Actually, the AC window unit and some fans are on in the LandM household. But we work best under pressure, and with our big move less than 48 hours away, the pressure is definitely on! The actual packing goes pretty fast… but we still have a bit of that left to do, plus taking apart a bookshelf, a desk, unhooking our electronics, and my least fave part: cleaning. I bet James and Terry are soooo sad to be in Phoenix right now, because they’ve helped with at least 5 of my moves in the past 4 years. And now they have to miss out on this one, which is probably the biggest one of all, since we actually own furniture now and we’re actually taking it with us. Minus the sofa that is still on the curb. I need to call the City about that…they were supposed to pick that couch up last Tuesday.

Anna and Chris are total rockstars and they brought over a huge case of beer and a bazillion boxes last week. Then Anna packed our huge Ikea bookshelf in like 10 minutes. Then they tried to do more, but we wouldn’t let them. Mwahaha. Really, we just like to put stuff off to the Very. Last. Minute. So, any guesses on what I’ll be doing at 4 a.m. Monday?

Okay….I’m really going to pack some more now. Really. Ciao!