Wednesday Night Thoughts

I’ve been very fortunate these past few years. Things have just been speeding up faster and faster – and in the best kind of ways. There is so much to do these next few years and after that. While I can’t see far into the future – even the close future is jam packed with […]

A Final Summary – My Trip to Arizona

Since my econ paper is moving along quite well, I figured that I’d make this slideshow and post it. It’s some of the photos I took in Phoenix – just in that Animoto slideshow style! I suppose I could’ve put more thought into it – and eventually take some time to edit all of the […]

Flying Back to Atlanta & my Family

So as I sit here at Phoenix SkyHarbor, waiting for my flight, I’m very, very happy that I was able to come out for my brother’s graduation. It’s always interesting to see my family – especially since I’m honestly not as close as I could be with them. Although I’ve made some progress over the […]

Driving up to Flagstaff, Az.

Today we drove up to Flagstaff, Arizona. A small town about 2 hours north of Phoenix and home to Northern Arizona University where my brother is graduating with his Physics degree. We also met up with my grandparents and their old friend King – they live in Fresno, California and they drive Everywhere. My grandmother […]

In Phoenix

I really like flying back to Phoenix. I like visiting this city a lot. While I would probably never choose to live here again, visiting this city and seeing my friends and family again is always a welcomed treat. When you add any feelings of nostalgia, and all of the time I spent growing up […]

Facts and Blogs

Okay, everyone can read Mark’s entry below, so I’m not posting the rules again… but here are 6 things about me you may or may not find interesting: 1. When I have to use a public toilet, I always tear off the end of the toilet paper and dispose of it before tearing off some […]