology gynecologist’s nurse,and said I can’t go through with this procedure if I don’t have this because last night I read now *another* recent horror story on a topic I had read a month ago in The Women’s Health Community on the topic of Endometrial Biopsy and like many women on this site and too many others,there were many who even though they toook 800mg of Ibrupfren and gave birth to several children,and had other surgeries and painful procedures,said this was the most painful test they ever had!

    The most recent post on MedHelp,was by italgal, posted May 24,and she wrote,”After today’s biopsy I had to search for a forum related to the pain involved with the procedure.I am trying to understand why and how they manage to have this procedure approved without any type of sedation.This procedure was truly the worst pain I have ever experienced.So painful,I vomitted,then fainted.I have two children,both natural vaginal deliveries and there were was no comparision.Something should be done about this.I am dazed from the trauma,words cannot describe.However,I do feel relief that I am not alone and I found this site.I would never want anyone to have this same experience,but I see it’s not uncommon.I would recomeend what one of the other posters said…refuse to have this done without sedation.If I only knew prior.”

    I don’t really know how I’m actually going to be able to go through with this now,I definitely need a stronger pain killer! But another nurse called me back and insisted that the doctor says it’s not necessary and that she won’t prescribe it,and that she never even prescribes anything not even Ibruprofen and that most women have no bad experience with this biopsy and the doctor does them all of the time she said that the other nurse and doctor said I should definitely take a Xnax before.So I called back the pharmacist and asked if I can’t take a stronger over the counter Tylenol,and he said it won’t be a problem to take Tylenol Arthritis 650 mg,so I’m going to take the generic of this.I also left a message with my the secretary of my regular gynecologist and asked if he would prescribe a stronger pain killer,and I might go tom him instead and cancel the other appointment if he would.But I haven’t heard anything back yet and I don;t think he was in today.He usually uses the TruTest brush biopsy which he did on me back in 2008 when endometrial cells were found on my Pap test,and he said it’s 99% accurate,but even Gynecor the company that makes this TruTest admits that for a uterine polyp,the regular bipopsy has an advantage.

  97. I had decided not to get the endometrial biopsy prior to reading these blogs. I do not consider it medically necessary as I already know my diagnosis from two pelvic sonograms. I think the doctor is overreacting. For those who need it, get proper meds and after care instructions.

  98. I have a very high tolerance for pain, and can use my mind to "go away" if I need to. I couldn't go away!! I had the WORST pain in my life! 2 cervix biopsies, and then 1 endometrial biopsy. I have NEVER felt anything like it. when I have to do this again, I WILL take percocet. I was never informed to take it, or it would be as bad as it was. They just said "really bad cramps"….it more felt like i was being stabbed. HAVE A DRIVER that day. take it wayyyyy easy. Relax, watch a movie….drink water….don't do much of anything. If you can handle it, take a percocet before hand. I am completely into natural foods, and no medicine personally for me, all these things. But its not worth the experience of pain, in my opinion…..I tried deep breathing too, and it just felt unbearable. Also, TAKE THE NEXT DAY OFF TOO. take your advil to reduce inflammation, relax. DONT lift heavy things, or do too much activity. Its not worth it. Keep as positive as you can, keep stress down……..I am so glad I found this page, as I felt so alone in how much pain I was in….luckily i have the best boyfriend & he helped me all day – insisted on it………..i say again, make sure you have someone to drive you, just in case, it turns out to be as painful as it was for me {and I was super dizzy and woozy too, like some other commenters on this thread}

    • That’s just evil to put a human being through that kind of pain. A captured enemy soldier put through that kind of torture would sing like a canary. There is no good reason not to sedate the women enduring this horrible test. I dare any doctor to give a good reason why a patient cannot be sedated/anesthetized during this procedure. They are sadists and insensitive brutes.

  99. I just had a endometrial biopsy this morning and so far I feel fine. No pain just a little bleeding. I knew about this before hand and was told that it would feel like labor cramps and to take Ibprophen beforehand. I didn't have Ibprophen at home so I took one Aleve before going to the appointment. All I felt was two small cramps when she took the biopsy. The procedure itself lasted about 1-2 minutes.
    I got up got dressed ,walked out and drove home. It's been 3 hours and still ok. If anything changes I'll let you know.

  100. I had my endometrial biopsy yesterday, I was so scared after researching the topic and finding all these horrible blogs, I almost backed out of this, I literaly made myself sick and my nerves were shot ! well i forced myself to go to the aptt. the doctor assured me I would be fine It was over before I even knew what happened , it was not much more then a pap smear, total test from start to finish was maybe 3-4 min? i was so happy when it was over me and my sister went on a shopping spree and a fun girls night out.I want women to know maybe it all has to do with who is admineristing the test and your body? today my back hurts some im having some cramps and just spotting blood .I was shocked I was waiting for the horrible experience and made such a fool of myself ! but i did take 2 percosets and a zanex for nerves so im sure that played a factor , i also have a great gyno! dont worry about this procedure just do it and get it behind you it can save your life!

    • 2 Percocets and a Zanex? Darn tootin it made a difference! I would’ve been out for a week after that. I, like the lady who originally wrote this did not know I needed the proceedure.
      The pain was for a few minutes, but it was intense. I have been through torn ligaments, a broken wrist, 3 C-sections, and can tell you that it was painful. I had the procedure described above, not the suction.
      It’s a necessary evil, but if you can take something for pain before hand, do it!

    • I wish I had seen these posts before I just had my biopsy done…Dr. also told me that it wasnt going to be that bad, little cramping and bleeding..Whatever!! I asked the nurse when she came in to tell me to get undressed if it was going to hurt and she said, “Yeah, babydoll..Im not gonna sugar-coat anything for ya, it hurts like hell.” I truely almost passed out. I was breathing sooo hard my face started to tingle and go numb. Its been 3 days now and just stopped bleeding but still have some cramping. I am woundering if anybody else has had other side effects, my breasts hurt sooo bad today..Not pregnant..im woundering if it can mess with your hormones or something.Thanks for sharring…

    • I had an identical experience to above. Made myself sick. My gyno, who is very skilled, gentle handed and empathetic –gave me rx for 1 percocet,1 valium and told me to take 3 motrin priot to procedure. Nothing much more than a pap. I was so relieved. I agree that it may have to do with the physician.

    • i attempted to have my first edometrial biopsy begining of jan, 2011. The pain was unbearable, i almost hyperventalated. My gyno worked for 45 min. but could not dialte my cervix enough for the tool, which i didnt understand since i had a pap smear 2 weeks before. she rescheualed me for another one in two weeks, gave me rx to soften cervix. i thought i am not going thru this pain again so i took to vicodin (left over from previous sergery) 1 hr before procedure. that did nothing! extreme pain. she still had to work almost an hour. i will never have procedure again unless they knock me out! whoever says it is slightly more uncomfortable than a pap smear must have a vagina made of steel. why is it everyone is talking about 5 to 15 min procedure when mine was 50 min. searing blinding pain like i have never ever experience. they should make it mandatory to have a pelvic block or anethsia. no one should have to experience pain like that. i hope anyone who reads this talks to gyn about pelvic block.

    • After reading all the horrifying reports of women who claimed this procedure as the “worst” pain of their life..I too was very scared. But, I really felt compelled to leave a positive comment, because the whole thing took less than a minute it seemed–and it felt just like a pap–I was even bleeding when it was done prior, and had some more blood come out of me afterwards onto the cloth on table–and then later on –I had a few clots come out. Minor pelvic cramps, which seemed to worsen a bit couple hours later–took one 2mg valium couple hours before and 2 extra strength 500mg tylenols before as well–anyway——and I see I have a tipped uterus too on the sonogram report–so, this has nothing to do with it–honestly, I’ve got pelvic floor dysfunction and problems with cystitis–and it was NOTHING—must be the good hands of the doctor–and she’s got them.

  101. I had this procedure 2 days ago and like everyone else, was absolutely terrified from the blogs and the first hand reports from friends who had undergone this procedure. Dr. Wertheim in Fairfax Va uses a “block” (painless) and you honestly won’t feel the cervix clamp (the extended source of pain). I felt a quick stab of pain when the sample was taken but it was only a second. I absolutely needed this biopsy and am so glad I found the right doctor to do it. I hate pain and this pain, with the block, was quick and minimal. My six friends who have also had this procedure never got a “block” and said it was excruciating pain….make them give you a block!

    • Thanks very much for your comments. I have had 2 uterine biospy and they were terrible as far as the pain goes. It was not recommended that I take anything for pain. I have to have another one done for precaution sake and to be honest I am so terrified of the pain that I cancelled. After reading these blogs, I will definitely ask my gym for a sedative/pain killer and/or block. Thank you!

  102. Everyone should INSIST on a local shot of lidocaine. I did and I am so thankful I did. The endometrial biopsy did NOT hurt. There was pressure, and I was expecting big pain after the pressure…but it did not come. The pressure/cramping was very mild and lasted from the moment she entered the cervix until she was done (around 10 seconds).

    My regular physician refused to administer the local, so I found an ob/gyn who would. I am so thankful I did. I had everything stacked against me. No children, tilted uterus, post-menopause and an extremely low tolerance for pain. I was scared out of my mind after reading all the comments. Luckily, my ob/gyn (yes, I will be going to her from this point forward instead of my GP) agreed to the local and prescribed 10mg of valium beforehand. I also took 800mg of Advil an hour before the procedure.

    Ladies, take matters into your own hands and insist on a local. It took approximately 2 minutes to take affect and I never felt the injection. When it was all done, I couldn’t believe it. Really. All that worrying for nothing. Crazy. I had some bleeding that day and that was about it. I even went shopping at Target after the procedure!

    Now I wait for the results. I only hope I didn’t wait too long because it’s been 7 months since my GP suggested I get this done. Good luck to all of you and INSIST on a local.

    • I really wish I read your comment before my procedure-I don’t know why doctors think we should suck it up and go through pain. If I have it done ever again then I will regret a lot of pain medicine

    • Thank you Tonya. I will definitely do this. I can’t believe that my gyn didn’t recommend anything for pain or relaxation. I too, have not had children, have a tilted uterus and a very, very low tolerance for pain. The first two biospy were extremely painful and I just can’t go through a third without something to help me deal with the pain. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m sure this will work.

    • I wish I had read this before I had the biopsy yesterday. I did not know a local anesthetic was an option. It is the most barbaric procedure ever invented. It is beyond any pain I have ever had. I didn’t moan through three childbirths but with this I practically screamed. It’s like having surgery whjile you are awake. I bet they would never do anything like this on a man without anesthetic.

  103. I had the biopsy and it was absolutley the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I’ve never had childeren, I do have a tilted uterus and I’ve never considered my self having a low threshold for pain- but boy was it bad. In fact, after the procedure I almost passed out- it was winter so I drove myself home with the window down (only lived 2 minutes from the office) and when I got home I threw up.
    I had cramps for a week. It was really, really bad.
    Now, my doctor wants me to do it again. This time, I will insist on drugs!

  104. I just got back from OB/GYN and was told I need to have the Uterine Biopsy and I am not going to go through that again! I had one 2 years ago and it was terrible! I also felt ashamed and wondered what was wrong with me to make such a big deal about something I was told was minor pain and quick. I have a tilted pelvis and it took longer than expected. Dr. apologized and mentioned how much bleeding I was having. It was very painful. I was weak and nauseaus from the pain. Even though I am high risk for cancer and have had precancerous lesions removed before, my previous experience was so bad that I am in serious considering not doing this and just rolling the dice with cancer.

    • I think that is a great injustice. Doctors would rather let you die from cancer than agree to give you heavy sedation or anesthesia for the procedure. I feel as you do, I would rather die than go through such an excruciatingly painful procedure again. It astounds me at how insensitive many doctors can be. They should be ashamed of themselves for traumatizing you. Not too many people would submit to a colonoscopy without sedation and women should not have too endure such unimaginal pain from an endometrial biopsy.

  105. I had an endometrial biopsy two days ago due to post menopausal bleeding. I had no idea the doctor would want to do this and was thinking I’d simply have an ultrasound or something like that. I was surprised when she said she’d to this biopsy right then and there so I asked her if it would hurt. She said it wasn’t a ‘walk in the park’ and that I’d likely have some cramping. So I thought it was no big deal. NEVER let anyone do this biopsy without giving you something before-hand. I don’t care how tough you are. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out during the procedure or at the very least, puke my guts out because of the excruciating pain. The nurse gave me her hand and I squeezed so hard she had trouble getting it back! I told the doc I didn’t think I could take anymore but she assured me that she was almost done. When she finished I had to sit there for 20 minutes or so because I knew if I tried to get up I’d pass out. Yes, it was a quick procedure. Nonetheless, the pain was so intense I’m still reliving it. It really makes me angry that they do this to us. They should ALWAYS prepare you with pain medication or a block before they do this. The first thing that came to my mind when I started feeling the pain was that something must be terribly wrong with me since the doctor had not indicated it would be that painful. And don’t bother with taking ibuprofen or something silly like that. Tell the doctor to give you a block or some heavy-duty pain meds. Even a mild sedative would have been great. If he or she tries to tell you that you don’t need anything then get up and leave.

    • I’m so glad I found this blog. I have an endometrial biopsy scheduled for April 15th, 2011. Due to bleeding post menopausal and finding a cervical polyp. I know I need this test. Especially being only 47, menopause came very early! But this is also a new doctor, good though he may seem, he was very gentle on my first appointment with him. Which is when he found the polyp. I told him I had heard that this test could be quite painful. He looked at my chart and said, “You’ve had three children vaginally. I wouldn’t worry.” But that either told me a WHOLE LOT or not very much! However, he didn’t give me any rxs for prior to the test. Nor did he tell me he was going to do anything for pain prior to starting the test. But now thanks to this blog I now am forearmed! I’ll let you know how it goes. Even as painful as this test or others I’ve had could be, CANCER is by far WORSE!!

  106. I had an endometrial biopsy today. I have one every year since a brush with endometrial cancer 6 years ago. I am prescribed Valium and painkillers to take two hours before the procedure. My Gynae is skilled, gentle and speedy. It is indeed uncomfortable but incredibly quick. Here in Ireland a woman who hasn’t given birth or is a virgin would only be given this test under general anaethetic which is just as it should be.

    I cramp and bleeed lightly for three days after it and go home and climb under my duvet. I’m there now. :] But I have to say this test literally saved my life and continues to monitor my condition. I wouldn’t be without it. The secret is a gentle, skilled Gynae and adequate Valium and pain relief. I would allow a GP to do it. If you need it please have it. It could save your life.

  107. Thank you for sharing. I had no idea I was having an endometrial biopsy on the day of my appointment. The appointment was scheduled as a follow up discussion and completion of my annual exam following a vaginal ultrasound. Results were fine. I was told on the phone when the doctor’s office called to schedule my appointment that it was merely a follow up. Got to the appointment, waited about 45 minutes and started getting annoyed because I had to be somewhere else in 20 minutes. Figured it was a short appointment so I calmed myself down.
    Nurse told me to change but I said I din’t think I needed to because this was just a follow up to discuss results. “No, didn’t you just have the ultrasound?” “The doctor usually likes to chesk inside again”
    Doctor walks in and says “Did you take your Advil?” “NO, why?”
    “Oh, I need to take a little material to be sure. ..You will feel some cramping but it won’t last long” UNDERSTATEMENT
    I have had 3 children using only breathing techniques but this was horrible mostly becasue I was not prepared. And she had to do it twice. I felt like a wuss because I was doing heavy labor breathing and nearly passed out from the ordeal.
    I felt so sick and dizzy driving home. It is five days later and I am still having severe cramping front and back, like labor. Yesterday, the doctor called and left a message about the results of my “endometrial biopsy”. All good — and very nice of her to call so quickly – BUT- I didn’t know that’s what I had done! No one ever mentioned that. I am not a stupid person but I didn’t have a clue. I thought I was having a slightly deeper PAP smear sample taken.

  108. I just had this biopsy done yesterday, and I’m still angry with my MD, because like many of you have said, she never told me about the pain. I asked her if she did the spray benzocaine or the shots. She said the spray doesn’t help, and the shots are worse than the procedure. Well, nothing could be worse than the procedure. Searing pain, as though someone was stabbing you with scissors in your uterus, is the only way I can describe it. I will never have another biopsy like this without a block-the doctors have probably never had this procedure themselves, so they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • I had an Endometrial Biopsy done this morning. I too had read the horror stories on the Internet and was terrified when I got to the appt. Piece of cake. My doctor used Lidocaine to numb the cervix/uterus which was inserted as a catheter not a needle and the only thing I felt was cramping. The cramping had gone away by the time I got home, 15mins later. I did take 1000mg of Acetaminophin before the appt. because of the stories I read on the web. The actual procedure was not even a minute long. The right doctor will make all the difference in the world.

  109. I had the biopsy on Oct. 7th. I expected some cramping, but what I experienced was a horror. Still three days later I am in shock. Three samples were taken. Today, still spotting but not many cramps. On a scale of one to ten, this procedure is a 22 related to pain. How can doctors not think to give pain relief when they know they will be tearing flesh from your body? I do not want to ever do this again.

  110. I had my biospy Oct. 29, 2010. I was told just mild cramps and a lot of pressure. I was never told to take any pain medicine before hand. I have had two kids, IUD and so forth and they were bearable. I experienced so much pain when she started that I screamed and begged for her to stop. I was sick in my stomach and just crying. I felt so violated even though the doctor and nurse was trying to calm me down throughout the procedure. I felt like the biggest wuss and after the procedure I went home put sweatpants on and laid on the couch with pain medicine. After 4 days I am still cramping a little but I vowed that if I have to have it done again; my husband is going with me to hold my hand. I wish I was informed better before the procedure. I am glad I had it done to find out the problems I have been having for 10 years. For future patiences-knowledge is power-pain medicine is a must-if you can ask the doctor for a valium, I wished I did because I would have taken before hand.

    • its such a relieve that I am not alone!!! I thought same think as you did…. same symptoms! Dr. made it seemed as it was just a regular procedure like a pap smear…. and I can tolerate pain but this was beyond and after three days, still feel cramping some bleeding and I don’t even want my husband to get intimate!

  111. I had an endometrial biopsy on Monday for postmenopausal bleeding. My gyn was terrific. She gave me a cytotec to take 24 hours before the procedure and had me take 600mg of advil one hour beforehand. She was skilled and patient. The procedure only took a few minutes. She gave me a local anesthetic that didn’t hurt at all. I felt a mild pinching, but no cramping. ….a little cramping and spotting afterwards, but nothing brutal…now I wait for the results. This is the really tough part for me!

    • Thanks for comment Nancy – and we’re glad that your doctor knew how to handle the procedure correctly with the proper steps to make sure your experience… didn’t turn out like it has been for many other women.

    • I had a endometrial biopsy this morning. I took three ibuprofen 1/2 before the procedure. It still hurt and caused severe cramping but only during the actual procedure. And with you, Nancy, I agree…the hardest part…waiting for the pathology report. I pray all will be fine for you, me and any woman who has to go thru this.

  112. Thank goodness I found this blog. I just had a biopsy done yesterday and it was incredibly painful. I thought I was going to pass out!!! I also thought I was being a big baby because my doctor told me it was no big deal, a little cramping, kind of like a contraction. It was SO much worse! I wish I would have read this beforehand – i definitely would have taken something before the procedure. I still have bad cramping, spotting and bloating today. I won’t do it again unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  113. Wow, I am so glad I found this blog! I just had an endometrial biopsy yesterday that I was not expecting to have done during my visit . I experienced the worst pain of life. They told to there may be a little cramping and unfortunately that is what I was expecting. I was shocked and very embarrassed because the pain was so great I was moaning and then almost fainted and vomited. They immediately walked out he room after the procedure was over and had now idea i almost passed out from the pain. The nurse later explained to me that some people can handle pain better than others making me feel like baby. I am glad to see I am not the only one. Thank you all for sharing. If you haven’t had one please take a pain killer before.

    • I had this procedure done last Friday and was shocked at the pain. I am so relieved to read that I am not alone in thinking it is barbaric to put a person through such a procedure without anesthetic of some kind. I specifically asked prior to the appt. “What is the level of discomfort for this procedure” and was told “Slight cramping. Take an 800 motrin an hour before and you’ll be fine.” That is a joke – a very bad joke! I was practically screaming and jumping off the table, and afterward said in disbelief to my doctor “Why would you DO something like this without pain killers??!” Her answer was that some women are more sensitive than others…! I was NEVER told a numbing agent could be used on the cervix, or that I could be prescribed a Xanax or other drug to take beforehand, which would have DEFINITELY made a difference. But one of the worst parts of this is that I felt so ashamed of my reaction to this torture – what was wrong with me that I couldn’t handle this? This link has put my mind at ease knowing that I am not alone.

  114. I had one three days ago. Huge pain! very angry after reading this blog that I am not the only one. If I ever have to do again it will be with pain killers, and unless a good reason I will NOT do again!! and thank you for blogging here!

  115. I had an unexpected endo biopsy today. I HAD to be at work today so I am sitting here in pain and bleeding. My doctor acted like it was no big deal but it was the worst pain I ever felt and she didn’t even give me a pad to wear on the way out. and I gushed blood out as I left the office. I am so mad at this doctor right now for not even giving me ANY options before taking this test. How unprofessional is that? We PAY for this service? I’m livid!

    • You always have the option to walk out as they cannot forcibly restrain you to have it done. No wonder people have so little trust in doctors.

  116. I also had this procedure done yesterday, spur of the moment, and experienced the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I asked the doctor if there was a shot or something she could give me prior to the procedure and she just ignored my request. After leaving the doctor’s office I started driving home only to feel that I was sweating profusely and blacking out and beginning to faint. Half way home I couldn’t drive any further and had to park my car and called a friend she then called 911. I ended up in an ambulance and emergency room and was given morphine for the pain. I will never do this procedure without some sort of anesthesia.

    • Women are going to be continually treated this way until we say enough is enough! Men would not tolerate this sort of behavior from doctors and would challenge their lies. It is our bodies ladies and we are in control. Stop letting the medical establishment treat you like crap. Most people won’t allow a dentist to drill on their teeth without pain control, so why should we permit a doctor to “drill” on one of our most sensitive areas without it? We should not be made to suffer, that is beyond cruel. I could not trust a physician who would do that to me and could even come to despise them. There are ways to make the test tolerable but many doctors choose not to use them. Animals are treated better than this. If the doctors are so concerned that you might have cancer, then they should do what is needed to assure your compliance. If you tell them that you need pain contol/sedation/anesthesia in order to have this test, then that is what they should do. Especially if it makes a difference whether you have the procedure or not. Too many women die unnecessarily because they fear the excruciatingly painful tests more than the disease. That is a travesty.

  117. I had the procedure yesterday. I was never given the option of taking anything for p ain in advance, but I had taken a small amount of xanax. The procedure was painful, and to make it worse, the gynecologist was very impatient and abrupt with me, asking “could I handle this or not?” in a very harsh tone of voice. I told her I didn’t know. If a medical resident had not been in the room and intervened by holding my hand, I would not have been able to do it.
    I have a history of sexual abuse and being in pain, feeling my body invaded, and then being treated so unkindly really triggered me. I sat on a bench outside of the clinic for about an hour in tears afterwards and was upset for several hours.
    I had some bleeding, which has stopped, and today has some pelvic pain. If it doesn’t go away, I guess I will have to call the doctor or maybe another gynecologist who will be more empathic.
    If I ever have to do this again, I will a) go to another doctor b) take advil or something stronger in advance.

    • I too was sexually abused in my childhood. I can barely tolerate a doctor touching my vaginal area. It is abominable that a member of the healing profession would treat a human being this way. Each patient is different and what may be a tolerable pain to some may be intolerable to another. The physical pain the doctors impose on these women are bad enough but the psychological and emotional pain inflicted carry on for years. The doctors should be ashamed of themselves for putting the women who posted here through hell. They have traumatized them instead of helping them. Dentists will happily sedate you before working on your teeth but Gynos want to make you suffer.

  118. I had my 2nd endometrial biopsy earlier this month. Previous one had been 4-5 yrs ago and I remembered that it had been extremely painful so I took 2 oxycodone (gen. Percocet) I had left over from recent dental work beforehand, as well as my usual every morning Aleve. It was still excruciating. The pain is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, and it was not possible to just “grin and bear it” — I couldn’t help the sounds of pain and distress. Left me shaking and feeling like I was in shock. Afterwards, the doctor told me I was a “Drama Queen”. When talking with a friend about it later, she said that after she’d had one years back she’d told a close male doctor friend about the experience and he couldn’t believe it wasn’t done under sedation — he called it “barbaric”. Never again for me.

  119. I just had my biopsy today. The pain during the procedure wasn’t pleasant by any means but not enough to warrant pain medication beforehand. What surprised me was the bad cramping and bleeding after. When I say “surprised” I mean like the author says it is more than the doctor told me to expect, however given the nature of the procedure it seems logical. Initially this worried me until I read these blogs. I need this procedure and the pain won’t have stopped me, but a more accurate account from the doctor on what to expect afterwards from a cramping and bleeding perspective would have eased some worry that something had gone wrong.

  120. I had this procedure done today. I’m sorry for all of the terrible pain that most of the posters went through. I was told by my doctor that there would be mild pain and cramping during and after. I was told to take motrin beforehand. I took 2 200mg motrins. The procedure was uncomfortable,but not unbearable. My physician talked me through each step she was doing and told me what to expect. She did spray lidocaine for numbing prior to the procedure. I have had some cramping and light bleeding today and was definitely light headed immediately after the procedure, but I went shopping afterwards and felt fine. I didn’t read any negative or scary stories about this procedure beforehead and I’m kind of glad I didn’t or I would have been a nervous wreck.

  121. I had an endometrial biopsy (my 3rd) a week ago and let me tell you, it was painful! The nurse who scheduled the appointment told me to take 600-800mg ibuprophen. I took 600 and wish I had taken more. The doctor warned me that it would be more painful now that I’m in menopause given there is less tissue, but I was unprepared for how painful it was. And…the doctor had a difficult time getting a sample. I broke into a cold sweat after the procedure, but quickly regained my composure. I must say that the other two (while I was in perimenopause) were much less painful. One more thing, I’m still spotting over a week after the procedure. πŸ™ I do not want to go back for more treatments. I need a break, but fortunately, I got good results, no cancer.

  122. I had this done over a year ago. I agree with the sever pain involved. I cried as my husband held my hand. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt. Now lady’s!!! Its been over a year and I still have the pain where the biopsy was taken. It intensifys when I began my period. It hurts when I have orgasm. Today I sit here in severe pain, crying a year later and wondering…..did they do something wrong to me!!! Why would I still be hurting today? The doctor told me nothing about pain meds or being prepared for the procedure, which is immaterial at this point!! Is there anyone else out here that is still hurting a year later or more?!!

  123. I had the endometrial biopsy this morning and let me tell you it hurt really bad. The doctor never mentioned there would be bleeding afterward so when I went to the bathroom I was extremely concerned since I was not warned. I went to the back of the office and asked the Nurse and she said that is normal. I was told it would be minor pain and take a few advil. If you are going to have it done take something MUCH stronger and insist on it. I have a high tolerance to pain and this hurt bad. My two advil did not come close to handling the pain. Afterward I have been sore all day another thing my doctor had NOT warned me about. I even asked and they said I could go back to work, but it was like having the worst cramps ever. If you have this done make sure your doctor is more detailed than mine and take strong pain meds.

  124. I had to post this because of all these comments. I am truly sorry that so many women had such a bad experience, but I must say these post scared me to death before my uterine biopsy. I am a small woman and have had 2 children and no major surgeries. I honestly think some women can not bear any discomfort though. It was uncomfortable, but you must have a state of mind to deal with anything like this. Be tough and use mind control! I am strong, and I think I deal well with pain, but any woman could do the same as me. To all those women that are going to have to go through this, please do not read all these nightmare blogs. You will make it through just fine, and you will survive. I am a nurse and some people say ouch to sutures being removed or to injections while others are silent. I think we all feel the same pain and it is how we react to it…not that some have a higher tolerence to pain. So, have it done because it might save your life, and don’t be a baby..be a strong minded woman!

    • You are so full of BS. Torture is just a state of mind then. You would be able to handle that pain right, according to your reasoning? Each person is different and those women should not have been made to suffer. It was cruel and sadistic to put them through this. Every person is different and doctors should respect this.

  125. Today I had my endometrial biopsy.After reading all the comments from other women I almost cancelled it.When my doctors office called two weeks ago and told me that my gynecologist had ordered two prescriptions for me I thought maybe this was the answer to my problems.The first drug was for softening the cervix and the second was pain meds.When I arrived at her office she talked to me and explained why these fibroids bleed.She also explained what the procedure entailed and asked me if I had taken the drugs she had prescribed.She took the speculum and rinsed it under warm water and when she inserted it asked me if was too warm.I felt a bit of cramping as she collected the sample and it was over in a matter of minutes.She also removed two polyps.I would highly recommend asking for pain meds before having this done.Anytime you can do without pain i am for it.Ihave spent the last two weeks worrying for nothing.My doctor was kind gentle and considerate.

    • Patricia – I’m so relieved to read your post, as well as a very few others here that sound encouraging. I hope you get good news with your test results. I’m having this procedure (as well as a saline ultrasound) in 3 days & so many of the comments here have scared me to death. It sounds like my doc has given the same pre-op instructions yours did – Cytotec to soften the cervix & pain meds. She also gave me some Valium & I plan to take 10mg. My husband’s driving me & I told him if I fall asleep, just carry me to the table & let them go on with the tests.

      I know people need to express their own experiences, but it’s important to remember those of us who’ve never had this done are reading your posts. These tests can save lives & I was thinking of cancelling due to the fear that’s gone through me as I read here. Seems those of you who’s docs believe in pain management & communication did pretty well, so I hope to have that experience. To those of you who suffered, I’m truly sorry for your pain. I’m prepared for discomfort & even mild pain, but I sure hope this isn’t going to be torture.

  126. I had my biopsy yesterday. Ive had 4 kids one a c-section , and that was some of the worse pain I have every had. I went in for my yearly. I told the physician Ive been having heavier periods and maybe some mid life type stuff. He did the pap then said just to be safe lets do a biopsy. I said ok not thinking it would be so painful. I would have rather seen the dentist. I know I needed the biopsy, but was not prepared for the pain. I hadnt taken anything before hand. Iam still having some cramping and bleeding a litte. I guess that is normal. He told me to take tylenol for pain if i have any.I have a vaginal ultra sound next week. Ive never had one of those either. I was told no pain should be involved, I hope this is the case.

  127. Had one today – no one told me I was going to have to have it! Worst pain I have ever experienced in all of my 48 years! I just about passed out. Dr. had to give me smelling salts or whatever that is (ammonia?) to get me out of it. I could not even speak. Nurses sat with me until I could sit up and sip some water. I was drenched with sweat. I could not believe they’d let me go through that w/o ANYTHING! I love my dr. but it scared the Bejesus out of me! Afterward the nurse told me that she’s been putting off having it done because of the pain! Well, DUH!
    WHY is this necessary? Are all the male drs. holding on to all of the pain meds or something?! Having this procedure done w/o pain meds is insane!

    • You can refuse any test. I don’t understand why women agree to these godawful tests. Maybe if enough women refuse these tests the barbaric doctors will do something to make them more tolerable. They wouldn’t treat men like this. Insist upon pain control or sedation, if they won’t comply run, don’t walk out of their office.

  128. To Terry the nurse upthread- Congratulations – you get the “Iron Cervix” award! You are so superior to all of us wussies! Some of us have never had children. Some of us have cervical stenosis. Some of us are old and atrophic. Who paid you to come in and post that these biopsies are a piece of cake? Maybe YOURS was. Bully for you!

  129. I was scheduled to have my endometrial biopsy yesterday. I had done my research before hand knowing they were going to schedule this for me I insisted upon iv sedatio. I am a giant wuss! I mean giant. Anyways, I get there and the doc (different then my doc) comes in and tells me rudely, “ive got news for you, you ain’t getting sedation” she goes on to say that since i have had two kids that she thinks i can handle it and there is no amount of sedation that will help with the pain. Calming I know. So I left wihtout having the procedure. The office called me today and apologized because my doc had ordered the sedation. They rescheduled me for a new doc on March 9th at 9:30 that will give me the sedation no questions asked. I will update after my appointment but I find it strange how these ob’s are so against sedation or giving pain meds. Seems barbaric to me.

    • Good for you Holly. Especially if that (different) doctor said it in that manner. That’s just plain rude and dismissive of your concerns about your health and the procedure.

    • It really makes my blood boil how some doctors are nothing more than big bullies. If they truly respected you, they would comply with your wishes. It’s not unreasonable to not want to be subjected to intolerable pain. There are many methods that can be used to make the experience as pleasant as possible. You don’t have to suffer! I wish more women were more like you and stood up for themselves instead of just taking doctors’ crap.

  130. I had an endometrium biopsy this morning. I was a wreck from reading all the terrible experiences of the women. I never had kids and expected the worst thing in my life. Well, it wasn’t. I took 800mg of motrin 45 minutes before and asked my doctor for a local. She said, it won’t help deep, but I said, that’s ok give it to me anyway. She did and it was over pretty quick. Yes, there was some pain, but nothing like the unbearable pain that I was expecting. I am glad it’s over with and I came back to work, no problem.

  131. I had my biopsy about 13 years ago and remember it like it was yesterday! Never had so much pain. My doctor was evidently snipping (cutting) the inside of my uterus to get samples. I broke out in a sweat, felt like I was going to throw up, cried when I left the office because I was not prepared for that kind of pain. Believe me I am not a wimp but that biopsy hurt. Be informed before any procedure.

  132. Why do the sadistic doctors put women through this without some kind of pain control? I can’t even get a freakin’ pap test without experiencing excruciating pain, no way would I have this done. It is cruel to put a woman through this kind of torture when so many drugs are available to keep her comfortable. No way would they treat a man like this.I think doctors delight in causing women pain in their most intimate places. The doctors who perform this proceure should have this done to them two or three times a year to know what it feels like. In some ways modern medicine is still so barbaric.

    • I am truly sad to see so many women have had such horrible experiences with this procedure. The right doctor will truly make the difference. We all have different pain levels and no one should be humilated when they hurt. My procedure was done and I had a few minutes of cramping during the procudure and 15mins after and I spotted for the rest of the day. She was very gentle, numbed my cervix and took less than a minute to collect the sample. Please know you can cancel the appt./ change doctors/ request compete info beforehand. When you get to the office and they tell you they are going to do it, you absolutely have the right to say no, until you understand what is going on and feel comfortable doing it. I have no issue speaking up and I don’t care if the doctor is offended, if they are I figure I am at the wrong one anyway. I hope you all feel better and will seek out better doctors. Again I feel so sad reading the horrible experiences, it truly breaks my heart.

  133. My advice? If you know before hand you are going to have this procedure take pain meds or get a block if you can. I was never offered a block, didn’t know before hand. Not only did it hurt terrible and I felt like it lasted too long, I felt violated. Surely they could have administered something for pain more like an IV drip. I yelled out in pain and could not take it. Day two and my cramping has slowed down a lot thankfully. My back hurt as well the first 24 hours after.

  134. When my doctor told me I needed an endometrial biopsy, I researched this test on the web and was terrified after reading the horror stories reported by so many women. I didn’t think I could go through with it. The gynecologist who performed the test was kind (which was over very quickly) and I felt no discomfort. I did have a little bleeding afterwards, but no cramping. I returned to my normal activities when I left her office. I am post-menopausal and have never had children.

    After reading so many nightmare descriptions of this test, I thought I should report that this may not be the case for ALL women. Those who have had negative experiences are far more likely to report them than those who have had this procedure with no significant problems. I have two friends who have had this test and both of them shared my experience. The terror after reading descriptions of the unbearable pain, beforehand, was the worst part of it all.


    • My sister and two friends had endometrial biopsies and they described them as horribly painful. There may be more women with bad experiences but you don’t hear about it because not very many women like to talk about those kind of things. It astounds me that doctors discount the amount of pain involved. I think the pain of this procedure has scared quite a few women away. If I need to have one I will say no, not unless I am heavily sedated. Don’t want to know nothin’, don’t want to feel nothin’.

    • I will have my biopsy tomorrow. I asked the nurse if it was painful. She told me not at all. I will take a pain killer before I go to my ob office.


  135. OMG – NOW I’m nervous … I have this type of biopsy scheduled for April 1st!!! The only thing the nurse told me was to take 2 OTC Motrins or Advils 1 hour before the procedure. Now, I’m thinking I’m going to take some of my prescription Advils (lefted over from root canal surgery). Unfortunately, this procedure is necessary for me to find out if I have Cancer of the Uterus.

    Some of the information I managed to pull up did comment that the doctor should use a local … a) in and around the cervic openeing and b) via cathethar a local injected into the uterus? By any chance, does anyone know if they received a local?

    Any information would be great. My email address is above.

    • Hey Cyna – try not to be nervous.

      You’ll see in the comments below that many women also don’t have any real pain during/after this procedure. It’s DIFFERENT for each woman. However – going into the procedure thinking that it won’t hurt at all is ridiculous. SO – you’re in a good spot to just take some precautions, and then depending on your pain tolerance, adjust to that.

      Most importantly – IF it does end up being really painful – DO NOT FEEL BAD about how you feel – and don’t let the doctor or nurses make you feel bad about it.

    • Did you ask for sedation? It’s a crime how those tricky doctors withhold information about certain procedures. What are they afraid of, that fewer women would consent to possibly painful tests? GI doctors got wise and started sedating patients for colonoscopies and endoscopies to reach patients who otherwise would have not consented to them. Dentists have been using concious and IV sedation to encourage those with extreme dental anxiety to stop avoiding dental visits. Why haven’t gynos got with the program? Just because women experience childbirth do they think it’s ok for us to suffer? Not ALL women have gone through childbirth. You are in control! Doctors use the cancer fear tactic to get women to do what THEY want. The doctor is providing a service for you and should listen to your concerns. If they won’t sedate you tell them you will seek a second opinion. It is your right. Don’t listen to their BS spiel about the risks of being put under anesthesia for a short procedure. The test itself poses risks but you don’t hear the doctors say you shouldn’t have the test because of this. Speak up for yourself.

  136. I can’t believe I found this blog. I had an unexpected biopsy this morning without any pain medications and thought I was an absolute baby with my loud moaning and screaming in the exam room. The doctor really frightened me when she acted like no one had ever experienced that much pain during the procedure before. I left the office thinking I must have cancer or something if the pain was that extraordinary. I was offered two Advil after the procedure and when the nurse asked me if there was anything else she could get me I asked her for a sledgehammer! I am absolutely fed up with being treated like I’m in the wrong. God bless all of you women who have suffered and are brave enough to share your wisdom. I will NEVER do this again without major medication.

  137. I have an endometrial biopsy scheduled for Wednesday. I am soooo ready to cancel…but could someone explain what a” block” actually is?

  138. The barbaric urogyno that I despite very much order me to have a biopsy then a hydrosono right after. After the procedure I was in so much pain and he said “oh it’s not that bad, are you hurting”. I told this idiot I was in so much pain, they still wanted me to check out to ensure I paid co-pay(seriously).

    OMG it was the most horrific type of pain experienced ever in my life. The pain was so intense I threw up 3x, I could not drive home, I could barely walk, i was shivering while in their office. I am hispanic and was pale – if I had wrecked that day I would have suit this urogynecologist in Plano, TX.

    This is a very painful procedure that women should be made aware of. You should have heavy medication, you should have someone drive you home.

  139. I didn’t cancel my biopsy like I wanted to, but I went in sobbing like a child and shaking because I was so terrified. I took no pain medicine and was given no anesthesia. I was a wreck because of all the stories I read. When I laid down I had a nurse on each side of me holding my hands. I told my gyno to tell me before he entered the cervix and he said, sorry sweetie but I’m done” It was over and I didn’t even feel it. I have a tilted uterus and have 3 children delivered vaginally. I’m not sure why I didn’t experience the pain others had, but I’m glad it’s over and I would do it again tomorrow. There is hope, it may not hurt everyone and it is an important thing to have done. I think I was laying on the table for about 1 minute.

  140. Thanks for posting your experience. The same thing happened to me except I DID pass out. The pain was excruciating. Afterword, I felt really embarrassed and thought I was a wuss who passed out after a little pain. I’ve had two additional biopsies since then and dreaded them each time. I agree that they are necessary and don’t begrudge they medical community for what they have to do. Like the author states, it would be better if they informed us that the experience may be very painful for some and offered pain meds for those of us who feel they need them. If and when I have to have this done again, I will ask for pain meds. Thanks for the post. I really thought it was just me.

    • Yes I do begrudge the medical community for what they have to do. There are methods to make the experience as painless as possible. If I demand to be heavily sedated for the procedure because I have a low tolerance for pain and PTSD, then they should comply. I had 22 cavities drilled and filled while under IV sedation. Otherwise I would have not had it done. No-one should be forced to endure what feels like torture to them. Some can handle it and some cannot. If you tell the doctor that it is beyond your scope of tolerance to have an endometrial biopsy without analgesia/sedation then they should respect that. There is no logical reason why you should have to suffer and be traumatized. I am furious with doctors who can be so cruel. There is not one good reason why you can’t be sedated if that is the only way you will agree to the test.

  141. Just came back from gyno. Had bleeding in between my period. Thought it was from some major stress I went through a few weeks ago but wanted to check it out anyway.Only 44. No kids. Tilted pelvis. Gyno said he wanted to do biopsy now as precaution. I said ok. I asked if it was painful and he said yes, some discomfort,pinching cramping but it would be real quick. I said ok.
    It was a quick INTENSE pain that made me jump & a few words came out of my mouth unexpectingly while he put the clamp in. He asked if I was ok & if I wanted to continue. I said, it hurt like hell but if I need to get it done let’s do it & get it over with! He put the suction tube thing in & that felt like a needle was in the middle of my body poking me – I never felt a pain quite like that before. I jumped/flynched 3 times. I think it took him a few seconds longer because I moved & he got nervous about my reaction. The whole thing probably lasted 3-4 minutes but when you’re in pain it feels like it’s longer! I knew the tighter or more intense I became the more it would hurt so I was doing deep breathing exercises to calm myself while he finished. He suggested I stay laying down & relax for 5 or 10 minutes afterwards, which I did. I slowly got up & had some cramping.
    Overall ladies, it hurt but it had to be done. I would do it again if I needed to get it done – I would just take a few Advils or Tylenol before hand. It’s now 2.5 hours after the procedure. I have no bleeding -just some cramping. > I have been stung by a stingray which is intense ongoing pain. 70% of the people pass out from that pain. This pain was as intense as the stingray pain but much quicker & shorter & in a different area (not my foot)! I’m fine now – just some crampyness but I’ve had that before! I’m praying the results of the biopsy is fine..this quick pain would be the least of my worries!
    Blessings to all! (I have learned that when you ‘reject pain’, the pain is more intense, so deep relaxing breaths help. When you allow yourself to slowly/calmly experience the pain, it is not as bad. It’s when you resist it & fight it, that it becomes worse).

    • There is no good reason for me to have to endure the pain. There are plenty of ways to make this test as painless and untraumatic as possible. It is my opinion that doctors that do not provide information and options to the patient are unsympathetic and cruel. And please don’t use the cancer scare excuse on me. My brother refused to have a colonoscopy in the days when a patient wasn’t sedated for them. He died of colon cancer. Thank God patients are now sedated for this procedure or I probably wouldn’t have undergone three of them by now. It is my body and I know what I will or will not tolerate. What works for some does not work for others.

  142. I have PCOS and there is a history of both cervical & uterine cancer in my family. During a recent ultrasound my lining was very thick so my doc suggested I get an endometrial biopsy. She did say there would be some slight discomfort, to eat a good meal beforehand and to take some ibuprofen about 45 minutes before the procedure.

    Let’s face it, when the doc says there will be some discomfort, there will be pain! So….I began searching the internet for results on how painful this procedure would be and needless to say, I made myself extremely paranoid and nearly passed out on the table at the mere thought of the pain, before my doctor even began.

    Just before we began my doctor told me that she uses a less invasive “brush-like” instrument, similar to that used during a pap. She did say it would feel just like a pap but slightly more uncomfortable. She talked to me during the entire procedure (2-3 minutes) and other than some light pressure, I felt absolutely no pain.

    ***Please let it be noted that I have had 2 children (both currenlty under 3yrs) and I have an extremely low tolerance for pain, even paps are usually uncomfortable for me.****


    • ***One more update: It has been about 1hr since my procedure and I am experiencing moderating cramping (nothing worse than a gnarly period).

  143. I had a uterine biopsy this morning and was very surprised at how painful it was. I, too, nearly passed out and the doctor sat with me for about 10 minutes post procedure. I had also been told the procedure would be painful, but tolerable – severe cramping. What I experienced was more like a knife going through my uterus. I nearly jumped off the table, and moaned throughout the procedure. Fortunately, it only last about a minute. The nurse had told me before the procedure I would not have bleeding after. When I got home several hours later I was shocked to see that I was bleeding. I was concerned something had gone wrong which is why I googled and found this blog. I’m glad to see from this blog that bleeding is normal. I will definitely ask for meds if I ever need this procedure again.

  144. Had one today. I had everything stacked against me: no children, tilted uterus, a rape survivor (potential wig-out factor there), no meds, and no info. There’s no getting around this part: It hurt like hell. Worse, it was a strange hurt in the core of one’s being, evoking an unspoken, visceral “get it out of there!” reaction.. The best I could describe it to my husband afterward was that it was like getting a surprise colonoscopy with no meds. (Men would NEVER allow this procedure without full sedation and a recuperative week in the islands afterward.) I started out pretty calm, then put permanent finger-dents on the table, then tried not to swear (Oh goodness, oh gracious), and I think I wound up swearing in a foreign language. I don’t speak any, at least not until today. Bottom line? Get meds. Serious meds. Combine them with tequila, if need be. This puppy hurt on a level so elemental it’s impossible to describe. But ten minutes later, once I was reasonably sure I wasn’t going to pass out, I walked out, and my husband and I went for sushi, and now, seven hours later, the bleeding and cramping is not on a freak-out level. Would I do it again? Only for EXCELLENT reasons and only with a cocktail of meds the equivalent of dropping an anvil on my head from a 14th floor window. I do not recommend undergoing this with anything less. And really, men would never put up with this. Ever. I’m a pretty tough cookie when it comes to trauma and pain, and this almost passed my threshold. Good luck to you all. And the next time a medico uses the phrase “mild discomfort,” tell him/her you’ll have it done. Right after they do.

  145. I wish I read these comments beforehand! I had one today too, and the doctor told me that it was going to be like a pop smear, so I was not worried at all. But the reality was so painful… so painful that my blood pressure went down, I felt sick (like vomiting), I sweat so much, and I was unable to control my body shaking! It was the worst thing happened to me. Why we are not well informed beforehand by our doctors???

  146. I wish I read this before I went in for my biopsy. I have never ever felt pain like that. My doctor was kind and reassuring during the procedure, but I almost broke the window in his office. I find it absolutely ridiculous that a local anesthetic is not given. The pain of this “simple procedure “is unbearable. I didn’t feel bad after it was done, but this morning I’m doubled over and feel sick to my stomach. I had both of my children via C-section, so my doctor had to use a dilator to open my cervix, which made it worse. I can only hope someday they change how this procedure is done.

  147. I had a surprise Endo Biopsy 2 days ago. My gyn was very skilled and the test only took a minute or so. I felt a quick snip/tug and had some mild cramping. I was surprised and a little worried when I got home and saw that I was bleeding. The Dr/Nurse didn’t offer me a pad for “just in case”. I’m still spotting and cramping today. I am 47 yrs old and have 3 kids and a tipped uterus. Does anyone know anything about ablation for heavy bleeding? So far, I have cervical polyps, fibroids and a thick endo lining. Transvaginal ultrasound with saline is scheduled for 6/8/11. If all goes well, Thermachoice ablation will be on 6/15. If not, gyn said I will have to be admitted to the hospital to “take care of the polyps and fibroids first”, then he would do the Genesys HTA ablation while I’m still out.

    • Your doctor should have provided you a brochure on the Ablation. You can research it on the web and watch the video on You Tube. I am having one done June 13 and I will be put to sleep for it. It is typically done to avoid doing a Hysterectomy. Good luck to you.

  148. I just came back from having an endometrial biopsy. I had a pap come back slightly abnormal in October of 2010, and had just recently started having some abnormal bleeding. I was a new patient when I went to the doctor this morning, so I really thought we would just talk; MAYBE at the most do a repeat pap smear…..Well, she said she wanted to do the pap but she also wanted to do the biopsy too….Said that she could do it right then. I asked her if it would hurt, and she said it would make me cramp.
    Well, she did the pap..no problems. I didn’t really feel much of anything. THEN, she started with the biopsy. She had to use a clamp to stabilize my cervix, and she told me it was going to “pinch”, and when she told me to, to cough. Well, it hurt really bad. I actually grabbed the sides of the table. To my horror, that was just the beginning. What I felt next was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I felt like someone was impaling me with a hot poker. I literally about came off the table. I had the table clenched, was trying to scoot up and away and eventually, I was crying out. Right about the time I was about to tell her just to stop, it was over.
    I didn’t have time to take any meds before hand, since it was a “surprise” biopsy. She told me before she started that my cervix ” was extremely tight”, and asked if I had ever delivered vaginally, because by looking, she didn’t think I have had…I had a c-section before, but that was a walk in the park compared to this.
    When I got off the table, I was very light headed. It has been close to 4 hours now since the procedure, and I am having heavy cramping and bleeding. I feel absolutely terrible. I hope I NEVER have to have this done again.

    • Hello, I am writing to alleviate pre-procedure distress for probably most women. I had an endometrial biopsy today due to a thickened endometrial lining. I am 55 and had a bout with breast cancer 4 1/2 years ago and have been taking Tamoxifen. I experienced slight bleeding on Monday, called my OB/GYN office and went in for a vaginal ultrasound. This showed the thickening (6.8mm as opposed to the norm of 5mm or less based on my age, etc.) and I was advised that I needed an endometrial biopsy. Well . . . of course I got on the internet (which is a dangerous thing!) and read the horror stories. After spending a sleepless night and visualizing the worst, I was extremely frightened and cancelled my appointment the next morning. Within an hour, my primary care internist, his NP/PA and my oncologist all called and advised me to please proceed with the biopsy. To make a long story short, I took two 200 mg of Advil 1 1/2 hrs. prior to the procedure and did go through with it. It was no more than a PAP and 2 seconds of cramping. My OB/GYN used a soft, flexible straw like device to obtain the biopsy. I believe the name on the package said “EndoCell”. Those that have experienced pain may have had the older, less flexible instruments? Another comment I would like to make is that I have never had children. Therefore, my cervix and uterus have not been extended so you would assume I would have had tremendous pain. And, my cervix opening is very small so it had to be dilated twice. Please ladies, don’t let another person’s negative experience scare you away from a procedure that could very well diagnose a problem early on. You may want to ask your OB/GYN for the name of someone who has had the procedure that you could personally talk with. I think this would be a great program for women’s clinics to offer. The Cleveland Clinic has such a program called the “Angel”. Early detection is the key to all sucessful cancer treatments and survival rates! BTW . . . just a little closing story. I was so out of sorts and scared I had my mother (pushing 80) who is a retired RN come in the room with me to “hold my hand”. Now, my Mom has Alzheimer’s Disease and she was sweet as pie thinking I was having a total hysterectomy and was amazed at how quick it was!

    • On Friday, I had my first Endometrial Biopsy and I can tell you honestly that it was the most god awful pain I’ve ever experienced. The beginning was okay because I felt relaxed after having 2 ibuprofen but nothing could prepare me for what came next. I have to quote your message where you say it felt like “being impaled with a hot poker.” Iwas not given any hand to hold or anything to bite down on. Instead, I screamed at the top of my lungs, yelled out every four letter word I could think of and pleaded with the doc to “get that thing out of me…now!”
      I’m sorry for those of you getting ready to have this procedure. What I want to tell all of you is that you should definitely get a good doctor, take some prescription medication, have someone drive you there and give you support afterwards because it is traumatic. Also, see if they can use lidocaine because they do with a breast biopsy so they should also accomodate with this procedure.
      If I ever have to do it again, I will make sure they give me anesthesia because I will never subject myself to that kind of pain again.

  149. I had the biopsy done this morning. This was so routine that from there I went to get my feet and nails done at the salon.I lost so much sleep worrying about the up coming procedure and went into the doctors office so scared I felt I was going to throw up. It took the same amount of time the pap test did and it was minimal to no pain what so ever. A lot of women will pass on this simple test because of fear…well fear would be undetected cancer,not this 30 second procedure.believe me I’m here writing this because I too got horrified from reading the scary post and almost found any way to cancel the biopsy,that would have been a big mistake Because once again I can’t tell you how minimal it was 0 to 1/2 discomfort no more than a pap. Take care of your issues and don’t avoid medical care from fright. You too will see this was nothing.

  150. I am appalled that you go around scaring women like this. I had a biopsy done just last week and lived in fear before the procedure because of your comments. They did everything that you described but without the pain. Thanks to your comments I almost backed out. Thank God i chose not to live in fear!!!!! I have learned my lesson well. Iwil never visit your site again.

    • I just had this procedure done and it’s great that some have not had the PAIN, however, it was unbearable and I have been ill since! Just because it may not have affected you, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be made aware. What a shocking nightmare it was for me today…. just as described!

    • I’m so glad some women don’t have pain from this procedure. But think about it– if you pass a hot wash cloth over your skin normally, it is nothing, possibly even soothing. Pass that same wash cloth over a sunburn and the pain is excrutiating. When the biopsy is done, neither you nor your physician know the extent of tissue inflammation in your uterus, or where that inflammation may be, or whether the instruments are impacting that raw region or a normal region. So, it’s no surprise that some women feel no pain and others feel excrutiating pain. I feel little pain from dental procedures– but I would never suggest that anesthetics should be withheld for the masses just because I have been lucky. This biopsy procedure needs to be uniformly and humanely updated, because I was tortured.

  151. I had an endometrial biopsy which was ‘mentioned in passing’ at my last appointment. Apparently, in the two weeks since my first appointment, it became a done deal. I was told I’d feel ‘a little cramping’. I was almost off the table in pain. It felt like he was pulling my uterus out of my vagina without detaching it first. I was very embarassed at my reaction. I am not a baby when it comes to pain. I’ve experienced a perforated colon and numerous abdominal surgeries. The nursing staff said that I would forget the pain and I might, but I will never allow this procedure to be done again unless I’m under anesthesia. I have learned a few things from this experience. I will never again consent to a procedure without researching it first. I will never forget the understatement of the pain of this procedure. The more solicitous this Dr. is, the more I should fear what is about to take place. After getting my results, I probably will not return to this Dr.

  152. I just had a uterine biopsy done yesterday 07-15-2011. My doctor and sister-in-law did tell me to take motrin before hand — which I did. I am 49 and perimenopausal — but had an episode of 12 days of spotting, so it was recommended that I have this procedure. I had read and saw the stories –both good and bad. I followed my doctors recommendation and took 3 – 200mg motrin about hour to hour and half before hand. I have had cervical biopsies and had cryosurgery on my cervix. I have had gallstones and the surgery to remove gallbladder – done lapriscopal, two vaginal deliveries (27 & 30 years ago — one of those without any pain meds), a tubal ligation that was done with a full incision – not lapriscopical. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and surgery to move muscles that affect eye movement in both eyes. I have also had cortizone injection into a shoulder — which is painful. My point — I am no stranger to a little pain or discomfort. This procedure is brief — but for me was very painful — much as what some of the ladies have described and keep in mind I had taken mortin. I am glad to hear that some ladies don’t experience pain — but I am very glad i knew there was a chance it would be painful. It gave me a chance to prepare medicinally & mentally for it. I am not experiencing the bad aftermath that some ladies described. Had about 4 hours of cramping that I still could feel –even with motrin use and i very rarely take anything for cramps. Also had some minor bleeding. I am glad that they can do this procedure –even if painful — because with it they can diagnosis cancer or check for fertility or menopause issues. Many tests out there are not comfortable for everyone — many of you can do an MRI with no difficulty –but others have to be sedated. I am glad this and other sites were out there and that people could share — their difficult and for those who did not have any that fact too! For those getting ready for this procedure — don’t cancel out of fear! “IF” you were to experience pain — it is very brief. Make sure you have confidence in your physician and prepare yourself with OTC meds (like motrin — if your doc doesn’t tell you or give you something else) I am just waiting on the results now.

  153. I just had endometrial biopsy done on Tuesday – I was still experiencing some cramping two days later – from what I’ve read this can be normal. I had to have this procedure done due to an enlarged uterus and some thickening of the lining. I’m approaching menopause and they are checking for various things including hormonal activity. I also, had a c-section – no vaginal birth and the procedure did produce quite a bit of cramping…for those of you that didn’t experience pain – wonderful! I would highly recommend taking a few 200mg motrin before you get this done for those who’ve never experienced this. I agree – this procedure hurt a little – but well worth the piece of mind that nothing is wrong or early detection of something that could be worse if left to later stages of detection. Good luck to all!

  154. Well, I just had mine today and it definitely was uncomfortable. My doctor wanted to be thorough because I have a cancer risk. So, she took three large samples. I have been spotting and cramping with back pain for 12 hours. Not at all unbearable or scary, but annoying enough where I am irritable and hope it ends soon. If you are sensitive to pain, just ask your doctor to give you something.. maybe one shot or one pill. The Aleve I took worked somewhat for me, but I would have taken something stronger, because i am a baby. I don’t think this post was meant to scare anyone. Frankly this test is totally worth it for me, and I would do it again if I had to. Don’t be afraid, everyone is different and you may feel nothing at all. Doctors should be told that this can be uncomfortable for some people.

  155. Had one yesterday. It was not brief and it was very painful. I took 400 mg of ibuprofen before the procedure and I had to grip the table, bite the back of my hand and I broke out in a cold sweat. I still feel tenderness inside when I am sitting up. Maybe the women with no pain had a cervical biopsy only. I’ve had that procedure done before and there was little to no pain. Barb

  156. I just had one done last Wednesday. I have been having isues with bleeding and an ultrasound showed a growth/polyp in my uterine wall so they wanted to do an hysterosonogram and biopsy which we scheduled at the same time. The hysterosonogram was uncomfortable but the biopsy was excruciating!! I broke out into a sweat and was sick to my stomach and cramping worse than I ever have. Someone commented that they thought it was easier becasue they had never had children….well I have never had children and it hurt like you know what. I do not know how I made the ten minute drive home (I had asked the doctor before we scheduled if if I would be ok to drive after and she said sure….answer should have been have someone here. If I ever have to have this done again I will be asking for something stronger.

  157. Just had an endometrial biopsy this morning. By all means, if your doctor suggests this is necessary, have it as soon as possible, because endometrial cancer can be cured if caught early. But no one should go through the procedure without anesthesia in some form, so if your doctor recommends it, find out whether she will give you a sedative and lidocaine and if not, find someone who will, immediately. Every one is different, but I found the procedure excrutiating, so much so that I think I went into shock. I started crying in the car while driving home, and cried uncontrollably for 2 hours. I am going to go do something to distract myself now, to hopefully recuperate from the trauma. But thank you for the blog and to all who posted, because knowing that I wasn’t alone helped me a lot.

  158. I just had mine done two days ago and I’m still pretty miserable today. I had no warning whatsoever. Just “we’re going to do some biopsies today”. I specifically asked if it would hurt and was told “no”. I had no chance to research, take any pain meds, advil etc. I was NOT ready for the excruciating pain that followed. I literally screamed out loud three times while trying not to pull away, and finally grabbed onto the wall for support. I was shaking all over, crying almost uncontrollably and almost passed out and vomited. I had no after care instructions, was told nothing before or after of what to expect and I had to drive myself home as I did not have anyone with me. (again….no warning and no instructions) I’ve had nightmares both nights waking up crying from this experience. I wil never EVER have anything like this done to me again without anesthesia of some kind. I’m glad for those of you that had an experience as that of a PAP smear. For the rest of us, it was hell.

  159. Had procedure two days ago, did not have a clue of the horrendous pain I would suffer. I have never had such pain in my 57 years of life. No drugs even suggested or considered, but don’t think they would have touched the pain.

    • I had my biopsy of my uterus done yesterday and I am very disappointed that I wasn’t told that the procedure could be VERY painful! All I was told, was that I would feel some cramping like my periods,and in my case the pain I had was SO much worse….I did research it before hand and even called my doctor to ask for something that would help with my nerves and the pain and he told me to take 3 motrin, and I will tell you, that didn’t even begin to help!! I almost felt like I was being treated with NO disregard to my well being!! I’m glad there are women out there that had no pain and went through the procedure with flying colors, but I was one of the unfortunate ones! I do feel like the test was needed, I just wished my doctor would have been a little more helpful!!

    • I had my biopsy done last Friday. Like everyone else, I had no idea that it would hurt so much. Before the appointment, I confided to my sister that I was having it. She hade also had this same procedure, but her doctor gave her a shot of demerol first. But since I go to Kaiser they didn’t even tell me that pain would be associated to it. I’m wondering if all the women on this site (that had alot of pain) went to Kaiser, and the ones that didn’t have pain go to a non-Kaiser hospital and are given real painkillers first.

  160. I had my biopsy yesterday afternoon. I’m actually glad I did some research and spoke to my doctor before consenting to the procedure. After expressing concern about the pain aspect, he advised me to take 600-800mg of Advil beforehand and I asked for an oral anti-anxiety medication to prevent me from tensing up. He even gave me a local injection. That helped tremendously. Like many of you, I have had other medical procedures and surgeries including two c- sections, two D and C’s , a breast biopsy and an oral biopsy. The key is to be adequately pre-medicated and to have a good relationship with a doctor who will listen. Also, it’s best not to consent to anything until you are adequately informed about what to expect. If you don’t feel comfortable, then don’t proceed forward until you are comfortable.

  161. I had a biopsy done a couple of weeks ago – no warning of how painful it might be, and no suggestion that I might take any pain relief beforehand – and the pain was incredible. I really embarrassed myself by yelling, and afterwards was shaking and felt very faint and physically shocked for some time. There was little sympathy from the doctor, though the nurse was kind, and I felt ashamed to have been so out of control. I have had two children without pain relief and this was more distressing. I am angry that there was no warning or sympathy, and now after two weeks am only beginning to get over feeling violated. The medical profession should acknowledge that this can be an extremely painful procedure; it doesn’t help to be told it won’t hurt much, and it would help to be prepared for the fact that it might be painful even if brief.

  162. I just had an endometrial biopsy yesterday and I wanted to assure everyone that it is quick and not really painful. You just feel a little pinching and that is all. It takes all of a few seconds!

    I was dumb enough to read some of the comments that were posted here before that and I was worried sick for a week. The proceedure is not that fun but the worst part was the physician trying to put the catheter into the cervix as I have a sharp curve there so he had to move the speculum up and down and had to use an ultrasound on my abdomen to find the angle to insert the catheter. He did a sonohysterogram which was fine and then he told me he was going to do the biopsy. I would recommend 800 mg of Ibuprofen ahead of time if you are able to take that as that helped a lot. I felt a little pinching but nothing too horrible. It definitely is worth doing to find out what is going on and I would not be afraid of the proceedure.

    • I had one this morning, and it was probably one of the most painful things I have experienced (without being sedated). I’m glad your procedure was quick and easy, but mine wasn’t. My cervix wouldn’t open, so it felt like they were hammering into me. Then they told me to count to 10 while the suctioned samples from my uterus. I thought I was going to pass out, the pain was that bad. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so this was a shock to me. I felt at first I was being a baby, and then I found this site tonight. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who felt this much pain.

  163. I am glad for the women who don’t have much pain or discomfort, but women do need to know there is a possibility that they could have excruciating pain during this procedure. I had one done last week and it was the worst pain I have had and I am very angry that I was told I would only feel a pinch and some cramping. The doctor had to try to get through my cervix 5 times and each time I felt like I was being sliced open with a knife or razor blade. By the 4th try I was sobbing and begged her to quit trying, but she wouldn’t . It was one of the most traumatizing things I have been through.

  164. I had a uterine biopsy today. I made the mistake of reading up on people’s experiences online all today. I was absolutely terrified out of my mind and contemplated canceling my appointment. I took 800mg Motrin 2 hours before my appt. and a 5mg Valium an hour before (the Valium barely phased me even though I only weigh 110 pounds). I brought my best friend with me, too. My male doctor came in, asked me how I was feeling…I told him I was very nervous and to promise me he’d be gentle and quick, lol. He asked me if I preferred him to talk me through the procedure or to just do it with no narration. I told him I thought I might want to know each step and what to expect. He started and did just that, told me exactly what he was doing and what to expect. I have to say that I psyched myself out WAY too much by reading all the bad experiences others have had. My experience was no more uncomfortable than a pap and I’ve definitely had more painful pelvis exams than that. The most “painful” part was that damn speculum…always feels pinchy. I had NO cramping, even though during it he told me I may feel some, and I have NO pain or cramping now (2 hrs afterwards). I have a little spotting, though. I’m so incredibly thankful that I had a good experience and I feel so bad for the women who’ve had bad experiences with it. I told myself that I wanted to share my good experience on one of these blogs to give others some peace of mind that they too may have a good experience πŸ™‚

    • It’s great that you had the opportunity to take two 800mg of Ibuprofen AND Valium. I’m sure others wish they had that chance. I am glad that you had a good experience as opposed to others.

  165. I just had this procedure today. I expected it to be the same amount of discomfort that a normal PAP test would be. Was wrong. I didn’t know about taking any medication prior to the procedure and yes for me, never given birth before, this procedure was the most painful experience of my life. My Dr told me I handled this much better than most, even though I had a death grip on the table and did scream in pain. I did get light headed and passed out for a few minutes so I would recommend you have someone drive you. It took me 20 minutes to feel good enough to drive home and I felt sick to my stomach the rest of the day. I wouldn’t deter anyone from having this done if it can detect cancer. But it certainly isn’t to be compared with a normal pap test. I just hope my results don’t require another.

  166. Had my biopsy Tuesday morning. It was pretty bad. The doctor warned me that it might be pretty rough since I had not birth any babies. No understatement! I was squeezing the nurse’s hand so hard, I was actually afraid I was breaking her fingers. I could not keep from screaming. When the doc said she needed to get a 2nd sample I said no. She said, “you’re here and I want to make sure I’ve got a sufficient sample.” Basically I had to just hold on cause she had begun the 2nd round. I thought it was over and she removed the speculum when all the sudden, she dived back in to palpate the uterus and ovaries. The doc told me I did good, told me that I had a 1-in-8 chance of having uterine cancer, and that she wanted to bring me back for an ultrasound. She & the nurse left a napkin and a wash cloth and told me to take my time. I got dressed when I could and walked out and toward the elevator but had to stop and sit in the waiting room for a while because I was still shakey. Thoughts: (1) Anything significant, like statistics or future tests, should have been discussed prior to the biopsy; (2) I verbally said no to the 2nd round biopsy. She made her quick case for doing a 2nd round and in my mind I agreed but I am pretty sure I did not verbalize agreement. I’m OK but I worry that any patient with a history of sexual assault would really freak. (3) I need to discuss other options for follow-up testing for any future instances of spotting. This was bad – not as bad as last year’s hemorrhoidectomy. Endometrial biopsy is 15 minutes or pure hell. The hemmorroid surgery was 3-weeks of living hell followed by 2-weeks of misery.

  167. Nov 15, 2011
    Had my Endometrial Biopsy this morning. I had lost a lot of sleep over the anxiety after reading all the negative reactions people had. I have had 3 children, youngest 17 yrs ago , 2 of them natural childbirth without any pain meds. I am 45 yrs old and in peri-menopause. I must say that for me it was a walk in the park! I did not experience any cramping just some pulling and pressure and not one bit of cramping afterward. I have a wonderful Gynecologist who I have had for 25 yrs and I think that in itself makes a huge difference. He even needed to dilate my cervix a little and I felt pressure but not pain. He explained everything he was doing and actually went in 3 times to do 3 biopsies due to me telling him that if it was as painful as I was reading I would not be back for another. Seriously, I have menstrual cramps worse than this procedure! I tolerated the procedure along with 2 punch biopsies extremely well and I am so thankful for that.. I gave him a huge hug and told him I still love him! I did do what the office told me to do and that was take 800mg Ibuprofen and I took a 1.5 mg of xanax 1.5 hrs before the procedure that he prescribed due to my anxiety the day before. It wasn’t a bad experience and my heart goes out to those of you who have been traumatized by a Doctor doing this test. I too was traumatized a few years ago by a Thyroid Dr who tried to do a thyroid biopsy in his office without any pain medication. Since then I have had 2 thyroid biopsies by different well experienced Dr’s and that was not a problem at all. Ask tons of questions, ask then to go over the procedure and have then prescribe something for the anxiety. I thank God that my Dr is the wonderful and understanding man that he is and also his staff.

  168. Had one to day, no pain meds, no preparation or warning: worst pain of my life, couldn’t stop crying afterward for hours. Now I have to wait several days for results, which is mentally painful–very scared after being very physically assaulted in this procedure. If I have to have it again, they’ll have to put me under. Truly, there is no exaggerating the pain involved here, and, by the way, the doc didn’t think she got enough of a sample, so did it a second excruciating time! The worst!

  169. Had one to day, no pain meds, no preparation or warning: worst pain of my life, couldn't stop crying afterward for hours. Now I have to wait several days for results, which is mentally painful–very scared after being very physically assaulted in this procedure. If I have to have it again, they'll have to put me under. Truly, there is no exaggerating the pain involved here, and, by the way, the doc didn't think she got enough of a sample, so did it a second excruciating time! The worst!

  170. I will be needing one and am sooo scared. I know its painful but is it bearable? pls help so scare. my pap came back negetive with benign endocervix cells so I do not understand why I need this test.

    • Getting a 2nd opinion is what I would do. I had a cervical biopsy about three weeks ago. Although it was a little uncomfortable, I was fine. Thought that if those results came back fine, we would just be doing pals every 6 months. But, no, she wanted to do a uterine biopsy as soon as possible. for this procedure, she said "it can be a littl uncomfortable, so I am going to give you a Valium.". UncomfortBle?? It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I would encourage you to have this done under sedation. It felt sadistic and barbaric


    • I had one done yesterday. Sad thing was that she never told me it was going to be done, nor did she tell me that it had been done afterwords. It was very painful and I even heard a loud crunching sound. I found out what it was by coming to this site. When I got home I found blood in my panties and cramped all the way home in the car. I took an anti-inflammatory last night before bed so I could sleep. This morning when I woke up, still cramping. Shouldn't a doctor tell you before this procedure that it is going to be done? Or at least right before… or even after? All she said was that I needed a D 1 vitamin test and then some sort of osteoporosis shots twice a year. I don't know if I trust her now.

  171. I had this procedure done today. My doctor said it was a necessary test before I have an endometrial ablation. I WAS not prepared for what came next. The first part feels like a normal pap smear. However, when they go to get the sample (biopsy) I thought I was going to come off the table. It felt as strong a pain as I had in a difficult delivery. I will say it is the most intense pain I have felt, but it was over within a few minutes. I literally felt like the doctor left something in because I continued to be in significant pain for several minutes. After being told I could sit up I was sure I was going to faint. I laid back, had a cool compress and tried again after about 5 minutes to sit up. I tried this about 5 times before I could keep from fainting. My biggest complaint is that I had NO idea how much this would hurt. It wouldn't have changed my mind on having the procedure, but I would have brought a driver and taken some serious pain killers prior to. Directly after the biopsy I had a bladder function test….which required a catheter. During this test they asked me to "relax" and let them know when I felt a full bladder. I told them that I felt severe cramping at the moment and how could I relax. I completed the test and suggested they do them in the reverse order in the future. I intend to discuss NOT being informed of the pain I would endure. My doctor only described it as mild discomfort, like a period. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor, bring a driver and plan ahead for pain management. I hope this helps someone.

  172. I just had this procedure done about an hour ago and I'd like to calm the fears of anyone who is going to have it done. It wasn't scheduled, just a sudden decision so I wasn't prepared and knew nothing about it. The nurse told me she had it done and it will cause cramping and is painful, but she didn't want to scare me. I had a moment of intense searing pain and cramps and quickly as it came it left. I sat up immediately afteward and the doctor asked if I dizzy and I said I wasn't. I just wanted to get dressed and go home. The nurse said I did much better than she had for hers and the doctor said I did extremely well. It was painful but only for a minute and now I'm home with no pain whatsoever. So I imagine everyone is different, but just in case someone reading this is frightened to have it done they can see that they may have little problem at all.

    • I just had it done today, also unexpectedly. It was just as you described "a moment of intense searing pain and cramps and quickly as it came it left". Went shopping afterward. Am feeling fine with no pain. It seems like everyone has a different experience. I feel bad for those who describe it as worst pain they've ever had.

  173. This was so painful I told the doctor to stop, and she did. I'm now going to be completely "out" when it's done (in a hospital setting) So you CAN ask for it to be done this way. Doctors know darn good and well that for some women, in fact maybe MOST women, this is a very painful test. I felt like I went into shock. I couldn't stop crying, even as the pain was subsiding.

  174. I too was not expecting this procedure. I had excessive bleeding for days and ended up paralyzed with pain and went to the ER. Ultrasound showed endometrium hyperplasia which in layman terms is thickening of the uterine walls. The next day I went to my gyn and he had the records from all the test the precious day in the ER. He said he was going to have to do a pap and pelvic which was already overwhelming to think about given what I had been thru the previous day, in pain and more or less vaginally hemorrhaging. THEN without any warning except "this will be uncomfortable and cause some cramping" he did the biopsy. At 52 and 3 children, I have never, ever had pain like that. And will never again. It is pure torture, is barbaric and extreme trauma not just physically but then emotionally. So I will insist on general anesthesia or minimum 10 mg of morphine iv drip. If not, I will find another doctor. Period. I have been a chronic pain patient for over 6 years and a high tolerance for pain. I know everyone woman and her body is different but please heed a huge caution here—insist on sedation. A huge shout of thanks to Leah and Mark for helping to spread the word. I had it done 12 days ago and have already told over 50 women friends. Spread the word ladies.

  175. I had to have an endometrial biopsy on Friday. I knew in advance & usually will google everything but just didn't get around to it. I am soooo glad I didn't. I would have been scared to death! I had one done about 15 years ago, plus I'm a nurse, so I knew the procedure. My Doc is wonderful & she went very slow, told me to take deep breaths through my mouth & warned me before each "cut" of the cramping. She also kept talking to me with general chitchat. It was bad but not unbearable. I was a little dizzy after & very nauseated, but drove myself home without problem. The bleeding was not too bad, lasted about 12 hours ( I'm post menapause 5 years) but the cramps have continued & low back pain is awlful. I have been talking ibuprofen around the clock but hate taking any pain medicine so I am impatient to feel better. Luckily, I don't have to work right now. It's been 3 days & I'm ready to move on but still hurting. Also my results will be back on Wednesday not weeks from now. If I had to do it again, I would take some ibuprofen BEFORE the procedure & make sure I had atleast a whole week off to put my feet up!

  176. I just had mine done and it was not as bad for me as it sounds like it was for others. I took 2 Advil 1 hour before. During the painful parts my doctor said to cough. That was a good trick that helped me get through it. And it is a quick procedure. My lesson from this is not to google before going through a procedure as 9 times out of 10 it won't be as horrible an experience as people say.

  177. Had my endometrial biopsy and colposcopy(sampling of the tissue in the cervix) done on Friday..I knew ahead of time what procedures were being done so I took 2 – 2mg Valium and a dose of Tylenol with Codeine…Walked into the office "high as a kite" and signed my procedure forms thinking "hey I've drugged myself well, this wont be too bad" ~ think again….thankfully my friend went in with me. The doctor came in and applied the vinegar solution to my cervix (OMG it feels like you have a really outa control yeast infection after they do this) then she injected my cervix with lidocaine through a needle ~ OUCHIE! and began the first part ~ the Colpo…that wasn't too bad although I felt a sharp pain "down there" and for a second thought I would fly off the table…and as I was screaming, tears running down my face and shaking and grabbing my friends hands the doctor jammed the tube up to get the endometrial tissue….I felt so violated! I have felt a lot of pain in my life (childbirth, surgeries, etc) and that procedure was truly awful! I went home and took a "Norco" for pain….but every time I would sit or stand I felt like my vagina was about to fall out of me (I even called to ask the hospital/dr if this was normal who stated it is usual after the endometrial biopsy to have a feeling as though your lady parts are going to come falling out of you! It is now Sunday and I still feel some mild cramping, the majority of my pain was that afternoon/night and into the next day…Anyone considering this procedure needs to seriously ask their doctor about "pre-medicating" and don't believe them if they say it's just a "pinch" ~ it's not!

  178. I went in for a routine ultrasound yesterday and ended up having a sonohysterogram which was painful enough in itself. When neither one of those showed anything I was informed that they were going to do a biopsy. I had no pain meds was already hurting from the sonohysterogram and then she ended up taking two samples from my uterus which was excruciating. I ended up feeling faint and nauseated afterwards and felt completely traumatized. When someone suffers a vasovagal reaction like I did you are supposed to lay flat with your legs elevated so the blood can get back to the brain. Instead I was given a wet paper towel and sent to get dressed where I could have fainted and nobody would have known. I remained nauseated in the waiting room for another 20 minutes. I would rather have a migraine than have this done again. On top of that I was never given the opportunity to sign a consent form or explained what to expect prior to having it done. Had I known what was getting ready to happen I would have taken pain meds and had someone drive me home. Thanks for sharing. I don't feel so alone or so much like a crybaby after reading this and the comments below.

  179. I had this procedure today. I try not to be too over dramatic about things like this and I do not tolerate pain well. The cramping that they explained about was not as intense as the pain caused from the instrument. It was very uncomfortable and painful. I have had another biopsy done before on my cervix and I thought it was going to be something like that which was not too bad. WRONG. The pain was very intense for a short period of time. I was not expecting that. I took 600 mg of motrin an hour before and I would recommend something stronger because it didn't help much. Several hours later here I am experiencing some mild pain. For all of those who need this procedure done, I would advise to have someone take you to your apt so you can have some stronger pain meds.

  180. very much appreciate this blog. I have very bad fibroids, have had the hystesonogram which I was told would not hurt. It hurt. I was told the biopsy will be painful considering the pain I go through with my period. Now, doc said hysto wouldn't hurt and it did. If he's telling me the biopsy will hurt, what kind of pain can I expect? Additionally, I am 44 and have already decided to have my uterus removed……why do I need a biopsy first?

  181. I'm baffled at these posts. I had this procedure done yesterday & did not experience the agonizing pain described by others. It was not a planned procedure, so I didn't have so much as a Tylenol beforehand. It took less than 2 minutes to perform and while I did experience some cramping, It was significantly less than I'd expected. Just moderately uncomfortable. I felt a little nauseated for a couple of hours afterword & had some spotting, but nothing major. I do have an extremely high tolerance for pain, so maybe I'm just very lucky.

    • This is part of my surgery I'm having on the 29th. But I will be out cold and will have good drugs afterward.

    • After reading the article I guess it boils down to the fact that everyone is different. When I had my membranes stripped when I was overdue I about passed out. It was TERRIBLE. Some women don't think it's a big deal at all. I also had a cervical biopsy a few years ago and was told by others who have had one that it hurt like hell. I didn't hardly feel it at all.

    • First – I had no idea my comment would be all up on my wall. LOL Oh, well. Second – Why do you get the good drugs? I had a cervical biopsy last year & I didn't feel anything either. This wasn't pleasant, but I've experienced worse pain with eating a bagel after a dose of Metformin.We obvioulsy need to catch up. Soon.

    • I had this procedure done today and it was horrible. I expected much less, compared to what my friends told me of their experiences. They must have had something else because the pain was unbearable. After I got through the initial prep ( which isn't bad), she told me i would feel some cramping. It was like she was stabbing me to get the sample. The instrument was something like a straw and needed to be plunged multiple times into my uterus. Once she was done she said she had to do it one more time because she didn't get enough. I took 1000mg of extra strength tylenol and it did nothing. Depending on my results and because of my excessive bleeding issues I am considering having the uterine oblation…normally it is done in the office but she said because of the pain I experienced she would do it under GA. Thank the lord because i don't think i could go through pain like that again.

  182. They did the same thing to me. I went in for a check up and they gave me a endometrical biopsy it was as painful as my cervical biopsy and both of those I didn't receive any pain medication as a matter of fact both procedure didn't warn me it would be painful! This will never happen to me again.

  183. I was told the same "this will be a little painful….like menstrual cramps, etc." In reality, I was screaming uncontrollably. I couldn't stop. I have had multiple surgeries, given birth three times, and had a particularly nasty root canal. NOTHING I have ever experienced was this painful. I can't believe it is done without anesthesia.

    • Interestingly, colonoscopies were very recently done routinely without anesthesia and most people reported the same reaction. Now from what I understand almost all are done with sedation. Maybe due to this kind of awareness we can get this changed.

    • I was told the same thing – "A a little discomfort" LIARS I have never been in so much pain in my life. My doctor then tells me that I'm the first person to ever react this way. Yeah right. I was so ticked off that they told me no big deal. Yeah big deal. I couldn't go to work after it was done. Never, ever again unless I'm knocked out or drugged u.

    • Absolutely! I will NEVER have this done again and be awake to experience it. You would think this was a medical procedure from the dark ages! If a man were required to have a prostrate biopsy without anesthesia, they might be more sympathetic to the horrors we women experience when our uterus is being ripped out piece by piece.

  184. Tried to have this done today, but was unable to. The pain was excruciating. Doctor made me feel like I was over reacting and wasn't considerate at all. Have rescheduledto have it done under anesthesia in the hospital. This is a barbaric procedure and taking 4 ibuprofen did nothing!

  185. I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for some information on biopsy results and just wanted to add my story. I just had one done a week ago. Mine was not unexpected, I went to the doctor after 67 days of heavy bleeding and when I made the appointment the nurse told me the doctor would just automatically do the biopsy. Thankfully, the nurse also stated that the procedure would be "very painful". I was able to talk her into getting the doc to rx me some Valium to take beforehand since sometimes anxiety is a problem with me…but it never even dawned on me to ask for pain meds to take before. Before the doctor did the procedure he was also quite honest and said that it was a very painful procedure, but that he would talk me through each step so that I would be prepared. I think I appreciate that. I have no point of reference to compare the pain to…yet I have had 4 children, 2 miscarriages, several surgeries, kidney stones and a few broken bones. Maybe the pain was like I had been shot in the uterus from the inside? Or like I had the inside of my uterus branded with a hot iron, maybe? Well, comparisons aside… it hurt and I am very sure I do not want to go through it again. It's a downright barbaric procedure.

  186. ok had this procedure done today, and while every woman's experience is different…a little discomfort and you'll just feel the snip is not what I experienced. I was in PAIN. Not only was I in pain but I am upset that she was not honest with me about the pain level of the procedure. I felt like kicking her in the head and telling her to take a tylenol for the discomfort. If you tell someone it will be painful atleast you know what to expect and the pain may not be as bad as you think, but to minimize the pain level is worse because then you are in shock when you feel the pain and I think that makes you tense up and makes the procedure worse. I will not be having another one of these without being sedated. I agree with the women here that it is a barbaric procedure especially with all the advancements made in medicine today. The thing that really pissed me off is that I had percocet that I could have taken had she told me but she didn't she just said the and I quote, "there may be a little discomfort and you will feel the snipping in the procedure but it will all go away once it's done". that was before the procedure. After the procedure she says, "I know I know but the cramping will get better as each minute passes" I just looked at her with disgust and put my clothes on and left. EFFING LIAR!

  187. Had this today & I completely agree. The test is short -but very painful. The doctor and nurse both rushed out after like it was no big deal. I got so dizzy, I fell off the table when trying to get up. The nurse ran back in when she heard the crash. I feel so lousy I crawled back into bed when I got home.

  188. Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that this was such a bad experience for so many of you. I had one on Friday (completely spur of the moment) and it wasn't bad at all, for me. I felt some mild cramping when she inserted the pipelle and that mild cramping remained until she removed it. She also cut off a polyp that was on my cervix while she was there (to send in, as well) and I barely felt that, at all.

    Once she was done and I was getting dressed, I still felt a slight aching in the pelvis, but it went away within an hour, though I did bleed some for a couple of days (however, I'm fairly sure this is just because I'm to start my period tomorrow).

    Ladies, I'm so sorry for those of who who have had it so rough, but for anyone that hasn't had one, don't fret! You might be one of the lucky, like me, but I would still take the precautions the others are suggesting (Valium, pain meds before hand, relaxation techniques, etc).

  189. I was going to post in response to someone below, but saw the post was quite old. I'll just add to the general replies:

    Ask for painkillers to be prescribed beforehand. I had oxycodone and an antianxiety meds two hours before (antiaxiety meds alone, for instance a single valium, are not going to lessen the pain). When the nurse practitioner didn't get enough tissue on the first pass, I was able to say, "eh, might as well do it again now rather than later." I don't want to scare you, but, I did cry the whole time, despite the drugs. I'd say, on oxycodone and antianxiety pills, it's like a long, bad menstrual cramp. But, it is a very quick procedure, probably less than 2 minutes in my case with both passes (once the speculum, etc. were in place). So don't worry. It hurt, but I was totally untraumatized, overall. But, do DEMAND good pain management. If they won't give it to you, go somewhere else.

    I also agree with the "second opinion," or at least well-educated concurrence. Know why it needs to be done and see if you fit the criteria. If it doesn't seem like you need it, talk to your doctor, and if they are unwilling to educate you, change providers. (I am a big fan of nurse practitioners, myself.) As far as I understand, the endometrial biopsy is for abnormally long (in time) or excessive (in volume) uterine bleeding. It was suggested for me when I'd had light bleeding for almost 3 months straight. (Found out biopsy was completely normal today!)

  190. I just had this done today. I felt like an idiot until I read this. I think I may have bent a stirrup and I wanted to kick the doctor in the head. They didn't tell me when I scheduled it that it would be painful. The nurse asked if I brought anything for pain and I said "No. No one gave me any information that I needed to bring anything." We were in a hospital so I assumed that they had access to medication. The dr. said that there would be "some cramping." That is the understatement of the century. I was in so much pain. I screamed and pushed up in the stirrups. I couldn't help it. I said,"I think I need to be asleep for this." That was the most painful, awful thing I have ever been through. Then the doctor tired to say that he understood and I asked, "How? Do you have a cervix?" What a jerk! I want to put his testicles in a vice grip.

  191. It really is amazing how much things can differ from person to person. I try to avoid medical googling because I almost never experience the negative sides of medical treatment like most people on the internet seem to encounter. This is the exception. Sweet Jesus, I have no frame of reference to describe the awfulness of this experience. Broken bones, surgery and recovery, wisdom tool / root canal… every pain I've ever experienced pales in comparison to what happened to me today. I completely agree with the descriptions of this procedure as "barbaric" and those who report feeling intensely violated. Aside from the white-hot searing and full-body shock, there was the moaning and the nausea and inability to breathe, followed by the emotional meltdown. And I've even found myself bursting into tears throughout the rest of the day because it was so emotionally overwhelming. I wasn't aware I would be having this procedure when I scheduled the appointment (I thought it was just a repeat pap), so had no preparation or preemptive pain meds beforehand. The procedure was 12 hours ago and I've had virtually no bleeding, but I'm still feeling pretty fragile. Leftover Vicodin from surgery in January is keeping me upright.

  192. I had a uterine biopsy about 4 years ago. My doctor told me it was an "uncomfortable" proceedure but it was necessary that I have it (my uterine lining was too thick according to my ultrasound). I was scheduled to have this proceedure during my period- my gyno told me it did not matter, in fact almost better since my lining was being shed anyway.
    I have never experienced pain like this before.
    This was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. After it was over I thought I was going to pass out.
    It took me half an hour to get myself together in the waiting room of the doctor's office – all the while very woosy. I drove myself home with my head hanging out of the car window- I seriously thought I was going to black out. Fortunately it was only a 10 minute drive home.
    When I got home a threw up and crawled into bed.
    I would never do this again without being seriously drugged up or put out!
    I am sure not everyone is like this but I would hazzard a guess that if you are already prone to painful period cramps (as I was), you will likely also be sensitive to this procedure.

  193. I had the procedure today and was really nervous going in. I sure am glad I didn't happen upon this thread before going, or I may have freaked out completely and not gone through with it. I can certainly think of better ways to spend my afternoon, but I've had much worse experiences than this one. I discussed my fears with my doctor before she began, and she said everyone is different. Some experience extreme pain, while others don't even realize the procedure is finished. I did take 600mg of ibuprophen an hour prior, as they advised, but I'm not sure it had much affect. She advised me to take slow deep breaths throughout, and did her best to distract me with small talk throughout the procedure. It was a sudden sharp cramp that made me wince, but I did the breathing like she advised, and I was able to hang in there without much of a problem. Honestly after having 2 children, this wasn't a big deal. However, what's concerning me now is the heavy bleeding (which they said shouldn't happen) and the splitting headache I have. I'm also a tad bit nautious and achy. Do these sound like typical side effects?

  194. I attempted to have one done yesterday. I am so glad I'm not the only one who felt so much pain. It was the WORST pain ever, crippling pain that I would never ask a woman to endure. To make matters worse, my cervix was too hard and she couldn't get a sample after trying 3 times, I couldn't take it any more. Now, I am suppose to have a D and C bc I can't put myself through that again.

  195. I attempted to have one done yesterday. I am so glad I'm not the only one who felt so much pain. It was the WORST pain ever, crippling pain that I would never ask a woman to endure. To make matters worse, my cervix was too hard and she couldn't get a sample after trying 3 times, I couldn't take it any more. Now, I am suppose to have a D and C so she can put me under. I'm wondering why its a different procedure in the hospital? I will ask my doc, but does anyone know?

  196. I had this procedure done two days ago and am absolutely LIVID. I was given no warning that it would be painful or to take any type of painkiller ahead of time (even Motrin). It was excrutiatingly painful (and was done at a practice where they KNOW I have a curved cervix). I have been googling this and have found a lot of women have had the same experience; one study says that 50% of women experience moderate to severe pain. So why isn't it routine practice to offer some type of strong pain relief? Some people don't have much discomfort getting a filling, but every dentist I've been to routinely offers novocaine. I have to go back next week to get the results and I am going to give them a piece of my mind. Am getting referrals for other obgyns and will make sure that I find one that will routinely offer pain relieve for any procedure that involves entering my uterus!

  197. Just had my surprise uterine biopsy today. Holy crap! Anytime there's an in-office biopsy, it's going to hurt, but I wasn't prepared for this. And I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I had a white knuckle, sweaty grip on the sides of the exam table, cried out each time a section was scraped and suctioned, and was wobbly-legged afterward from tensing up. I'm surprised they didn't need to pry me off the ceiling. I took 2 Advil immediately afterwards (nothing but basic aspirin offered by the OB/GYN), and have been surprisingly fine. My caveat: I was menstruating so cervix was already a bit dilated (but not enough, so dilating instrument was still needed). I couldn't agree more that women need to be better prepped, and allowed to premedicate, if only with Advil 20-30 mins prior. Performing this procedure with no warning or pre-meds is just barbaric.

  198. had it done today. Worst experience of pain in my life! Wish I knew, could have taken something to help with pain. It is nuts how a woman is supposed to endure that. It took my breath away and I still feel unwell several hours later and I'm usually a tough cookie. Awful awful awful experience.

  199. had it done today. Worst experience of pain in my life! Wish I knew, could have taken something to help with pain. It is nuts how a woman is supposed to endure that. It took my breath away and I still feel unwell several hours later and I'm usually a tough cookie. Awful awful awful experience.

  200. I had this procedure several years ago, and it was the worst pain I have ever felt. I was so shocked that they were doing this to me and I was awake. I swore I would never have this procedure awake again. We have since moved, and my new doctor wants me to have this again, due to my current symptoms. She told me to take a few advil first. Is she kidding? I have postponed it, but now I am afraid I am putting my health in jeopardy. I doubt my insurance would cover my having anesthetic. What can I do?

  201. Had two Coloposcopies (cervical biopsies) last year and it was indeed the WORST PAIN I EVER suffered in my life!
    Absolutely traumatizing! Nobody in this blog exaggerates the least bit!
    My doc said that not everybody's experience is alike. I guess those who don't have excruciating pain are simply extremely lucky.
    Got hold of some opiate containing pain killer prior to the second biopsy – but it merely made me care a bit less about the whole ordeal. It still hurt like hell AGAIN!
    Had kiddney stones once and this is known to hurt as much as childbirth. However, I prefer to have FIVE TIMES KIDDNEY STONES than another Coloposcopy.
    This week I just found out that I have to get an Endometrial biopsy (biopsy of the uterus).
    It looks like this is even worst! Decided that I will absolutely NOT do it without anaesthetic of some sort, peridural or whatever. This is possible if you go to a hospital rather than having it done at the doctors office.
    Am really glad I stumbbled upon this blog!
    THANK YOU to all of you who wrote down their experiences here.
    I already started being concerned and wondering whether I was some sort of hysterical asshole.
    Surprisingly there were some people out there whose mission is something called pain management…. but when it comes to endometrial biopsy / coloposcopy we are still in the middle ages.

  202. I had my biopsy done yesterday it was a breeze! Sure it pinched but nothing I couln't breath thru! I didn't have any bleeding of pain after.

  203. I've had this done at least 6 times in the last 20 years, and will soon be scheduling another. I frequently spotted during my perimenoausal years, and have continued to do so since hitting menopause 11 years ago.

    My first two endometrial biopsies, done premenopausally, were uncomfortable but not terrible. I remember being baffled when the nurse offered to hold my hand during the second one. Ignorance is bliss….

    The next two, performed by a different doctor, were awful. The pain was much worse, and I was ill (faint and nauseated) immediately afterwards.
    Vasovagal response, probably. I had to wait in the office or the car about half an hour before I could attempt to drive home. One or both of those times, I was in pain the rest of the day.

    The next time, the doctor (yet another one) was unable to manuever through my narrow cervical canal. I was in too much pain. I ended up having a D&C instead. MUCH easier physically – but considerably more expensive, and signfiicantly more dangerous because of general anesthesia.

    I've had two biopsies with my curent doctor. Very painful – I refer to this procedure as visiting the torture chamber, even with Valium in my system – but the pain has subsided as soon as the procedure is over, and I haven't been ill afterwards. I do resent that this doctor doesn't "talk" me through the procedure, or answer my questions of "how much longer?" But – he saves me from repeated D&Cs.

    I've never bled more than mild spotting afterwards. The pain, for me, is much worse than childbirth…I never asked for pain meds during my long and difficult labor.

    A postmenopausal friend had an easy time with endometrial biopsy, while a premenosaual woman I know became ill from it. Depends on the woman, the doctor's technique, and the instruments, I assume.

    I am dreading going for my next endometrial biopsy. However, I personally choose the transitory pain, tortorous though it is, over the dangers of general anesthesia. I may change my mind in coming years.

    Many medical tests are painful. Bone marrow biopsies are reportedly agonizing, and patients normally get only local anesthesia for it, not knocked out. I have the impression that test is even worse.

  204. Just had this done… I screamed and went into shock. Worst experience of my life… pain-wise anyway. I will be asking for percocet next time. There's no way I can do that again without being SEVERELY under some sort of influence.

  205. I am recuperating from mine right now. No one warned me…how bad it will really hurt. My daughter's graduation is this weekend and I have so much work to do, but it hurts so bad, I can barely move. I am not a wuss and I have been crying all afternoon, thinking it was just the graduation, baby leaving the nest syndrome. I have had 2 kids with no pain meds and that didn't hurt as bad as this does right now. I would have waited another week if I would have known. Wish someone would have told me before…I am missing so many memories with my baby girl.

  206. I was dx with endometrial cancer about a year ago, and my husband and I made the decision to opt for the hormone therapy vs the hysterectomy at age 34 to try to preserve fertility. So far I have had two D&C's and two endometrial biopsies to check on how the therapy is working every 3 months, the last biopsy being today. Well I went in having cramps to begin with, so this time it was more painful. I sum it up to the procedure not being more than I could handle…..if it gets us to the point of having a little one, I will do what it takes πŸ™‚

  207. I had my procedure done three days ago. my doc had informed me that I would have an endometrial biopsy 2 weeks in advance, but since she didn't seem very concerned, neither was I. I have had two of my three kids without painkillers and have been run over by a pickup truck and none of that compares in the slightest with the pain from this procedure. what's worse is that the nurse practitioner attempted to do the procedure but was unable to open my cervix, and so I had to wait in the room until the doctor got out of an emergency c-section to make a second (successful) attempt. All in all I spent about 50-55 minutes getting the biopsy. I'm still cramping three days later. I didn't take any time off for the procedure and so I had to pull an 8 1/2 and a 10 hour shift while cramping, and feeling like my insides were going to fall out everytime I coughed. At one point during my bawling episode the doc turned to her nurse and said "Has she never had any cervical work done before?" like maybe it was something that I could have been conditioned toward. I was completely unprepared for the pain of this procedure. My plea is that any doctor reading this page please, please, inform your patients of the ridiculous amount of pain this "simple" procedure entails.

  208. I had a 'surprise' endometrial biopsy this morning too. 12 hours later I am still in pain. I had my daughter naturally with no drugs, a double episiotomy and forceps and the procedure this morning could have rivaled the pain. My doctor was wonderful, sympathetic and actually stopped halfway through because I couldn't take it. I think I'll be having it done in an outpatient surgery if the sample she was able to obtain is not sufficient. I felt the same emotions I read about here – like I was making too big a deal of it, and that it really shouldn't be that bad. But it was. Thank you for this article which I wish had reached me before so that I could have prepared. I hope the message gets out there for others.


  210. I had one done several days ago and am still cramping. This is the second one in a month as apparently, my doctor didn't get the sample he needed the first time. I recommend taking Motrin before and after because it definitely hurts!! I felt like he had driven a Volkswagon into my vagina! I have 6 children-4 were natural, 2 were sections, so I am not a wimp. This hurt!!

  211. no one had my experience. i was in such intense pain i tightened up and the doctor couldnt get the thin tube through. i also have fibromyalgia. i am going for an ultrasound. you were all in pain,as i was, but at least you got through it, i didnt. it was horrible as you say. no one told me about it first, i really thought i could handle it. but i just could not take it.

  212. I had one last night for a pre-op appointment for a uterine ablation. I remembered the doctor saying something about needing to do a biopsy before the procedure, but she never said that she was going to do it in the pre-op appointment, and she never said that it was pretty unpleasant and that I should take something beforehand. I asked if I could exercise after and the doctor said sure, no problem. I was also told I was going to get a pad for the little bit of iodine that would leak out. Ha… That had to be one of the most painful things I have ever had done… and with nothing to dull the pain at all… And I've had kidney stones. I don't see how they think you can exercise after when you're cramping for hours following the biopsy. Also, I'm glad I had the pad, because I bled A LOT afterward. And I have a severely tipped uterus… so the clamping thing… I about punched the doctor after. Ridiculous. And they want to do the ablation while I'm awake as well… I don't know if I want that after what I went through.

  213. the pain I felt was unbearable during the test I asked the registra to please stop my request was ignored the nurse was behind the curtains offered no reassurance this is a barbaric test im appalled that this goes on

  214. I had one yesterday. Very painful. I wonder why they can't use something like the gas they use @ the dentist.

  215. I just had my endometrial biopsy this morning (2.10.14) and had to come back to this page — a page that has had me living in fear and with serious anxiety over the past 2 weeks — to report my experience. I have to say, I worked myself up for nothing. NOTHING. The procedure was hardly any more uncomfortable than a regular pap smear, and it was certainly not painful. I took 4 Advil about an hour before the procedure. The procedure itself took maybe 2 minutes. I am 40, delivered 2 children by C-section only, and thought having an IUD put in a couple of years ago was very painful. This was NOTHING. So to anyone who comes here and, like me, is totally freaked out by all the dramatic stories, rest assured that those stories don’t represent all of us. You have to take everything you read on forums like this with a grain of salt… No cramping, no bleeding, and went right back to work after the procedure. Piece of cake.

  216. I just had an endometrial biopsy last week and was quite nervous. I've had 2 C-sections but no vaginal births. My doctor prescribed medication that I took the night before and the morning of the procedure to dilate my cervix. I also took motrin a day in advance every 4 hours to get the pain medicine into my system. I distracted myself from the procedure by talking to the nurse. I had some pain and cramping but not that bad . It was a quick procedure and I had no cramping after it was over.

  217. Thank you so much for sharing. I didn't know I was getting one either until mid-appointment. I would recommend taking a friend or husband. I almost keeled over after when I sat up. It did sting. For me the worst was afterward. I'm two days out and still nauseated and dizzy. I have cysts on my ovary so everything is quite sore.

    The pain was like a very focused zing or strong cramp. Not something I care to experience again.

  218. I had about 6 of these over the past several years. Five of them felt like a bad pinch, but the 6th one felt like I was being killed. Seriously, I jumped up it hurt so bad. I wonder what makes the difference. Anyone know?

  219. I was totally freaked out about having my endometrial biopsy after reading all of the horror stories online. I almost cancelled the appointment a few times. I was having such bad anxiety that was having trouble sleeping and was waking up soaking wet with sweat. My husband told me it was important for me to have it for my health so I decided to do it. I did call the doctor about my anxiety and she prescribed a 5 mg valium and I took that with 800 mg of Advil. I can't believe I got myself so worked up about this procedure. It was not painful at all. Just some pressure and mild cramping. I have a very low tolerance for pain. I have to take vicodin to get my teeth cleaned. Please don't be afraid to have this procedure done. Just make sure you take something for the pain and you will be fine.

  220. Thank you! I am so relieved to read this post… i had my endometrial biopsy today and it was so unbelievably painful. I was expecting some "cramping" but really nothing like the intensity that i experienced and 8hrs later i am still in pain and still bleeding. I was actually beginning to think that this was a sign/symptom that there really might be something more serious wrong with me (hence why i'm googling this at gone midnight). Not that i wish this on anyone but it really is very reassuring to hear that i am not alone here and that this is in no way unusual. So again, thank you and be well.

  221. Leah, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your time to post this. Two hours ago, I went in to have a "repeat Pap smear." Last August I had some atypical glandular cells, but an immediate follow-up colposcopy found everything to be fine. In that case, I was told what to expect, to take Advil ahead of time, etc., and it was a separate procedure. It even had its own special chair that basically stands you on your head so the doc can look deep inside. (It seemed like p*rn gone wrong.)

    Today was billed as a repeat Pap, but oh…my….god. I felt the pressure of the Pap, which I know to expect…then a searing pain that almost made me throw up on the doctor's head or pass out. Maybe both. After I put my skirt down and shakily sat up, he said casually, "I went ahead and did a biopsy of those deep cells just to be safe. If this comes back normal, you can go back to yearly Paps." He showed me on the wall chart where in my uterus he sampled…those "deep glandular cells" were almost at the point where the Fallopian tubes leave the uterus! The colposcopy was only as deep as the inside of my cervix. I don't understand how a more invasive procedure was done today with no warning whatsoever of what to expect, no advice to take Advil, nothing. They were so casual, too. "We should call within a week, and call us if you don't hear something."

    I've been bleeding pretty badly since this was done, and I still feel nauseated. I'm not a shrinking violet — I'm pretty much an ox about pain and being healthy, and even so, that SUCKED. This is so counter-productive because women already don't like these appointments, and things like this just make them never want to get checked again and take their chances.

  222. I am so sorry! I seriously think of this as medical rape. He had NO RIGHT to just go ahead and do this procedure on you without informed consent. You have every right to report this MD.

  223. I never had to have any type of procedure, least of all a gyn procedure and so when my doctor told me she would be performing one on me to get to the heart of why I've been bleeding non-stop for 4 months, I did not know what to expect. I am only 29 and am not sexually active, so for me, even pap smears are not too comfortable. She did not make a big deal out of the procedure but told me I could take 2 Advil beforehand. I went and read up on the procedure and hearing women's commentary scared me to death. I have to say though that for all of the worry, this really was not painful. I always feel pain with the speculum, because as I said, I'm not sexually active, but aside from that, I felt only pressure and a tugging (for the suctioning) which was more uncomfortable than painful. I kept bracing myself for some burst of pain which never came and before I knew it, it was over. I don't doubt for some women it is very painful, but I do suggest that if you are reading this to get an idea before your own procedure that you take in only enough to mentally prepare yourself and not enough to make you reconsider the procedure if it's something that can detect issues for you. I do not consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain and I am glad I overestimated rather than underestimated, but I was considering cancelling the procedure after reading some anecdotes and in my case, it would have been for nothing.

  224. I have an endometrial biopsy done today and it was a horrible experience. I was not told to take Advil which I cannot take anyway but might would have popped a vicoden if I knew it was going to hurt so bad. The doctor did tell me that I may feel some cramping. He took 2 samples. One I felt on the left side which was not that bad. It only felt like a cramp. When he to what felt like the right side, I got a searing pain and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I thought I was going to jump off the table from the shock of the pain that I felt. I am not sure why one side hurt so bad and the other one did not. I should be getting my results back in a week and am scheduled already for a pelvic ultrasound in a week. Had one of those last year and it was not so bad. The worst part is having the full bladder…

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